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  1. Me and Lireal used something we called the "dream ocean" when she was first learning to communicate. I'd close my eyes IRL and imagine a sort of ocean in my head and she would look through my memories and stuff she wanted to talk about would appear like reflections in the "ocean". I'd imagine this could be visualised differently though, like replacing the ocean with say sand or clouds or something. the ocean was just our abstraction.
  2. A friend mentioned it to me, i thought it was cool but i could never do it, then i googled the site and read the guides and here i am. The friend found out about it on the mlp forums or 4chan. Possibly/probably both. Tulpa: Lireal Age: 3 months about 3 weeks Form: human female, brown hair, brown eyes, elfin features Stage: imposition(slowly), possesion(well) Personality: funny, adventurous, slightly sarcastic, possibly a superiority complex. She says: I do not have a superiority complex. Other than that, an accurate description.
  3. yes, but awesome. me and Lireal are going to go read it again sometime(i read it, but before she was created)
  4. Lireal usually wears a white... thing kinda like a cross between a fleece and a jumper and blue jeans. that said, when trolling, or when the situation dictates(like when where purging a zombie infested house) she wears whatever she thinks is best. Tulpa: Lireal Age: 3 months and about 2 weeks Form: human teenage female, brown hair and eyes, elfin features Stage: sentient, working on imposition(slowly) and posession(well)
  5. me working on a design for a school project. Lireal: "it needs visor flippy things for night vision. and xray. and sunglasses. and a sound amplifier/locater. and a batmobile. Batmobiles are awesome. did i mention the batmobile?" Me: "its a helmet. you couldn't fit a batmobile on it." Lireal: " you could put it in the batmobile" Me: "why?" Lireal: "so it can have a batmobile" Me: "sigh"
  6. To all except a select group of friends who dont think i'm crazy yes. Its fairly easy to fit forcinng times around my life so that issue hasn't come up. I'd probably just change the forcing session time though.
  7. Me too Lireal can shapeshift but is human the vast majority of the time. She usually only changes form when neccesary. Or to troll me. to make up for this she has a bewildering choice of clothes that she changes daily. If i could draw worth a damn i'd put a picture up. But i cant. Lireal Form: human female, brown hair, brown eyes, tall, elfin features Age: 3 & 1/2 months, but she "feels" 15 stage: imposing-badly and posession-progress she says: I'd like to point out that my clothes aren't as bad as he says. they could be much worse. also hi everybody. Tulpa forums need a tulpa only section!
  8. Lireal says "thanks to all, but especially Oguigi and Koomer. Their guide has helped a lot and there should be more "for tulpae, by tulpae" guides available. I'd consider writing some but i don't believe I have the necessary experience yet. Plus my host is lazy. Me: i'd heard about the tulpa only section and it would be nice if it was revived but it seems thats unlikely. Thanks from both of us, this has been helpful.
  9. So, me and Lireal are starting to try possession and we went and looked on the forum for advice. There's loads of stuff on how you should relax, focus on something else etc but not a lot on how it would feel for a tulpa and she was wondering if any other tulpae could give her any general advice on how to do possession. I guess that really its her post not mine... anyway any help would be appreciated. thanks:) Tulpa: Lireal Age: 3 months, but she says she "feels" around 15. Me: did I get that right? you know, about the age thing? Her: yes. Me: Why fifteen? Her: Get on with the thread. Form: Human female, teenager, long hair, brown eyes, elfin features She says: Why is there no tulpa section on the tulpa forums? Theres plenty of sections for you to talk about us, But none for us to talk about you. No fair!
  10. My favourite tulpae quote was from Lireal when she was only a few days vocal. I was at school forcing when a couple of friends who knew about Lireal came in and started mucking around. One was singing a song(badly) and the other was dancing around and being stupid. Lireal took a long look at them both and said "you have weird friends"... she says now: "I stand by that statement. Oh and, Hi everybody." Name: Lireal Age: about 3 months but she feels as though she's 14/15 Form: Human female with long, brown hair, brown eyes, elfin features and a sarcastic sense of humour. Looks about 14/15 years old
  11. Hmm this could take a while to explain... So this happened back when Lireal was only just sentient. At the end of every forcing session I had with her i'd ask her to do something completely random. I did this partially just to see what happened and also to find out more about her personality. When this happened we were standing near the swimming pool in our wonderland. I was just about to finish forcing and asked her to do something random. Unfortunately she has a crazy sense of humour and decided that the best thing she could do was try and push me into the pool. So she shoves me to the ground and conjures up a foam gym mat underneath me. I think this is to cushion my fall but before i can react she grabs the mat and rolls it up with me in the middle so i'm trapped. Then she starts rolling the mat towards the pool. Once it gets a good momentum she lets go. I have no intention of falling into the pool so I create a waterproof cover over the pool and roll onto it then once the mat stops rolling and is resting on the cover I free myself from the mat. Its at this point that she decides that the best thing to break the waterproof cover over the pool would be a meteorite:O:exclamation:. Yes a great big chunk of rock travelling at about a thousand miles an hour! After this things just get crazy but it would take about half an hours typing to write it so i'll just say that it involves rocket shoes, paintball guns and our house becoming a warzone. Anyway its probably the most awsome thing thats ever happened with me and lireal so I thought i'd share it with you. Tulpa: Lireal Age: approx 2 months Form: Human female, dark hair, brown eyes, elfin face Her comment: I can't land aeroplanes:((this is a reference to another crazy thing that happened, maybe i'll post it someday)
  12. Thanks everyone. Interesting. Looks like some are and some aren't. Keep the posts coming:)
  13. I've created this just because i'm curious. What does your tulpa look like and how does it compare with their personality? for instance, if you have a tulpa that looks like a demon are they quite scathing and sarcastic, or are they just normal? I just thought it would be interesting to see if there was a link. If this has aready been said before will someone please direct me to that post? thnx Tulpa: Lireal Form: Human female Real age: approx 25 days old Looks around 14 to 16 years She says: Paintball wars are fun!