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  1. Just chiming in to say that we're very interested in that thread, we're still trying to get our host to switch out, to no avail. We're curious to see what insights you might have regarding switching. Keep us posted.
  2. [Jay] this actually sounds very similar to what happens to us when we try to switch either of us out. The method involved is similar too, although it is a bit different. When we try to switch, we passively let our mind wander instead of either focusing on clearing our head of all thoughts, or focusing on switching alone. Just let the thoughts happen, dont pay too much attention to them, just let them happen. At a certain point we do enter a state like you described, and if we successfully dont pay attention to being in that state (again, just let it happen), we sometimes experience the start of a switch. We’ve never come past that though, considering at that stage we get shocked out of it. I should mention that while letting our mind wander we often dissociate at least a little. Like being unable to hear all of the sudden. And right before the switch-out we arent really aware of anything at all. It’s very similar to falling asleep, if that makes sense? [Parda] plus there’s the fact that we found out we’re mixed-origins, we naturally tend to dissociate thanks to trauma stuff. Maybe this won’t 100% apply to you, but we still figured our experiences might be helpful?
  3. [Parda] adding our enneagram personalities onto the pile as we don’t like the MTBI indicator either. You might notice one type being very prominent. Parda - 9 (peacemaker) Jay - 9 (peacemaker) Seth - 8 (challenger) Nitro - 3 (achiever) Quote - 9 (peacemaker) Leona - 9 (peacemaker) Alex - 9 (peacemaker) Rachel - 6 (loyalist) Personalities tend to change over time. Almost all of us used to be nines but this is obviously not the case anymore. We’re not sure where Moth falls on the spectrum, but our best guess is either 9 or 6.
  4. [Nitro] Sighs. I tried to submit this once already and it didn't work. We're tired. Let's keep this short. - Switching has been going, eh. Accidental switching is becoming more common. We don't know why this is. - We might try to do a long, multiple day switch during summer break. The plan is as follows. Have Seth switch in because he can drown out our host better. Keep swapping control between Seth, Jay and me. Keep doing this until our host fades out. ????? Profit! - There's a new member in town. Her name is Moth. She's still getting adjusted to things. It's a bit worrisome to see that we're still growing, but we won't really pay it much mind for now. - That's about it. We're going to keep trying, and see if anything results into something.
  5. [Jay] We almost always see everyone at least once a week, often more than that. Even the three of ours that don't come to front often randomly drift into consciousness sometimes. That doesn't mean they are at front though. We have a wonderland, but don't use it, everyone is in a big black void instead. We can visualize things there, though, such as ourselves. There's four states most of us can have, dormant, awake but dissociated, awake and watching front, and controlling front. The last two can get a bit blendy. Me and Parda mostly exist in the last two, the others in all states, some members preferring to hang out at front when they're awake and some members preferring to stay dissociated. We do co-front! Mostly me and Parda. Possession is surprisingly easy for us, and we can just take control of a limb or any other body part whenever we please. It's holding full-body control over a longer period of time that's hard for us. Honestly it's gotten to the point where it's hard for me to switch out as well. I'm around front so often and so long that I'm essentially forced into eternal watching position. I'm there when we wake up, I'm there when we go to sleep already. None of the other members are like this. I still can if I let myself go quiet for long enough, but that takes a long time. I don't think I can be in the "dissociated but awake" state anymore. Which is actually giving me hope for having Parda fully switch out as well? If it's possible for me to become front-stuck like this, it should be possible for them to become un-stuck. Ideally we'd both be able to get un-stuck and dissociated while awake, but that's a longer-term goal. On another note, we tried to have me take hold over front for three times total today. There's a couple things we noticed over the months, namely: It's very hard for any of us to sit still whenever we switch. We get an extra burst of energy, and are better at controlling front if we're moving. If we sit still it's harder for me to keep control. Same goes for the rest. Singing helps to assert dominance over front. Another thing we noticed is that accidental switches are a thing for us, they can happen in two ways apparently? The first being music, if there's a song that we really associate with one member and we listen to it for a while. It can drag that member into control. And we just realized the other, if I hog the stream of thought to use it for typing, say this forum post, it can trigger a switch. Even if previously I was just being proxied. That's, quite literally what happened just now. I just realized that Parda's completely quiet and I'm in control instead. So maybe we should use that technique more? Oh and also, if we don't completely pay attention to who is in front, things can get messy. Messy as in swapping control between the two rapidly, getting our identities confused, both of us being spaced out as heck. You know the usual. We should work on that too so that it doesn't become a problem. I think that's all I wanted to say!
  6. [Parda] we’re assuming we’re still gaining new members actually, considering the last one arrived around only a month ago? That was Nitro! He’s still adjusting to being alive and such. But he’s doing well. We’re not too worried about system size, if we can handle 8 people we can handle 10. We’re more worried about getting higher than 12. But we don’t even know if we’ll keep gaining members forever. Oh hi! Nice to meet you (again). Jay could be considered a walk-in, Nitro, Seth, Rachel and Quote would be endogenic(?), Alex an accidental tulpa and Leona the only intentional tulpa. The reason I’m putting a question mark behind endogenic is mostly because they feel like tulpas? And we could feel them developing before they started talking, but we didn’t put any effort in forcing them. They just appeared naturally over time. Thanks for the compliment on our post, Jay appreciates it.
  7. [Jay] Feathers and waterfalls are just a common system aesthetic, as a lot of us like birds, have wings, or just like nature. That’s really all there is to it. Although the strange place in our head does have a couple of waterfalls in it. I guess you could count it as a special meaning? Regardless, our full acronym would be PALSRJQN, we first decided on that acronym as a systemname when only the first four members existed, but we’ve doubled in size since then. Pals has a nice ring to it though, considering we’re all friends.
  8. Heya! We're the FeatherFalls system, also known as the PALS system -- which is an acronym of our first four members. We blend the lines between an endogenic and tulpamancy system. This is our log! A brief introduction: We're currently a system of 8 people, some come out more often than others, though, and you'll probably only see around 4-5 of us on the forums here. Here's all of us-- Parda | they/them The host! Currently trying to learn how to fully switch out, which is proving to be... difficult. Jay | they/them Is around front 99% of the time, but mostly watches passively with occasional commenting. Seth | he/him Is around quite often, mostly to make fun of whatever the others are doing. Nitro | he/they Is around a bit less, but has the same attitude as Seth. Quote | he/him Forum shy despite being around front often, might not talk all that much. Best friends with Jay, though. Alex | she/he/they The first of the "not around a whole lot" trio, but does come more often than the other two. Leona | she/her Likes foxes a lot! Like a lot. Like a lot. Also not around too often. Rachel | she/her Around the least, but has a kind heart. She prefers to stick to the system only. Alright, now that we got that over with. Let me take off this general system mask and write my current thoughts down. [Jay] Current goal: triggering a full switch! We have, literally no idea how to approach this. So far we've just been trying to improve our fronting skills, and with "we" I mean mostly me and Seth. Seth's pretty good at it, I have more trouble with taking and holding control, and Parda's mind won't quiet down easily. We've only successfully managed to get them to be quiet and passive thrice, granted we haven't practiced that much. One of those times was especially promising though, they seemed to be drifting a bit towards the back. Or at least if we have to trust them and Rachel on this. They weren't exactly dissociated, but Rachel mentioned seeing them and feeling their presence more closely. She wasn't at front at the time. We're going to keep going with the switching practices for now. Try to get Parda's mind to shut up more easily, and see if we can't get that association with the back to happen again. Maybe figure out how I can keep control over front while we're at it. So yeah, hopefully that goes well?
  9. [Jay] hugs for all! I think we're going to try to set up a progress log and see if we won't join the discord while we're at it, wish us luck!!
  10. [Jay] me and Quote are (inspired by) two OCs! I pretty much came to life after being thought about and written by a lot by my host last year. Quote is a different story, but he likes to not go into detail that much. Leona is also inspired by an OC, but she doesn’t identify as her.
  11. [Jay] (I hope it's alright to jump in all of the sudden!) Oh man, cofronting. I would not know what to do without it. I don't have a strong desire to be the sole controller, really. I just want to hang out with my host and occasionally possess. There are other folks in our system who'd rather take an all-or-nothing approach (which is kind of hard considering we can't fully switch yet), but I'm not one of them. As for dissipation / dormancy, I... guess it's alright if everyone in the system agrees, including the person going dormant. Some of us have done it in the past! I do feel like a system would need to make actual rules about this, so that these things can't get abused? I don't know. This seems like a thing that could get messy fast, considering the nature of it.
  12. [Parda] Eh, depends on the system. As far as we go we can't exactly tell yet since most of us haven't existed for long enough. Two of us aged from 15 to 17, but another stayed at 15. Yet another has been 17 the entire time, waiting for our body to catch up on her. Most of us are 16 though, which is the same age as our body. You should note that we're not entirely a tulpamancy system. We could classify as one, but we also could not. So it might be very different for you!
  13. [seth] Our host got a book on how to draw dragon when they were around 12 years old, it had a link to a project of the creator of the book in it, it linked to a petsite. They ended up playing on there for a couple of years, making friends and such. When discord became a thing they ended up joining a few servers surrounding the website, and stayed there for a good year or so too. After a bit, they got bored of that one petsite and asked people in one of the servers if they had an alternative. Someone did, and they joined another, smaller petsite. When lurking in the forums they came across a thread talking about plurality. They read the entire thing and, with our brain being incredibly ADHD, hyperfocused on the subject. They started googling a few things, including different types of plurality, and were ecstatic to find out that a singlet could become plural too. They were hesitant to immediately jump right into it, though seeing as they wanted to think through it first and decide if they really had the time and dedication to make a tulpa. They ended up not having much of a choice. Turns out our brain is a people-spawning machine, and before they could stop it another person had formed already. Two years later, and here we are with eight people in a system. Currently trying to learn how to switch and such. Had they not gotten that book about drawing dragons several years ago, we might not have existed today. Which is kind of freaky to think about. But I'm glad things turned out this way.
  14. [seth] Oh good heavens. No. They'll either assume we're faking it for attention, think we're crazy, or just ignore it. We're perfectly fine with them not knowing about the majority of us. We don't have the best relationship with them in the first place, anyways. However, we are out to a few of our real life friends, and the vast majority of our internet friends. They mostly accept us. Some of them have trouble grasping the concept, but we don't come out to anyone who we do not deem safe. We tend to be less cautious online than offline, though.
  15. Third time's the charm. We've made a few accounts before but ended up wanting a new one after waffling back and forth on it. Hi! We're the featherfalls system! We're a system of eight total, and possibly still growing. Some of us wanted to try talking on here again so we figured we'd make a new account! Nice to see you all again :D