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    I'm Sarah
    My tulpas are:
    We've been together for over a decade but we only just found the term tulpa.
    I'm a writer, Sasukie's a fighter, Kai's an explorer and Miss is guardian. If you have any questions about my tulpas, feel free to PM. I'm always happy to talk about them.
  1. Yes, actually I've had them around for a very long time-- over a decade, anyway. Although they weren't sentient originally. That took a few years, I'll be honest. I probably could have got them there quicker if I'd known what I was doing, or if I'd known tulpamancy was a practice, but they developed from imaginary friends when I was lonely and matured over time to have their own personalities, beliefs, ideals, etc. Do you guys ever argue with your tulpas? Again, I'm not sure if that's normal but in particular, me and Kai butt heads quite a bit. Thank you for giving me so much information on wonderlands, and soulbonds. It's got me thinking that 2 of my 3 tulpas may actually be soulbonds. Finding tulpamancy after already having thoughtforms is a lot to take in. I'm still trying to understand the wider picture but I'll get there eventually~!
  2. "Sun. Sun, sun, sun! And lots of it. Means I'm off exploring." "What's your favourite Disney movie? If you don't know what Disney is, it's time to get your hosts to show you. Sarah made me memorise the sing-a-longs." ~ Kai
  3. I'm fairly new to the tulpa thing and the beginner's guide said that it's not necessary to have a wonderland. I'm not 100% sure I've got a wonderland as I never go there, but there's a separate world they can go to if they don't fancy sticking around the real world. They go there sometimes for months. I can still get in touch with them while they're there but it's more like having a phone call with them--they don't have any physical presence, and they can ignore my invitation to chat. Is that a wonderland? If they decide to come in to the real world they always seem to have stories of what they've been up to in this place. But it's not a place I share with them, as such. If we share time together, it's almost always in my actual bedroom. I'm not saying they gain a physical body but it's like I project them into my room and visualise them beside me and I can feel certain sensations like touches, etc. (although I really have to pay attention and focus on it). Does a wonderland need to be a separate space that I see when I close my eyes, or is what I have enough? I like to give them space and give them the option to enter the real world (ack, I'm saying enter the real world and it sounds silly saying it but you know what I mean) by their own choosing, so do I need an in-between wonderland? Do I already have it? Help a woman out! I'm tripping over my own thoughts
  4. So I just have to post and I win? TIME TO WIN.
  5. Making Kai sit down and take the personality test was quite fun. He really enjoyed it. I'm INFP and he's ENFP. I said in my introduction that he's a people person and that pretty much sums him up. I think he really helps me come out of my shell. If I need opinions, I go to him for advice because he's so laid back. He takes my feelings into account but we have had our fair share of arguments. He's much more level headed than I am. e*: I just made Sasukie take the test. He's ISTJ. That's absolutely no surprise. He's all logic and reason. Although he does have his affectionate times. But he does butt heads with Kai a fair bit. I'm just going to get Miss to take the test. I imagine she'll be similar to Sasukie but we'll see. ee*: Miss is ISFJ. The Defender. If anything, taking the test has only solidified my belief that they are tulpas. I had them answer without much thinking to it-- they went with their gut instincts. And all 3 of the answers match their personalities exactly. And they're so very different from me.
  6. Hello, call me Ghibli or Sarah. I feel like I'm a veteran in this tupla thing, but really I only just found out the term existed. I'm 24 now and my first tupla appeared when I was about 12. He's called Sasukie. Originally I based him on a character from a novel I was writing, but he's nothing like how he first started out all those years ago. I have three in total: Sasukie, Miss, and Kai. I think if you ever have chance to talk to one of them it'll be Kai. He's a people person. Honestly, I joined this site because I've had my tulpas for the longest time but I've never had the courage to talk about them with anyone. They are such wonderful people that I want someone to know they exist. (Sorry, I know this is long. I'm just excited). I'm aware many people are sceptical about tuplas, and honestly I had doubts. But a few years ago Kai helped me down from a really bad panic attack. Panic attacks in themselves take over the mind but Kai was separate from my thought processes and managed to get me out of it. That's all the proof I'll ever need. So, hello everyone! I can't wait to talk with all of you and find out about your tulpas. If you have any questions about my three then please message me. I just want the world to know how great they are.