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  1. Well this is it. I'm going. I know /very/ little of you particularly care so I'll make this brief. Wah wah place has gone to shit with roleplayers and it isn't like the good old days and you're all a bunch of faggots and the mods are shit and omg Pleeb why don't you ever do anything. It's been fun I guess, if a steady decline down shit mountain. Things haven't exactly gone to plan but I would be lying if I said it wasn't somewhat beneficial, in the finding myself department. Even if I did ultimately fail. I met some cool people and some weird people here, which I never would have met un
  2. And you're helping him! You're both asshats omg.
  3. You just helped the necrobumping you asshat. Don't do it again.
  4. You just need to shift your attention fully from it to something else.
  5. Or never alive, I don't know really.
  6. This has nothing to do with mods or the redesign or the site.
  7. My feelings on the matter are Not to say I've given up on forcing though.
  8. :/ A man can only wait so long.
  9. I think I'm quitting. Yeah, probably. Or going on a super long hiatus. Somewhere. I need time to think.
  10. Nice one. I don't know about tablets but I wish you luck in your endeavours when you decide on one.
  11. You in the wonderland is just you. You know it's you because it's you man. Your tupper is your tupper. You can tell because you made the damn thing right. Unless you made it wrong, then you can't tell the difference. If you made it right then there is no room for even thinking about even PONDERING asking this question.
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