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  1. Hey! I translated this guide into French. It's not perfect, but if it helps anyone
  2. Hey, I translated this guide into French. I'm not a professional translator though, so there can be errors. Thanks to the TARDIS Crew for having checked my translation. Link here.
  3. Hey, I translated this essay into French. I'm not a professional translator though, so there can be errors. Thanks to the TARDIS Crew for having checked my translation. Link here.
  4. It's normal, especially at the beginning. It happened to us all the time, it happens less now but if we focus we could do it again, I think. We prefer not to do so, though.
  5. Whatever happens to us in the wonderland won't happen IRL. We feel way less the pain in the wonderland, and we can only "die" with extreme conditions (like super high temperatures or something like that). But we'd reappear in front of our house in the wonderland.
  6. Granted. It has a negative age and doesn't exist anymore. I wish Internet was back at my house.
  7. Granted. It breaks the motherboard. I wish I could find ideas for my next wish.
  8. Granted. You can't speak anymore, because every language has disappeared. I wish my jokes were good to everyone.
  9. Granted. Now time travels, so time isn't. Everything freezes. (sorry for the pun, I know it's a bad one x)) I wish I could do good jokes
  10. What's Japan? Legally, you can drink water.
  11. Granted. You impose monsters that you don't control and that become real eventually. I wish I could slow down or speed up time at will.
  12. When there is an empty front, we all feel like when we aren't fronting, but with nobody controlling the body. For us, when we aren't fronting, we are still somehow aware of what is happening, but more distant. If we are inactive, we still feel what happens but we have trouble remembering it. From the outside, the body seems to be asleep, except it is breathing maybe a bit faster than when it is awake. But we fall asleep in a few minutes, or someone fronts (generally me). I don't think so, or it was so fast that it can't really be called an empty front. I don't think so, at least for us. As I said, the body falls asleep or someone is forced to front if there is an empty front for more than 5 minutes or so. We don't enjoy it, but we don't not enjoy it. We're neutral about it.
  13. I'd like to tell about my tulpas to my friends and my family, and 2 of my tuplas would like them to know they exist, but they aren't really open-minded. Maybe some of my friends are open-minded enough, but I can't know for sure, so I'm considering telling some friends that a video about tulpas showed in Youtube recommendations, and see how they take it.
  14. Okay, I'll contact them, thanks
  15. Hello, I would like to translate some guides in French, because there are almost no guides in French now. I almost finished one (someone else verifies the translation), so I wanted to start the translation of another one: DJFlix's possession guide, because I found it quite useful for me. The thing is the only places where I can find this guide is on the Tulpanomicon and on Tulpaforce, so I have no way to contact them. Does anyone know how I can contact them, or know them please?