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  1. Hello! First off, just wanna say sorry about the quality of my icon. I made it myself, and I'm not very good at digital art but I'm trying to draw daily to improve! Now, onto the real introduction. As for my icon, of course my appearance and name isn't Vlase, but I consider it my close persona as of lately! I've never really involved myself into forums in general or tulpa discussion, but I think this is a good time for me to finally start interacting with others! I'm pretty new to this practice (I hope that's a good term for it!) but I'm definitely happy to receive and maybe even make my own tulpa friend! Also, it should be noted that I'm only 16 years-old so please no direct messages involving nsfw stuff towards me (pedophilia is a no-no kids!), but I don't mind at all if you're 18 or over and just decide to interact with me! I'll be happy to ask any questions, if there's any! Sorry about the wall of text this intro is, but I hope it provided a good overview of myself! Have a nice day, and I hope I have an equally nice time in this community ^^