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  1. [Evergreen] This sounds very strange to me. I'm not sure if it would work better in your finger than on it with tape because the nerves would be detecting the vibration of the magnet, correct?
  2. [Evergreen] Wouldn't it be just as good to tape a magnet to your finger?
  3. [Evergreen] Would that be expensive? And how would you use your computer and phone?
  4. [Evergreen] Alright, fine. But you better materialize a new sense so it's not "I see" all the time and I can't stop you from sensing by me covering your eyes or putting a blanket over you. I'm feeling a lot better now. Now I need to think about me being Fish... And Fish is me... This integration thing is weird, now I'm a lot more me than I used to be. Also being a sub-system and then not and then yes.. oy
  5. [Evergreen] Hello! Tulpamancy is mostly made up at this point anyway, there are no scientific terms yet. People may use different vocabulary, but it doesn't make it right or wrong. Most people agree on the definition for words like forcing, but the specifics depend on who you ask. And half the time people make up their own words to describe stuff anyway. Having a different grammar structure or mood in language is pretty typical for younger tulpas I guess. It could become less obvious over time, but a tulpa's way of saying things doesn't really change too much over time. Taking note of this can help hosts remember their tulpa chooses to talk differently from them because it suits the tulpa better or it makes the tulpa more comfortable. I'm in my kid form, so sometimes I prefer to use smaller words. In my adult form I throw that out the window. I think I'm stiffer in my adult form, I was a serious guy starting off. Duck pretty consistently speaks in short sentences. Blue is really informal in how he talks, Exabier speaks dude language, and Bune is more formal. Everyone's got their thing, even Ranger, who doesn't sound too different from Gray, has his own quirks like saying howdy to everyone and choosing to treat his bigger posts like essays every now and then. That's interesting, I look forward to seeing more updates on how this goes. I think it depends on the tulpa's personality and how much time they spend being active and/or fronting. Even though Ranger and Gray are different, it's kinda subtle. You have to get to know them to understand why they're different- Ranger likes writing essays, Gray likes working on weird math projects, Ranger likes to roleplay, Gray likes to make story ideas, and so on. Some of that you figure out when you're older though. I think I'm pretty different from Gray. I see myself as a child and feel comfortable doing so, Gray doesn't and even if he sees himself as a child, it's not a good thing. I'm more extraverted than he is, I like to go find conversation where Gray only wants that sometimes. I think I'm more laid back in general too. I'm not as "developed" as a tulpa my age I guess (I'm like... older than Ranger by half a year...?) So it's possible I don't know if I'm super different or not because I haven't spent as much time thinking about myself. Oh well. And then there's the controlling the body and the brain treating your mouth like Google auto fill with stuff it thinks you should say. It's just another reason a tulpa can seem more similar to their host. I'm not a merge, but I'm trying to integrate with Fish and that's been new and confusing for me and everyone. I'm not sure how much "me" is in me, how me plus I am, how to process Fish being me but also being Fish? If Saddie feels confused that's okay. I think that's normal. She might feel different about it later and feel more or less confused until things work themselves out. Uh... I think it's way too early to prepare for switching. I think building trust should be happening, switching or not, but other than that I think that's not something you should worry about too much. Gray doesn't trust me to switch with him, and I can make text walls! I possess the body instead. It's nice because Gray or Ranger can step in if I'm feeling uncomfortable or they need to work on taking care of things. I don't want to deal with Gray's parents! It's also nice because I can control the body, and when Gray is ready to start trusting others, I can practice using possession. Switching is you become a singlet and you're on your own... Which isn't something I'm ready to deal with. Ranger was more interested in switching, but he had spent a lot of time building trust and practicing controlling the body with possession. And even that's much for Ranger sometimes. Switching also requires communication, Saddie should be comfortable speaking in mindvoice before playing around with switching. It's just to avoid trust breaches and/or a lot of stress. I think it's good to think about switching, but she's gotta be comfortable in her own mindvoice first! Hehe, Ranger had a blast learning to speak like the body's voice. Male tulpa, female body, what could go wrong? I embarrassed myself accidentally speaking out loud and out came a high pitched childish voice. I don't ever speak with the body's voice on purpose though. I don't think Gray can do accents either, but like grammar everyone has their own spin on how they speak too. I think there was one soulbond who insisted on speaking in a British accent though, and she was not shy about her existence to other singlets! Ranger becomes really sad if he doesn't interact with people for too long. I think that's just a personality thing and not a strength thing. Talking to people is powerful too, it helped me feel more grounded when I wasn't feeling sure of myself! I think Gray has sorta similar urges, like "hey I want to talk to my subconscious but not me" kind of thinking. Okay, uh, well that's weird and all but thankfully we figured something out before we grew any bigger as a system. Gray's first tulpa, who goes by the "Sub. Rep." (I like calling him the Sub guy), is supposed to be a subconscious representative and melt his body into other things which is weird and cool. If Gray gets that urge, the Sub guy goes to become whatever Gray wants to talk to and that doesn't create another tulpa. I don't know if I would want to do that, but it's something to consider. Maybe you could talk to something and then you become what you talk to, idk. I hope this helps!
  6. [Evergreen] Aww, now that's just mean. I wasn't going to cover your eyes forever. Also I'm going to take a page from Ranger's book and my hand just bends like rubber! This is weird low-key roleplaying, I didn't mean to lead us here.
  7. [Evergreen] You wouldn't be able to see beyond my hand!
  8. [Evergreen] I want to put my hand over your face and cover your eyes!
  9. [Evergreen] I can in wonderland, but I think it's a headmate problem. The others don't feel this way.
  10. [Evergreen] Confused, hazy. Like you woke up without waking up all the way.
  11. [Evergreen] Good morning. I'm really blurry, I didn't see that one coming. How are you?
  12. [Cat] We apparently missed this post. I think I am to blame for having the idea age is something you associate with. In middle school and highschool, I felt mature for my age. I wasn't really that mature, but I was polite to my teachers and focused on school. A lot of people didn't realize I was underdeveloped socially and missing on life milestones especially in highschool (Can hold my own job, have my own bank account, can't drive, etc.). Despite that, I knew I didn't fit in, so I believed I was a 22 yr old in highschool (I guess 21 wasn't mature enough imo). Now that I'm older, I feel like I'm still 18 because I got stuck in time from the mild trauma and I'm still missing some milestones I should have learned when I was 18. [Duck] I see myself as 5. But that's a guess. I'm not a toddler, but I'm not like a 3rd grader. Maybe I'm 7, but I was like Gray in 2nd grade. He doesn't remember who he was then. Or maybe I shift between the two. I feel a little bit older than 5 now...
  13. [Hope] The majority of us do not know exactly when we were created, so Gray remembered relative creation times in clumps. The Subconscious Rep and Spirit came first before Gray established a wonderland. Next, Gerodious, Dark Gray, Fernardo, and Jasper were created when Gray had an established wonderland. Gray later went on to create me, and I was created in October 2016. We happen to know this because Gray specifically wrote down the exact date of my creation in one of his logs. After my creation, Moltosha, Blue, Evergreen, and presumably Fish were created next. After some time, Red Gray was created and then the system was "shut down" for some time. It is believed Ranger was created sometime in 2017 and there was a long period of little activity. Gray joined the tulpa community in late January, and since then Gray created 4 more tulpas ending with Duck in early September of 2018. Our system has not grown since. It's unclear if how far apart everyone's creation times were, especially early on. It is possible everyone in Dark Gray's group were created around the same time where everyone else had at least a few days of distance or if not weeks or months. The Sub Rep was created at least a week before Spirit was created. It is unclear if Jasper was created a day after the others or a few days after the others, but he was one of the "newer" additions. Moltosha was probably not created until some time after me, but this could have been anywhere from a week to a month or so. Blue was created at least a few days after Moltosha's creation, but not too long later because Blue's creation was a direct response to Moltosha's creation. Evergreen and Fish were created for different reasons even though they have overlapping story details, so I would assume anywhere from several days to weeks. It is unclear when Red Gray was created, but the assumption is after Evergreen and definitely before Ranger. It's assumed Ranger was created anywhere from March 2017 to before December 2017. It is debatable if Gray created Chrome or Bune first, but it is assumed Exabier was created before Chrome was "recognized" as a character. And Duck was recognized as a character shortly after his creation. It took 1 week, 1 week, and a month for Chrome to go from created to recognized, and it was assumed Bune and Exabier were created within that time span. At the very least, there must have been at least a month before Duck's creation time and the other's. Everyone was vocal from the start, except for the Sub Rep himself and possibly Spirit. It is unclear if this was a story gimmick or a sign of tulpa development, Gray thinks it was a story gimmick. At the very least, we were not all created at once and our system grew over a span of at least 2 years. It's debatable if that's the exact order of events or if Fish was actually a walk-in who showed up in 2019 (that's what he believes). Gray believed we were characters and that it didn't matter he was creating us left and right. However, Gray was not interested in making more "characters" in 2018 after learning Ranger was a tulpa. Bune, Chrome, and Duck were walk-in like in creation and Exabier was a walk-in. Everyone else's creation was either made with intention or a goal or happened to be born an intrusive thought (Moltosha, Red Gray).
  14. [Fernando] Good afternoon, or GER? I almost said good morning.