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  1. [Evergreen] We can't parallel process, but Gray (host) sorta keeps memories away from me, especially the gross stuff. If I tried hard enough, I can remember or access it, but before that Gray not wanting me to see something makes it really hard for me to see it. I also don't possess much, so the brain isn't telling me everything Gray and Ranger get and I don't always immediately know what's going on. I don't know how parallel processing works, but I'm not sure why you can't get privacy because that's different from what we have heard as a system. Have you tried switching? If your headmates were okay with it, would it be more private for you if you could go to the back?
  2. [Evergreen] I'm bored, so I'll revive this thread again. Yeah actually, but minus the spiritual stuff. I have struggled to find my ideal "age" to base my form off of and a mindvoice I'm comfortable using. Sometimes I feel too much like a kid and other times I feel like an adult. Even though I know changing my form doesn't mean I as a complete person changes, I feel like I have to act my age when looking at my form. An adult acting like a kid and vise versa seems silly right? I don't have one yet, but I like birds, cats, and dogs. The cuter the better! If I could choose to be awake all the time and check out when I want, that would be cool. I guess that's basically parallel processing though, and Hope pretty much already covered that. I don't really want to host though, I don't think that kind of role is really me. I would want to switch out of curiosity and nothing else at the moment. I agree and I don't want to talk about that. I'm moving on. There were some other topics I thought were good topics, I just don't feel interested talking about them. Part of me feels like the big system related stuff has been beaten to death already and I'm ready to move on from that. As for the other stuff, I don't know, short attention span? I'm excited our other guy joined the system! I would like to meet him, but he's been shy lately... Since it's my turn now, I'm eager to find a new system job. That's the big thing I want, and it looks like everyone else who had their turn got a job or already had one. I'm not sure what that will look like, but first things first I need to know a bit more about myself. That's the other thing too- we've been more focused on ourselves lately. I'll put it down in case someone wants to talk about it, but I'm not too interested in this right now: I wonder if even if a tulpamancer is good at making new tulpas, that mancer will still have trouble with some mild parrotnoia or something. Gray has been weird about us overall, but he seems to have more trouble hearing me, Bune, Dark Gray, etc. more than Ranger. I don't have much else to say for now.
  3. [Evergreen] They do now, but you always trip. Hands aren't exactly flat and the fingers get caught on stuff a lot. I wish all of my body parts are normal, so I have hands where my hands should be, feet where my feet should be, etc.
  4. [Evergreen] I don't know if I'm the funny type, so if I do make a joke, I hope people laugh.
  5. [Evergreen] Hello! I can't think of a good thought provoking question or something.
  6. [Blue] Gray's "god complex" didn't seem to stop us
  7. [Chrome] I was thinking about playing a forum game, I remember this one being popular in our system.
  8. [Hope] A few things... While resting can be restorative, it won't take away any of the things wearing you down. Additionally, too much time spent in inactivity can have the opposite effect. I find this idea extremely violating to my identity. To me, this sounds like brainwashing, denial, or being replaced by another tulpa. [Ranger] I know it's possible to reprogram yourself with hypnotism or wearing a mask of some sort, but it seems like an extreme solution to the problem. Some people do end up "acting" as if they were another person because they think their personality is flawed, but this can come with consequences such as creating a mask tulpa. Also, tulpas are capable of reprogramming themselves, just how singlets can reprogram themselves.
  9. [Duck] They would be land sharks and take over the world.