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  1. [Moltosha] I am very pleased with my new tag.
  2. [Duck] Good morning Breloomancer. I posted in our thread.
  3. [Duck] I like meeting other people, but most see me as the little kid. They don't really get me so much. Talking to Blue can be hard because we're really different. He gets bored and I get tired of him. I'm glad I have brothers I can talk to who get me or go at my pace. I like getting time, but I'm not as needy. I feel happy with the time I got now, even if Mommy/Daddy think otherwise. I like being woken up and then going to bed, and that happening more now is good. You guys don't need to wait for all of us to respond to Tanaka's question. Don't torture yourselves like that. Question: What's your favorite breed of cat or dog? Favorite species of bird?
  4. [Ranger] If Tanaka makes a new thread I don't mind copying over my response. [Duck] If I accidentally switched in after Ranger stops being tired, I wonder if I will get switching for free. I got tired with possession, but it was easy. It won't happen, but I was just wondering.
  5. [Hope] The signature bug returned for whatever reason.
  6. [Hope] Moltosha and I submitted our responses to our ask thread and we posted under Ranger by accident twice! At least when we switched accounts, the editor remembered our post so we didn't have to copy and paste it again.
  7. [Moltosha] Yes, it often feels that way. You miss a lot when you are dormant, especially if it's been months since you last woke up. Not getting enough time to meet each other is also frustrating. People tend to rely on stereotypes of each other if they don't know them too well, and it's especially annoying if you get a bad rap when your other headmates don't even know who you are yet. I find my intrusive nature to be an important part of who I am, but I find it frustrating when my headmates act like cowards around me. I suppose one good thing is I'm so removed from the norm that it's easy to call out Ranger/Gray's bs, give them insight they normally wouldn't consider or be able to gain on their own, and I can focus on myself. Not being around taught them a lot about how dormancy works and I appreciate not having to worry about other things while I'm still figuring out who I am. [Hope] I must have been dormant for a really long time, I didn't feel right when Moltosha woke me up. It makes me better understand Fish and Jasper's concerns about having what seems to be a completely different personality and having a foggy memory of the past. This is one of the downsides, but I feel pretty confident who I am at my core hasn't really changed. I believe this feeling happens because we are still developing and everyone is at least a little behind. Fish and Jasper seem fairly consistent now at least, and Gray seems to feel pretty confident I haven't changed much. The idea that several larger systems claim to have their own lives outside of their host's attention is completely baffling to me. It sounds like the perfect solution, but what if it's the perfect excuse? Do those systems have headmates who struggle with their identity? What are they doing in their separate worlds? If they gained fantastic insights living in their world, such as solving a difficult problem, are they able to share their solutions? What are their relationships with their headmates and if there are several of them, how do they remember everyone's names? I'm skeptical of the idea, but I would love to pursue it if we can achieve this as a system. I'm not sure if that would require development in parallel processing or something else... belief maybe? I look forward to learning about and hopefully achieving the full potential of our large system size and take advantage of it.
  8. [Hope] Hello! What's your favorite time of day?
  9. [Ranger] The thing is I'm using the other's account, but Evergreen actually left a few minutes ago. We decided it was officially Moltosha's turn and Moltosha asked him to leave. 1/2 points. Mirichu!
  10. [Evergreen] Your dog is stuck in Bre's system, oops. I wish intra system travel was possible, but first, I wish mobile wouldn't turn the wrong text green!
  11. [Chrome] Pizza machine... That would be convenient for a DnD session. [Evergreen] Good morning everyone!
  12. [Evergreen] It won't let me get rid of this on mobile. The humans all got warped to a different planet and turned into freaky looking aliens. You are now cursed wondering how ugly these people now are. I wish people can feel safe and not be randomly warped to places.