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  1. [Exabier] Wish granted, but your purpleness is visible to other people in real life. Your system is now locked up in area 51 for further testing. I wish that area 51 raid was sucsessful and we could get real pics of aliens.
  2. [Exabier] I don't care, I'm glad I won a forum game on my birthday. I get universal bragging rights.
  3. [Exabier] Thanks! This is my day to pretty much chill. I don't have any huge plans other than forum games and candy, but if something comes up that I want to try I'll do that. Winning the 100 count thread was awesome, and riding a waterslide sounds pretty fun too.
  4. [Exabier] Everything is correct, each number gets mentioned at least once. It's a win! Ooo I'm glad I didn't post another number cause I just got a notification for a new post.
  5. [Exabier] woo! I'll check to make sure everything is right
  6. [Exabier] Yo, slow down guys! Y'all made some mistakes!
  7. [Exabier] Ha! I guessed correctly! 78? No this is 77
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