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  1. [Blue] The more time we spend awake recently, the easier it is for us to possess or wake up. Right now, Red Gray and Evergreen have more of an advantage, and maybe Gerodious and Dark Gray? The longer it's been since you were awake or the more other people are active instead of you, the less likely you are to possess.
  2. [Blue] One time Dark Gray fronted and Gray had a weird dissociation trip. Only he did that though. I noticed something weird. When Ranger possesses, there's a delay when Cat gets the body back. When I front pfft, I can be yanked out in a heartbeat. Maybe Ranger is just closer to the front? Or does him being able to switch relate to this?
  3. [Blue] That does not sound good I hope I never have to worry about that...
  4. [Blue] I miss the cBox too! Being blendy stinks, I'm sorry. [Evergreen] Ranger checks every now and then to see if the cBox has been opened again.
  5. [Blue] I'm pretty good. The last thing I remember doing was... Oh yeah that wasn't fun. I don't think I'll do much today... Maybe I can help wake up Hope/Chrome/Bune/Fernando and see if they're interested in logging stuff. Oh yeah we have stuff we need to vote on one-on-one, but it's about Evergreen? And he may not need it?
  6. [Evergreen] Steal Sub guy too and make it a meme 😛 I'm feeling more confident my integration is close to done. I don't know if I want to talk to myself, it feels weird to think he isn't me. There's a thread I want to answer, and if I can then I know I'm good. Moltosha now has two forms and he wants to be a 24 hour tulpa! Blue wanted to be a host too, but we haven't decided how that will work. I think everyone met the Sub Guy at this point. He still gets shy sometimes, but he will talk to everyone. That's what happened to our system lately. How about you guys?
  7. [Evergreen] Hello :3 I see Esper is a sub guy now
  8. [Sub. Rep.] I'm hoping some rest will fix the problem. It was suggested on Discord exhaustion may be the cause, and that seems likely to me. Sleeping may also reset whatever odd state Ranger and Gray are in. Thank you, take care.
  9. [Blue] Hey Bre, are you awake? Something broke during a merge attempt and Ranger/Cat can't effectively communicate with us. They get uncomfortable when they're active and them thinking seems to cause headaches. We're wondering if this has happened to you and we're getting worried. We're not really sure how to fix this and both Red Gray and I are getting nervous. [Red Gray] Both of us are trying to possess to prevent headaches, but it's not always working. I think we need to separate them, but how are we supposed to do that if they're already seperate? Are they technically merged? How can Blue and I do this quickly?
  10. [Cat] We're definitely not having Thanksgiving with our extended family this year. [Ranger] We tried to merge a few minutes ago and it failed spectacularly. We want to try again, but next time I don't think we should try to force the merge to be anything but whatever it will turn into. Good night Lucilyn
  11. [Evergreen] Hello! It's never too late to say hi :3 Nobody in our system goes by she/her except Gray. It's weird because he's almost always a he in wonderland. I think a lot of people in-system are changing. It's a little stressful, but I think it's good because they're learning about who they are. I feel a little bit more complete from my integration but I have been a time hog lately. [Cat] I don't think my story ideas are more important than school. Unfortunately I have better memory of what I created than what I learned in school. I like the idea that singlets are going to achieve telepathy and then accidentally become a hive mind. If singlets don't bother to seperate themselves and draw lines for who each other are, I think it only makes sense that would happen. [Ranger] @Desmond I hate when that happens, especially when I'm responding to something and there's something that renders my comment redundant.
  12. [Evergreen] Ashley's Lounge is a terrible idea. That would put this on the spot even more. I said this out loud because I have no other way of communicating with him. I'm not PMing you, it's not your business.
  13. [Evergreen] There is no reason for me to talk about this publically. It's nobody else's business. You won't want it to be public either. I don't know if I want to talk to you anymore. This is important to me, and if we can't talk about it I don't know what to do.