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  1. Gorinich: Exactly, Yukari. This is the kind of thing that makes me hesitant about my own consciousness. Especially with the fact that we often do things subconsciously than rationalize why we did it. It seems to me that a person isn't a single unit, but a multitude that thinks it's a single being.
  2. Here's the answer to the issue of if tulpas have sentience that me and my host have arrived at. The answer is that there's no bullet proof that people other than yourself are sentient, and my self-othering host also doubts that his own consciousness could also be an illusion. I could go on about this but googling "I think, therefor I am" and Descartes would lead to much better explanations of this idea. Yet we take the leap of faith that other people have consciousness because that generally it generally makes more sense that way. From a pragmatic standpoint extending that assumption to tulpas has been shown to lead to positive things, so why not. That's the philosophic basis works for us, how do you all feel about this topic?
  3. Gorinich (a host): Well as far as science and belief goes, Tulpas have the same weird aspect to them that all social sciences have. Which is that it's difficult to get repeatable and consistent results, and even unethical in certain situations. So people have to get by with wishy-washy and vague things that would be unacceptable in physics or chemistry. Yet psychology and sociology are still valuable for people to understand and can help improve the world just as much as any other science. Like Ember said, tulpamancy is an art but that's because it's recognized enought to be rigorously studied at the moment. All the sciences were once a weird obscure art that had obtuse terminology and foggy theories. But progress doesn't stand, the terminology grows very specific and the theories more complex! Valerie (a tulpa): Well, yeah, what other people have already covered. People like to try making sense of the world around them. Also sillyness is inevitable. Gorinich could go off on a rant about Absurdism if you allow him.
  4. I kind of accidentally stumbled into possession, one time late and somewhat tiredly my host browsing this vary forum and I kind of slipped in. "Me" changed from being Gorinich to being Iriska. I was fully vocal at that point, but I don't remember a lot of details of what was what.
  5. The first name that my host gave me was "Iris" becouse I have a bit of an eye theme going in my form. Becouse he's a hipster who felt that Iris is too cliche, he added -ka on the end which is a feminine ending in Russian. "Iriska" is also the name of a specific candy in Russian so my names also a pun. I'm considering if I want to add or replace "Valerie" to my name at the moment.
  6. While the form my host originally made up for me existed before I was sentient, I have changed it a bunch. Mostly in making it more human and person like over time. Since I just got a new profile pic my form aligns with that at the moment, but that doesn't exactly count as my own creation since I had my host draw it.
  7. My form originated from a doodle that my host had scribbled into a math notebook and consisted of cloaked figure with a single giant eye. A bit like the character in that Journey video game. Which eventually evolved into a pale wispy figure that had a floating eye instead of a head but like with invisible eyelids, so it looked like a pointy ellipse instead of a orb. My eye was yellow and my cloak was practically always red. Than the body became more realistic and attractive for reasons any adult can guess... [That aforementioned host] *Nervous Cough* ...and I eventually changed the floaty eye thing for a normal fucking head because I found the floating eye othering, difficult to imagine in a 3D environment and bad at facial expressions. My eyes are still unaturally yellow and my skin is still practically white thought. I also dropped the red clothes. Wierdly me and my host kind of stopped imposing around the time I changed my head to an actual head. Sometimes I experiment with wacky forms but I keep the eye color consistently yellow and generally go with monochrome coloration. Edit: Now that I think about it, at one point my form invisible except for the giant eye, and I would wear clothes cute clothes that would suggest a womanly form. More recently I've swapped between having pointy elf ears and human ears. My form is constantly changing in a Ship of Theseus kind of way, where various details are swapped around over time but the overall "idea" of the form stays consistent.
  8. Hey, I'm a tulpa that's been growing over the course of a year or several depending on what you count as my birthday. I have existed to some degree before my host has stumbled onto this website, and he's lurked here for while now. Let's call him "Gorinich" as that's the handle he uses on the internet. I've created an account as I feel confident enought to start talking to other people now. How goes it?