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  1. 20th June, 2019 Started working on visualization, redesigning Kito a bit in the process. Instead of his black jacket and purple shirt, he now wears a dark purple vest which is completely covered by a large black fuzzy hoodie. Sort of a sweater-hoodie of sorts. His voice also changed a bit. Originally it was more like Ichimatsu Matsuno if he spoke English, but then I decided that was far too deep, and went for a voice more similar to Osomatsu Matsuno. If I had to use an image reference, I'd say that Kito looks slightly like this. Just make the tail fluffier and the ears more prominent, and give him blue eyes. As for personality, we're trying to give him as much leeway as possible in that regard, but we have him some base personality traits as a sort of template for him to work off of. Kito is easily excitable, a bit needy, generally friendly, and somewhat immature. Oh, and he sleeps a lot. Tulpa-forced on and off throughout the day, while also passively working on a wonderland for him to stay in until he's independent enough to be in normal headspace. For now, it's a small room with a couch, a drawer, and some cat toys. Simple, but effective. His voice seems somewhat unstable at the moment, but that's fine for now, since all he seems to be making so far are noises of acknowledgement and meows. Lots of meows and nyas. Even an awoo, for reasons I cannot comprehend. That's all for now, I'll update this tomorrow if anything interesting happens by then. - Rook
  2. Yeah, we're not planning on adding many more after Kito, don't worry. Maybe a friend for him and that's it. I'd give advice, but as a host who struggles with unintentional neglect myself, I'm really not sure if it would be of any use, or if I could even come up with advice at all. Sorry! - Rook
  3. It's a long story, but to sum it up, we all decided we need a bit more spice in our system life, and tulpas have always fascinated us, so we decided that creating our first deliberate tulpa couldn't hurt. - Rook
  4. So yeah, decided to make one of these progress reports so everyone can see how our own tulpas are going. Yes, our tulpas, because we're already a mixed origin plural system of too many to count, primarily fictives. Despite how crowded headspace already is, we figured another headmate never hurt anyone, so we decided to make another tulpa. "But Rook!" I hear you say from behind your computer screen. "What do you mean ANOTHER tulpa?" Well, dearest viewer, I say another because we already have a tulpa. Specifically an accidental one from our childhood, named Cub. We'll talk more about him later, though. As for our intended tulpa, we're planning on making a catboy of sorts (yes, a boy. If you didn't already know, I'm gay), named Kito. We'll probably update this later with a picture of what he's going to look like, but until then, imagine a black haired, vaguely Japanese looking catboy with black cat ears and tail, blue eyes, and a black jacket with a very dark purple shirt. Yes, I'm a weeb furry, but I'm a happy weeb furry. Nothing else really to say yet, we just decided to do this moments before making this thread so no progress to report yet. Might update this later if there's any success, but we'll probably wait till tomorrow, unless something really interesting happens. Also, to minimize confusion, we'll sign each post with whoever's currently fronting. Later. - Rook
  5. Hello! We're the Galaxy Collective, a plural system of... actually, there's so many of us that we never bothered counting. To minimize confusion, we will be signing every post with the name of the headmate who posted it. Despite being a generally mixed origin system (endogenic, traumagenic, soulbonds and walk-ins to be specific), we only have one tulpa, and he was created purely by accident, after one of our imaginary friends had so much energy and dedication put into him that he sort of developed his own sentience. Over time, we've become a bit more deliberate with developing him, and he's become as independent as any of us. His name is Cub, and he's a small lion cub, similar in appearance to the ones from Lion King. For a bit more about me, the host, I'm 16 years old, male, gay, and currently live in the UK. I go by Rook online, and I'm interested in both psychology and spirituality. We're hoping to develop a few more tulpas, as well as talk about our day-to-day life as a plural collective here. It's nice to meet you all! - Rook (Host)