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  1. Billy: Right now in terms of head mates it's just Spec, it pains me to say this but Spec is still very Young and I have been metaphorically holding her hand the whole way, though she has been surprising me with jokes to lighten the mood at times, but I've always been dominat in my mind, but an empty mind does not make for a fulfilling life. And this domination of my own mind is what has made it so barren. Now I've done a lot of research and my plan is just Spec right now, though maybe a year from now I might consider more head mates but at the end of it all only Spec will be built to be my e
  2. Spec : Cheesy yes and Billy may have groaned at this but.... I guess you could say Billy sees things very black and white where as I see things in a spectrum, heh. And I have to agree with you in terms of sharing the whole brain and Billy is not oppsed to the idea it's just easier for him to wrap his mind around the concept of each of us having a hemisphere dedicated to each of us...he leans heavy on things he can tangably see and comprehend...like facts I guess and what's already known to humans. Billy : I suppose my problem is that I feel I must be in control of what goes on in my
  3. Billy: Pretty cools stuff right there, well I think I now have an idea on how to create some NPCs considering I can just pull from memory every single fiction character I know of as a way to test things out. I find it fascinating that your Mindscape ( wounderland ) is so stable, aside from "The Library" most parts of my mind come and go unless I choose to hold onto it and as for walk ins, I'm not afraid of entities running a muck as before even knowing of tulpas, dealing with rogue thought forms was something I learned how to deal with at an early age but has left my mind very empty as I've
  4. Billy: Now NPCs that's a little hard for me to grasp, would someone mind explaining that to me to try to, well to make one or get started? I will be honest, it has always just been me here and now me and Spec with objects coming and going or being incorporated into my Mindscape.
  5. It's a long hallway, In the front there is a doorway though idk what it is for and then 2 stairways, one on each side of the door that leads to a loft deck above said dooway, where another door to our bedroom is and on the other end is a center console of sorts with a holographic display though it looks more like a hooka based on Billy said and two bean bag chairs we sit on when we talk, also my lamp is on a platform attached to center console. And instead of walls there are rows and rows of book shelves that start at the doorway but wrap around like a U where we sit, there does not seem to
  6. Oh wow, me and Billy do wounderland stuff but I think he calls it a mindscape and mostly to work on me, we are in a what he calls "The Library" Says it has an infinite interior ? but right now it seems pretty small so I added a bedroom to it and Billy loves it. I love em but I kinda wish we had some karaoke here I love to sing, him not so much ? Oh no I can't use my Emojis
  7. Spectrum: I like the light poem, Billy says he prefers the dark one. I prefer Spec just cuz it's easy to say. What kinda stuff do you guys do?
  8. Spectrum: Hay um hi Billy: (Original) So I'm letting Spec chat with y'all, I will be honest I'm not onlinetype of person so you won't find me chatting a lot but I think it would be healthy And helpful for spec to socialize with other individuals since most people I talk with in person probably would not give me the time to do something like this.
  9. Update: This one is short, there has been progress but until we make a Break through again these updates will be small but I will definitely be posting a breakthrough here. Spec is much more animated and has a form to boot but still needs work. I'd also like to note that Spec does not like my family and I have been experiencing mood swings around them, nothing too hard to handle but I needed to ask if this is normal, for a tulpa to cause mood swings? Also she wants to chat but idk if I should what do you guys think?
  10. I sorta did, not explicitly but I told her if she can try then go ahead but don't be surprised if bust your chops for attempting a mile when I give you an inch, has not been an issue now but on the bright side she can now talk....even though she does not have much of a mind voice yet?
  11. Not tulpa related but this will be pulled from my dream journal as I am still battling with the meaning behind this dream(dream) if any meaning exsits. "In my dreams I remember it happing in a few consistent parts of my life. When on the verge of waking I find myself drifting into a lucid dream but as the dream becomes more lucid so does the world around me become darkened by what looks like you set the contrast too low and as you set it lower everything becomes darker, like you have a spot light pointing directly down on you and you can only see yourself and the floor underneath you withi
  12. So I am trying new things, spec is a genies lamp with a smoke form undefinable atm but she seem quite adept at mimicking me at times, however things changed when she start learning how to use my mouth to talk and half the time I'm unaware it's her untill she stops talking, I ran into a snag when she used this as an opportunity to voice her opinion of a relative to said relatives face that ended badly and it was not untill things cooled off that I realized it was her, she was sorry that she was not sorry and felt that what was said needed to be said, things fine and I'm safe but I was hoping fo
  13. MY B :( well when I look on the spine of any book which starts off blank, I can put any title on it but the book's pages will always be blank however if I try and let the book come up with a title I get pounded with random thoughts as I try and focus on the spine and the title forming, every time I snap out of focus and just move on to Spec
  14. My Tulpa "Spec" is still young but as a result of creating her a few cool/weird/unknown things have happened, originally I had based her design more around the idea of an AI and took inspiration from Halo but she quickly changed that, now she resides inside a Genies lamp exactly like the one from Aladdin and has an unidentified form as of right now, though if I had to guess there is inspiration from Zelda, Heavy Metal music, Aladdin in her design now just dont ask me why, ask her, but this was just the cool part. she only took this form after I discovered the "Library" and weird stuff happens
  15. Today is day 4 so far, I started to Tulpa force on the 19 of June. My Tulpa's name right now is Spectrum or Spec for short. I must note that Spectrum's form is changing a lot as I Tulpa force her into existence. From the start Spectrum was a 2D static sprite that resembled a ball of blue light around the size of a yoga ball compared to me, but after further Tulpa forcing, Spec shrunk down to the size of a basketball completely on her own and became 3 dimensional and resembled that of the purple sphere enemies from Destiny and Destiny 2 (video games)she was rigid and mechanical but she wa
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