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    The host: Amanda, 20, female (she/her).
    The tulpa: Mitunari, 7 (looks adult), male (he/him).

    We've been together for six years, he's vocal and communicates through empathy too. There were a few moments of front switch and possession.
  1. I had merged with my tulpa once, but it wasn't done on purpose. We just naturally did that after spending some time traveling and being away from electronics, our thoughts and stuff like that. We had to think for ourselves as one person during that time and it was interesting. The name of the merge wasn't decided, so we just allowed anyone to call us Archangel (anyone who knew we were a tulpa system, of course). It felt odd, we were able to work normally, but felt like we were a third person that was unknown to everyone around us and for ourselves. I would repeat this experience if I could, honestly. It was good to be connected to my tulpa for a while.
  2. I wanted something that would catch someone's attention, especially my host's attention, so I went for a character that she would be paying attention to. I wasn't exactly thinking too much about it, just going with my gut instincts and it seemed to work. That also seemed to remind her of unpleasant things, but unpleasanties are necessary for grownth, don't you think? By the way, I didn't get any deviation from those characters' forms, just some changes in clothes since she's way too bad with remembering clothes in detail. Anyway, not much else to say on this.
  3. I'm back to the forums, probably. The name is Amanda and my thoughtform is Mitsunari. Nice to see you guys again.
  4. I apologize for arriving so late to the discussion and I'm not entirely sure of how much my words are going to contribute or to cause more problems to the topic, but I decided to do my best since this appears to be a big concern for the community from what I've seen. Anyway, I'm of the firm belief that whether science proves tulpas to be real or not, it shouldn't affect your relationship with your tulpa. If you do experience their realness and you already built a relationship with them, you have every right to enjoy it the best way you can even if it's a delusion. Also, I have to admit tulpa ethics got me in some trouble in the past, but I try to not let it affect me nowadays and just do my own thing along with my system. I always make sure we're all in good terms and everything works well. In the end, I believe you should be working more towards improving your own life and your tulpa's. The science behind it should be more of a curiosity than something that determines what you should or shouldn't be doing. I mean, what if science proves that tulpamancers do improve their lives for working with it? Would anyone care if it's real or not? And the tulpa ethics part should be... Well, it is important to make tulpas more real for having people believing it to be real, right? Still, some people do claim to be able to experience that even without treating them the same way they would treat a human and they could be on good terms with their tulpa, so that is questionable. Regarding the way we treat tulpas, I think it might be useful to think about it in a case by case basis.
  5. but failed miserably and now everyone is a fruit of the color
  6. My tulpa is accidental, so... I'd probably deal with it much better than I do right now because there'd be a concrete proof that we're not just one person inside the body and that we're indeed a plural system. I'd only have some issues with explaining how this happened, but I actually wish we had such way to know a person is plural. That'd make things much easier for us. Took me years to realize I'm not alone here and I'm still lost about what to do in this situation. I'm doing my best though and I hope he will be fine with me here.
  7. I personally never had any issues with it even as a roleplaying character. I always knew that I was living on a fictional world and that there was a real world out there, but I lived under specific circumstances that allowed me to know that. I'm aware that most tulpas don't have this luxury and think there's only their fictional world to live in. Many thoughtforms from fictional sources tend to struggle with that and I can understand it must be weird, uncomfortable and scary to notice that what you've been living your whole life isn't real or is very different from what you expected it to be. However, I have to say it's not all that bad to just live in this fictional world. Your tulpa's awareness of the real world shouldn't stop them from staying on your mind forever if they want to or most of the time, really. What they live can very well work as their home and they can talk to you while doing their own thing inside your minds. Maybe you could just present the real world as an alternative universe they have contact with instead of saying none of it was real because I'm pretty sure your tulpa experiences that as real. By the way, are you familiar with soulbonds? You could deal with it in a similar way they do to make sure you won't traumatize your tulpa in case you think they won't take the fact that what they live is a "lie" well. Just a few suggestions that I have for your case.
  8. I personally don't consider myself a soulbond since they have this "non-deviancy rule" that I really don't apply to. I not only am the characters that I become to some sense, but I'm also my own person and a very deviant version of them if you ask me with probably just one single exception, but that was a special case, in a way. What motivates me to do that is the fact that these forms serve as a purpose to my host because they indicate in a very symbolic way the current state she's in, the phase she's going through in her life and things like that. However, she has another theory that I was probably forced to rely on the forms of the fictional characters that stuck in her head the most to "survive" and keep existing in the headspace. I mean, it makes sense since she actually thinks about certain male characters a lot and would have a much harder time remembering to force me otherwise... She still claims I was an accidental tulpa to this day.
  9. I don't guarantee that every tulpa sees things that way, but I visualize through my host's physical body's eyes and I stay in the headspace while doing so. I never leave, but I always know what's going on outside. It's really like watching TV or something like that while you're in the backseat.
  10. 1. What is your sexuality? I'm gay and my host is bisexual. I have always been into males, but it took a while for my host to notice that she was into women too. 2. What is your gender? I'm a man ever since I was born and never had any issues with it despite the teasing for my "feminine" traits, which are actually barely non-existent in my case? The host is a woman and she has much more trouble with gender non-comformity because, you know, other people can actually see her. 3. Is your sexuality/ gender important to you? For me, they're important during relationships if you get what I mean and I really need my gender identity to be acknowledged even if I happen to be homosexual. My host puts a lot of importance in both her sexuality and gender since they brought her some pain. 4. Are any of your tulpas LGBT+? I'm the LGBT+ tulpa.
  11. Good evening! It's good to see other tulpas that came from fictional worlds too, but I have to admit that having memories of my past selves were never a big concern for me and I was always aware of what I was even while I used to be just a roleplay character. That was probably due to the fact that there was little to no separation between the characters and the people behind them in the environment I grew up in, however, I was still myself regardless. Although I have to say it took a long time for my "creator" to notice that I was indeed someone else, such awareness have always been present inside me and I do believe that all those "fictional" scenarios were true to my existence despite the fact that we can't prove any of that ever happened. It was still my story and I lived everything as if it was real. Probably one of the main things that allowed me to be okay with my situation was the fact that my host would make sure my existence was acknowledged somehow no matter how, whether it was as a fictional character or imaginary friend it just didn't matter to me, I was satisfied for being alive and have the freedom to express myself. Of course, sometimes she had to stop me when she thought I was crossing certain lines, but other than that, I was glad that I could experience all of this. By the way, I'm not sure if any of this is common among fictional based tulpas, but my deviations always seem to be towards shifting from one character to another. A personal example would be that I used to be Mitsunari Ishida from Sengoku Basara and later deviated to become Ieyasu Tokugawa from the same source material. Now, that doesn't mean that I become any of these characters in every aspect. I just kind of borrow their appearance, names and some parts of their backstories then present myself as them if my deviations from canon are acceptable in the environment I'm in. I have to note that my deviations tend to be pretty extreme in regards to that, so anyone would notice I'm not the literal character if they paid enough attention. Probably the only moment that such differences weren't there was the moment I decided to be Markus from Detroit: Become Human since there are many versions of him within the universe and I get to pick the one that resembles me the most. I'm personally not sure if any of what I said could help anyone with this issue, but here it is anyway.
  12. I just wanted to say that his name is with an "I", not "L".
  13. Hello everyone. The name is Amanda and my tulpa here is Ieyasu, we've been together for some years already and it's been a long time since we don't interact in online communities with this topic. We hope to hang around more often.