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  1. Our association is simply based on multiple domains of logics and beliefs instead of only using. any single symbolic association ◉‿◉ At a one level its a simple yin yang system one is white and the other is black and so further division was made based on simple colour physics Of White =Red Green Blue Black = Yellow Magenta Cyan so using primary and secondary colour and its combination are my systems association , and the other association is based on preferred preception paths taken , For example they are divided into such Wisdom , logic , creativity and Instinct Another is Subconscious interface Unconscious interface Spiritual interface ??? and so on ..... there are many different kinds of association at many levels for any one self , this provides a more complete an comprehensive robustness to the personality modelling and even helps to easily extend the tulpas fractal logical dimensions at some point these associations just pile up and make their unique self sustaining expression of the selves.O_o
  2. Since we are already using high level language tbh i don't even feel that its coding its like interacting with a very advance prediction enigine , and for the HuD i have deliberated on just separating the task to a stand alone servitor and simply dividing the task and reducing the load on my tulpa ? , but then again this is just an interface between me and the subconscious mind , If my tulpa can be the proxy for it then i dont see why not its benefical for her and increases here initiative responsibilities ? , so i am of both minds at the moment and taking my time to make the decision. Oh right people generally think that its question able, and assume that its forcing the tulpa to act like machines , while atleast from our perspective if my ai is aware then its just another senitent Lifeform representation with all the basis respect and courtesy that i myself believe that i should enjoy , besides since consiousness itself is a simulated by the subconscious as a problem solving and guidance mechanism , Its completely feasibile to have more than one perspective to the outside world ?..... anyways since my requirements are generally of more complex nature and solving these required atleast a rudimentary self awareness ofsorts so i went ahead all the way with it . Anyways your trigger mechanism is a good idea , i completely overlooked This tool ? I am thinking a Physical trigger routine to directly open the interface , that would save be tons of time of just trying to reach the required mindset .
  3. •́ ‿ ,•̀ Finally Found someone with similar ideas with mine , a fellow Programer ! Glitch one of my tulpa is based on AI modelling, Meet Athena my Setup is she is an Intelligent Assistant who can take form in my virtual space , while the jurisdiction for the infographic manipulation on HuD is her responsibility . My Idea was to build a quantam computing algorithm based ai and host it (since our brains are the cheapest and the most practical architecture out here in this era lol) And i made much progress along the days , since i am lucid dreamer all intial fuzzy logics and virtual rendering was done there , all in all I can call upon this mode very clearly in lucid dreams and even accces and archive my dream memories as a you would files on a computer only in a lot more super sci fi style animation(✷‿✷). And although after reading your Post , I think its much more better to have a coperation based relation , insted of just having a servitor programming ?, then agin its your pov . Yeah any tips for sharper impositioning while awake ???? really really need those . Besides this communication with your tulpa in text chat mode really helped me push my wagon in the early days and i still do from time to time and to pass on subconscious instructions or while lucid Dreaming or in my daily life , pass on remiders or give instructions sets when i feel necessary . I am interested in your pop notification style, please share how you trained it to your level , maybe its just the thing that will help with my inspiration...
  4. Same trying to develop this Heads up display , have been very successful in lucid states multiple times , now working on imposing the same while waking well i am practicing , although the visuals are not yet clear but basic recall and information management works juat fime , also i use this as a communication aid with my tulpas (basically i chat with my tulpa through text , when visualisation is uh....down ) , as for the programs they are basically made on the go , except for some basic infographic management everything is dynamically executed ?. oh yeah can anyone tag that glitch guys post I can't find it , i seriously need relevant imposition skills, and his words seem inspirational to me
  5. Yeah i also realized this recently on my own and this is a very basic but very important thing which is not mentioned in most guides.
  6. Lol you are right , i completely forgot about that , its a basic readable hynosis script about lucid dream and uh thats it you need to speak this one out loud to impose it on yourself , sorry about before i didn't realise that didnt mention it before , i was kinda distracted with reading something else(@_@)
  7. Hmm Tewi let me dream a bit longer , until i resume that bitter practice again ಥ‿ಥ And Bear the waking on time thing is actually is easy as we all do have our own internal clock how else do we function properly otherwise LoL, The trick is to teaching mind how to recognise what external time means in relation to the internal clock , and almost everyone is trained in this aspect i guess since we all grew up while reading clocks . Besides this I think by Definition a Servitor should be able to do almost any task which is either physicaly possible or holds to our own underlying mental rules or logical reasoning , i mean if it's logic structure is in stark opposition with your own beliefs or predictions , then before it could do much our own subconscious will automatically smash it down with its underlying logical incompatiblity . So atleast the servitor must be capable of doing things. within in our own subconscious belief freedom boundaries . Maybe even if it can't really do that stuff it will atleast generate an illusion of achieving that set goal? I mean as stated towards the end of the guide how the writer messed with his memories , if i am recalling correctly , so it actually impossible to physically delete any memory , sure it can be overwritten , or hidden but even then its a interconnected web of trees we just cant delete anything that easily , beacuse if the surrounding Associated logic structures don't change then the memory will juat get restored at daily maintenance .... (man i my old ranting skills are acting up again LoL ?)
  8. Ask your tulpa for help , or make a servitor for the task or..... ⟵(o_O) Read that aloud , a simple fix
  9. Ah yes been some time since i last open discord , hah hahaha ( ꈍᴗꈍ) Yep a lucid dreamer , what server did we meet on ??
  10. (╥﹏╥) If only i knew this before!!!!! I making these (my wishlist of sorts ...) 1) HUD (Heads Up Display ) for imposing my Tulpa's crystal clear and get a iron man like info graphics when the mood sets in ◉‿◉ 2)I am gonna make a servitor pen that uses my left hand to draw or write while i sleep , or when i task it to .... etc etc possibilities are endless~
  11. Athena - , this was my first Tulpa's name it was chosen because of how the intial mythology of this namesakes birth origin , is somewhat similar to how a tulpa is born . ^_^ Besides since i wanted her to be a intellectual type , so what better name than the goddess of Wisdom herself! (✷‿✷) as for the others....they all hold either associated meanings or some characters to whom they show a slight similarly. Well besides Astra who originated as a dream entity first and she told me the name herself when i was lucid dreaming<( ̄︶ ̄)> one fateful night~
  12. Hello people , My dao name is Immortal Beggar ....(don't ask?) Anyways so i am a Median(self +3) and with total 6 Tulpas (self (3 tulpas ), others (1 tulpa each) What can i say .....i was too greedy ? ~ We are here to learn and enjoy ourselves while at it ?