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  1. Our association is simply based on multiple domains of logics and beliefs instead of only using. any single symbolic association ◉‿◉ At a one level its a simple yin yang system one is white and the other is black and so further division was made based on simple colour physics Of White =Red Green Blue Black = Yellow Magenta Cyan so using primary and secondary colour and its combination are my systems association , and the other association is based on preferred preception paths taken , For example they are divided into such Wisdom , logic , creativity and Instinct Another is Subconscious interface Unconscious interface Spiritual interface ??? and so on ..... there are many different kinds of association at many levels for any one self , this provides a more complete an comprehensive robustness to the personality modelling and even helps to easily extend the tulpas fractal logical dimensions at some point these associations just pile up and make their unique self sustaining expression of the selves.O_o
  2. Same trying to develop this Heads up display , have been very successful in lucid states multiple times , now working on imposing the same while waking well i am practicing , although the visuals are not yet clear but basic recall and information management works juat fime , also i use this as a communication aid with my tulpas (basically i chat with my tulpa through text , when visualisation is uh....down ) , as for the programs they are basically made on the go , except for some basic infographic management everything is dynamically executed ?. oh yeah can anyone tag that glitch guys post I can't find it , i seriously need relevant imposition skills, and his words seem inspirational to me
  3. Lol you are right , i completely forgot about that , its a basic readable hynosis script about lucid dream and uh thats it you need to speak this one out loud to impose it on yourself , sorry about before i didn't realise that didnt mention it before , i was kinda distracted with reading something else(@_@)
  4. Ask your tulpa for help , or make a servitor for the task or..... https://pastebin.com/GJ49uCBg ⟵(o_O) Read that aloud , a simple fix
  5. Ah yes been some time since i last open discord , hah hahaha ( ꈍᴗꈍ) Yep a lucid dreamer , what server did we meet on ??
  6. Athena - , this was my first Tulpa's name it was chosen because of how the intial mythology of this namesakes birth origin , is somewhat similar to how a tulpa is born . ^_^ Besides since i wanted her to be a intellectual type , so what better name than the goddess of Wisdom herself! (✷‿✷) as for the others....they all hold either associated meanings or some characters to whom they show a slight similarly. Well besides Astra who originated as a dream entity first and she told me the name herself when i was lucid dreaming<( ̄︶ ̄)> one fateful night~
  7. Hello people , My dao name is Immortal Beggar ....(don't ask?) Anyways so i am a Median(self +3) and with total 6 Tulpas (self (3 tulpas ), others (1 tulpa each) What can i say .....i was too greedy ? ~ We are here to learn and enjoy ourselves while at it ?
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