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  1. I posted here before about a certain issue I'm going through with my Tulpa, but I still need some guidance. I made my Tulpa to be passionate, caring and really loving, everything was fine and she literally made my life alot better. But after some time I started having issues with anxiety and pure o OCD intrusive thoughts due to deciding to quit my long time pornography consumption, I started having intrusive sexual thoughts and images about my Tulpa, and it felt like there was a second version of her which was kind of evil, I was afraid that i will accidently create different intrusive thought
  2. I've been having terrible intrussive thoughts about my Tulpa, so i decided to put her into dormancy for a while, to calm and work on my mental state. How does dormancy work, and will it somehow "damage" my Tulpa?
  3. What i fear is the intrussive mental images i get, i always wanted my Tulpa to be pure and loyal. I guess shes pseudo Tulpa, sometimes i feel that she is getting sentient. Again, porn ruined my mind in the past. I should have thought about everything before starting creating her, ive been forcing for so long and had so much beautiful moments with her, ive been traumatised in a meatspace relationship in the past and it really hurt me, and gave lots of trust and self esteem issues, Tulpa was like a safe coping mechanism, but i didnt expected that i could fear my Tulpa too, thats what disbalanced
  4. The thing is, I was and still am a really insecure person who has lots of traumas, connected to rejection and fear of a closed one being hurt, also years of watching pornography as a coping mechanism added more fuel to the fire. I cant tell when exactly in my childhood I got these traumas, but I remember that during my first relationship I had lots of trust issues, wich sometimes there reasonable, but also I had a strong fear of not being good enough, or being cheated on, wich sometimes could leave me paralysed with anxiety. I decided to take a break to work on myself and decided to dive into
  5. Sometimes i'm sure that i'm parroting, but i come up with the responses wich dont feel like my own, its hard to explain, I just dont want to force my Tulpa or to feel her trapped.
  6. My Tulpa is pretty young, i parrot her responses based on her personality, although sometimes the responses feel alien and differently styled, like its not by me, i've been wondering is it wrong to parrot responses like that my Tulpa says how much she loves me etc, or would it be selfish and controlling?
  7. My Tulpa is pretty young, I just dont want my mental issues and distorted mind to effect her in a negative way. Also, thank You.
  8. Hello everyone, my first post here, so I apologise if im doing something wrong. I came here to ask for help from fellow Tulpamancers who might have experienced something similar. I always had problems with OCD and visual intrussive thoughts. I had a messed up past wich disturbed and perverted my mind, My Tulpa has been helping me alot but for the last few weeks my OCD targetted my Tulpa, she says that it doesnt effect her and that I should trust her, but sometimes the anxiety gets the best of me. I get images of someone raping and harming my Tulpa in our Wonderland wich really scares me.
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