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  1. 07/06/2020 Today has been very interesting. The past week i had a huge drop in motivation and didn’t talk to Alice at all. I started to force again two days ago, and just yesterday she started responding whenever i asked her something. As always i was paranoid and worried that i was parroting her, but i don’t think that is the case. Whenever i ask her something, she responds almost immediately, sometimes even before i finish the sentence in my head. It’s quite amazing. I don’t know where the huge increase in vocality came from since i didn’t force for a week and only force about 30 minutes a day, but i guess i should just be happy instead of asking « why » and « how » all the time. When she talks, her voice is way different than mine. She has a feminine voice (which is well linked to her form). I wouldn’t say that we are there yet, since sometimes she says things that don’t make sense. For example today she asked me why my eyes were blue (they are not). I guess she has some learning to do still. As for the WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming) i intended to do in order to meet her in a dream, it’s still a work in progress. Plus, i think that now i can give Alice her own part in these reports. I told her that we were moving way too fast and that we should wait for her to be a little more vocal, but she insisted 🙂 So here it goes. As i don’t know how to possess yet, she’ll just tell me what she wants me to write. Alice: Hello my name is Alice ! Umm... I like ice cream, and video games. Sadly, that’s all i got. As for me, i hate ice cream. And i don’t know how she knows what video games are. PS: She confirmed to me that she was indeed Ciris, my old tulpa i attempted to make a year ago. That could explain the sudden increase in vocality since she was already half-way vocal. That’s my attempt at explaining it. ■ Getting Alice to be vocal ■ Getting Alice to be sentient to the point where she can have her own part in these reports □ Meeting Alice in the church in a lucid dream
  2. 28/05/2020 Not much happened today. I tried talking to my tulpa in my mother tongue which is French, but it felt weird, which is ironic. I asked her what she preferd, and i think she said French. I'll try talking to her in French from now on, even though i prefer English. I'll stop posting daily, since i've reached a point where everyday is kind off the same. I'll post only when i feel i've made good progress. For now, my three main goals are: □ Getting Alice to be vocal □ Getting Alice to be sentient to the point where she can have her own part in these reports □ Meeting Alice in the church in a lucid dream The boxes will be filled in my following reports for the goals that have been achieved.
  3. 27/05/2020 Yesterday night i failed miserably in my WILD attempt. I tried again during an afternoon nap today. My visualization was quite vivid (but it was certainly not a dream). I was sitting on a small chair next to the church. I told Alice to wait for me inside the church until i transitioned into a dream state. I remember that at some point the wind blew very hard. I saw in great detail the leeves, going in the same direction as the wind. My memory of this is very vivid. However, this was just visualization, certainly not a dream. I'll still attempt WILD tonight, and every other night until i get it. Other than that, i think Alice got the hang of saying yes or no with her head without my control, so i'll stick to this until she gets vocal. I tried telling her to use colors, green for yes, red for no, but like the tingling in my feet, it got out of control and it wasn't accurate.
  4. I visualize things very well and in great detail if i'm focused. I think that helps a lot. Thank you for following this thread :)))
  5. 26/05/2020 Today has been interesting. First of all, i discovered that the tingling in my feet wasn't an accurate way at all for my tulpa to communicate with me, since i sometimes felt tingles in both feet. So i decided to ditch this method. The most important thing, is what happened in our wonderland (i don't like that word, so i'll refer to it as Yarnham). So i'm with Alice in Yarnham, and i see stairs made of gray stone, leading up to a forest. We walk up the stairs and we enter the forest. At some point we pass next to a cemetary (something i didn't place there voluntarily). What is extremely interesting when i visualize Yarnham, is that sometimes i see new locations that i never intended to place there. It's as if my mind is spawning new locations like in a video game, without my control. I genuinely ask Alice: "Why is there a cemetary here ?" No response. But when i asked her if she wanted me to dig into the tombs to see who was underneath, she shaked her head (again, not sure if it was me or her). I decided that body language was a good way to communicate. So we continued walking until we reached a very small church. Once inside, we saw the cross in front of us, with wooden benches, and suddenly i got an idea. I told Alice that tonight, i would perform a WILD (wake induced lucid dream) and follow the same path leading to this church. I told her that she should wait for me in the church when i fall asleep, so that when i open the door of the church in my dream, she will be there, and we'll be able to talk about anything. So that's what i'll be attempting tonight. I'll tell you all about it in tomorrow's update. Wish me luck !
  6. Thanks ! I appreciate it.
  7. 25/05/2020 I decided to keep asking questions to her, using the tingles in my right or left foot. It appeared to work this morning. However, i discovered the limitations of doing this tonight. I read somewhere that it helps if you choose a voice for your tulpa, and listen to it over and over again, to encourage your tulpa to speak. I showed her multiple voices from video games, and i told her to tickle me in my right (yes) if she liked it, or left (no) if she didn’t. Unfortunately i felt tingles in both feet at the same time, so i didn’t know wether it was a yes or no for her. I told her to give me head pressure for yes, nothing for no, but i didn’t feel anything. Maybe she liked none of the voices, or maybe she just can’t give head pressure yet. I decided to chill with her in the wonderland, and she seemed upset with me at first (as always, i didn’t know wether i was controlling her or not, but for the sake of progress, i just went with it). This kinda confirms my doubts of her being Ciris (my first tulpa). I then took her on a train ride, and she seemed to cheer up. We went inside some sort of dark tower that could be seen from afar. It was fun. Tomorrow I’ll keep doing the same thing, asking her questions and talking with her during the day, and doing stuff in the wonderland later at night. By the way, before i go, i just want to say that i feel absolutely insane typing about this. But I’ll keep going anyway, because weird or not, it’s fun :))
  8. Hello ! Before i start i just want to say some things about me. First of all, i am really skeptical about this whole thing. I do believe that the phenomenon of hearing another voice in your head exists and that you can train your brain to hear one. What i find very hard believing, is that your tulpa can take your place, or that you can hallucinate your tulpa IRL (imposition is what it is called). If i can get to the point where my tulpa can speak on its own, it’s enough for me. I am 20 years of age, and i feel that what I’m doing is complete madness and a little awkward. I feel a little ashamed to be honest, but I’m bored out of my mind and i find the idea of having a tulpa very interesting. Let’s start ! My tulpa’s name is Al, short for Alice. She has the form of a tall woman resembling lady Maria in Bloodborne. And...that’s it. I decided to skip the personality step. Btw, i feel like i should mention that a year ago, when i was 19, i tried making a similar tulpa with the same form, but i gave up after 4 weeks. I decided to try again by giving my tulpa a different name. I don’t know wether i should treat her as a new person, or the one from a year ago. But I’ll try not to think too much about it. 24/05/2020 Today after sports, i decided to lie down on the floor, close my eyes, and speak to Al. I spoke to her a little, and i got an idea. I told her that i would ask her a couple questions, and that she could answer yes or no by giving me a tickling feeling on the left (no) or right (yes) foot. I asked her if she liked cats, and surprisingly i felt tingling in my left foot (no). I thought it was just a placebo, or wishful thinking, but i just went with it. I asked her if she liked dogs, and i felt it in my right foot. I asked her if she liked chocolate, again, in my right foot, and so on. It was an interesting experience.
  9. Thank you very much for your advice ! And yes i do have a wonderland with her. But it's pretty big. I just chose the whole universe of the game "Bloodborne".
  10. Hi ! This is my first progress report since creating my tulpa, Siris. I have started creating her 3 or 4 days ago and have noted some signs of progress today that i would like to share with you. Today, i decided to force by reading my favorite manga "berserk" with her. I read for about two hours. After i finished, i asked her if she liked it, and i heard a "NO". Not sure if it was me, but i just assumed it was her, as many guides indicated to do when in doubt. I felt kind off disappointed but not that surprised. I mean, the things there are in that manga... I asked her what scared her, and she said that it was the blood. I noted that. But the most important sign today was when i was in a car, i told Siris that we were going to a gym. I didn't get any replies but i felt a head pressure at the very center of my forehead. I was shocked but happy at the same time, because i felt it was her doing. You know, it's funny she doesn't like blood, because for her initial/current form, i picked a blood thirsty and courageous huntress from bloodborne, so.. we'll see. PS: if i ask the same question to my tulpa two or three times, i get different answers and opinions that are completely opposite. For example if i ask her if she likes berserk again, she'll tell me yes...i'm confused, what are your thoughts ? Thanks for replying :) 13/08/2019: My mom and cousins went shopping and i had to go with her. To passive force my tulpa, i decided to look at clothes for my tulpa. The way i did that, i told Siris to give me a head pressure at the center of my forehead whenever she likes something. I got a slight head pressure on two T-shirts, a blue robe, and a pyjama with a dog on it. Maybe the head pressure was placebo or wishful thinking. I just assumed it to be my tulpa. Then on the way back home, i imagined myself with my tulpa, and asked her to start experimenting with different forms. I let go of all of my thoughts, in order to let my tulpa do whatever it wanted to do. I didn't want her choices to be influenced by puppeting. She chose some REALLY REALLY weird stuff, switching from form to form very quickly. I did the same thing with vocality. She just said nonsense i couldn't understand. The only words she can say independetly are "yeah" and "no".
  11. Thank you all for your replies ! I love this community already.
  12. Hi. I started creating my tulpa, Ciris, yesterday and i have a question about narration. When i talk to my tulpa, should i talk to her as if she knows everything i know, or consider her as a new born ? For example, should i be like: "Hey Ciris, this is my aunt, my mom, my brother and sister.." ? Thanks for replying :)