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    [Game] Break-a-wish

    It's now small and cute, but completely defenseless! An eagle grabs it and takes it away! I wish I could defeat all the Mech Bosses in Terraria.
  2. Watermelon is a vegetable because it's not a nut nor a root. Your waifu is trash.
  3. Australia isn't real according to flat earthers rebel scientists, so therefore you are actually a fake personality made up by the government. Or you live in Africa surrounded by one hell of a river. Magpies are the deadliest creature on the planet.
  4. Sorry for the late progress reply! I recently decided to start bringing Charlotte onto the tulpa.info discord server, and she's developed rapidly! She has become very self aware, and enjoys spending days in wonderland in natural surroundings, despite the fact she's an android oddly enough. So far she has visited the beach, had a picnic in a field, and went to a forest where she saw a deer. Her behaviour is notably more passive than my own, sometimes I had prepared a prefix in discord for her to say something, but she had nothing to say at all. She seems to be much much nicer than me... and I am starting to wonder how she puts up being with me. Can a tulpa reject you?
  5. SOMEONE SAID... UWU I must find this herectic and exterminatus
  7. Update: Charlottes back, and she seems fine!
  8. Progress update: Recently I've been finding it hard to contact Charlotte for extended periods. At most a few words. This was very strange despite my initial success (which happened when I was very relaxed in bed, which probably attributed to such an experience). I think I know why however: I have recently been very stressed with school and family problems. As such I can't dedicate the processing power of my brain to Charlotte to try and create the vivid experience I first encountered. Charlotte has also recently been very very critical of me recently. I might revert her persona a bit (since she's so young, this should be easy right?), but I think I know why she's like this. I haven't had many experiences with """nice""" girls in real life, and most of the girls I come into frequent contact with at school or otherwise will often criticise me. Since girls I know would naturally influence the generation of a female tulpa, obviously Charlotte picked up some of their traits. I think I'll only bring up Charlotte again when I am able to be in a relaxed, meditation-ish state when I am in bed or otherwise. I believe this should allow me to better focus on sculpting her positive attributes while I am feeling positive, rather than giving her negative attributes when I am feeling negative. In any case I have to give this more effort and thought.
  9. Sporks are the ultimate utensil Or at least they were until splades came around.
  10. Snail mail is the only way to contact grandparents, and also the snail mail services now handle goods and deliveries that won't be transferable digitally until teleportation is invented. There is more than one way to skin a cat