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  1. VPT102 [hidden] 1. Realness % 0 being nothing, 100% being perfect reality. - 80% 2. How was it? - Fun! The leisurely walk to the trail I appreciated, rather than "poof you're there". I'm liking this city, even if my mind is overwriting some of your descriptions to fit it into my mindscape better. I also appreciated the opportunity to urge Sinafel into an alternate outfit. This is something I've always struggled to visualize with both of my tulpa. 3. Quickly summarize your feelings. - I don't understand the attempts at inserting foreboding feelings, but I figure that is a stylistic choice. I didn't feel any foreboding or caution in this or the last session. But for context, I don't allow anxiety inducing ideation into my visualizations for metal health reasons-- so my not feeling it may not be the norm because I've very carefully cultivated non-anxiety into all my meditative mental states but a couple specific therapeutic ones. Plus, Sinafel is a calming presence anyway, so. 4. Did you enjoy the plush bed? - Yes. Fluffy and simultaneously cozy, warm, and cool. 5. What was it like to look out over the balcony? - Like a temperate middle-eastern city-- basically, middle-eastern architechture plus greenery, mountains, and cool climate. Also horse carriages instead of cars... 6. How did the morning breeze feel? - Fresh and smelling of petrichor. 7. Did you look down? - Yes-- we were far enough up people looked like ants. It was refreshing. 8. What was breakfast like? - Lots of savory things. Sausage, rolls, eggs, potatoes done up a few different ways. Also seasoned sun tomatoes. 9. Could you smell the fresh treats? - Yes. Fresh sausage and bread smells amazing. I'm hungry now. 10. How about the lobby of the building, did anything catch your eye? - No.. Sinafel did ask about the stairs down though and there are apprently caves and caverns to explore. 11. What was the fountain in the plaza like? - Dolphins and gold. Colored rocks on the bottom. 12. How about the trees? - Pines. 13. Did you look up through the branches and see the speckles of sunlight through the canopy? - We didn't go into the trees-- just skirted around. 14. Are you excited to see what adventure awaits you up the trail? - Yes-- mountains and trees are the best, if tiring. 15. How good are the memories of this one? (0% what memories? To 100% you mean that wasn't real?) - 75% [/hidden]
  2. I found out about it via the Tulpa Time podcast on YouTube.
  3. We hope to make it further! We started the second only to be distracted, unfortunately, but have hopes of going back soon.
  4. I don't know if I'm allowed to comment on this, since I'm not on the GAT board or anything, but this was a fascinating read. I would like the article to have an answer you they original question, but otherwise it was cool to see clear connects drawn to psychological states, tulpamancy, and Buddhism. It isn't new info, but is the first time I've seen the interplay of tulpamancy and the DMN laid out clearly, as well as the difference between its effects on the DMN vs pure Buddhistic meditation be addressed. Somewhat similar to the difference between free dreaming and lucid dreaming-- you are messing with the way "your" subconscious functions, which some people will warn you against. The psychology major/Buddhist is pleased. 8.27.2019 EDIT: Fixed typo
  5. Interesting... Thank you for your perspectives! 8.24.2019 She-not-Named has given the okay to use "Sinafel" to refer to her now. We did one of Bear's visualization trainings and afterwards she very abruptly grabbed and jumped off the balcony with me (she has wings, don't worry). We flew for a while and it was very calming. She's hecking strong, and smells like cinnamon and sage. Feels like we're making decent progress, which is encouraging.
  6. We started the first of these yesterday and found it quite nice. We are pretty good at visualization already, but having some outside stories to keep practice up with is fun. Looking forward to trying the next one today!
  7. Thank you! I'm hoping to get a picture of She-Not-Named soon, but I don't want to do that too soon since she's still so young...
  8. Finally finished up my drawing of Ardis today-- Viola
  9. Shin- From what I can tell, it wasn't a proper dormancy for Ardis. Or at least, it eventually was, but it kind've forced onto them out of boredom/nothing to do. My mindscape is very calm and quiet, which isn't Ardis' thing (at least, not for long periods of time with no outside interaction). I'm thinking even if there aren't many NPCs, something more stimulating would be beneficial. Idk-- I'm honestly still trying to work this out in a logical way since Ardis is emphatic about how bored/lonely they were in the last few years. They were used to almost constant attention before, so I think the abruptness of change was difficult. Thank you for all of your inputs! (Sorry, Ardis wasn't up for replying--they're still adjusting and after writing in their journal for a while earlier I think is tired.)
  10. 08.22.2019 Had a chat with Ardis yesterday about the distance that seemed to be going on with us. Basically brought up "hey, I know it wasn't okay for me to stop talking to you for ages, I'm sorry..." And we talked through it, came to a healthy point I think, and they eventually abruptly fell asleep. With She-not-Named, we spent some time watching Good Omens, which she seemed intrigued by. Also listened to some religious scripts, which she seemed pleased with. Today I made a journal for each of them to hopefully help with vocality. I started writing Ardis' name on the front of theirs, and got a strong feeling of "nope, let me!", so they decorated theirs. She-not-Named I think wrote on her journal's cover a name she might be okay with, Sinafel Corasi. Ardis ~~ - So I didn't have a say in my dormancy. Did you? Also even if you were fine with it, maybe I wasn't. I'm actually social. Shin doesn't have people in their wonderland. It was boring and lonely. ...... I get it though. I get it. We talked. I petition for people in the wonderland. /Shin - I'm very aware I wasn't giving my headmate enough input or attention... I'm definitely going to be working on that going forward, and have already been getting a start on it. I have time planned out this evening to work on some social spaces in the mindscape for Ardis. (I know that's not enough to fill her attention needs, but I'm hoping it'll help at least...
  11. Fascinating!! Thank you for the further information-- I love this kind of thing. Best of luck to you in your attempts to avoid joining them! I hope you experience a breakthrough soon!
  12. That's a good point-- that not everyone in the study may have even been working toward imposition. Thank you for the observation/encouragement!
  13. INTRO/08.21.2019 Report Drawing of Ardis Ardis is my eldest. Their growth is a little complicated, as they started out as a character of mine. After learning about tulpamancy about seven years ago?, I realized that a few of my characters were probably on the verge of becoming tulpae. Ardis was the healthiest of these (and also a "she" at the time, so I still periodically mess up their pronoun-- sorry, dear) so I chose them to work with to become the vibrant friend they are today. Ardis was very bouncy, child-like, extroverted, happy. They still are, just a more matured version--a bit more moderate, not quite as shrill and risk-loving. Currently we are working on better communication, as I had a couple years of getting settled into a new job/life situation that messed with my attention. Ardis got a little more quiet over that period, unsurprisingly, so we're rebuilding some progress we had made. Also changed their name/pronouns, which has been different. I get the feeling she's kinda pissed at me/hurt for basically ignoring her for a long period of time... I don't blame her. The other I have been calling Yyrica, but I don't believe she will stick with this name. It was one I chose, and though she hasn't agreed with other suggestions yet, whenever I have tried to make a "her name is Yyrica" statement, I've gotten I feeling of "nah" from her. So, She-Not-Named and I are still in the forcing/narrating phase. She is regal, composed, religious. She quoted a proverb at me earlier while I was getting road rage. I get a feeling she's a bit of a troll under the composedness... EDIT: I'll eventually get drawings done/posted of these guys.
  14. I mean, I could've sworn I heard "transposition" as a term for this, but I've spread such a wide net of research that I couldn't place it. You are an awesome human. Thank you for your thorough response and links! I am much less concerned about hearing voices than I used to be, hence looking more seriously into this now. It is both disappointing and heartening to see that imposition is not a thing tulpamancers are commonly adept at, but seeing a breakdown like that is helpful. I'll be looking into some guides to experiment with for Ardis and Friend-Who-Has-Yet-To-Choose-A-Name. ^.^
  15. Good gosh, I knew something wasn't right, but for the life of me I couldn't place it. Thank you.