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  1. hullo! i'm a 19 year old nonbinary person who my tulpa calls bailey, nd even though it's not my name irl or anywhere else online for that matter i'll use it here as it's supposed to be her space c: my tulpa is called mia and she's been sentient since 2015, though since then there have been periods when i've neglected her and had her fade into the background of my life. i didn't create her consciously but rather through over-investment in a character and coping with a stressful period of my life. she tends to argue a much more spiritual explanation for her existence, but i'll try and keep that in check whilst here lol. my reason for joining here rn is a) i've only just realised there's a name for what mia is and b) i'm trying to take active steps to improve mia's quality of life and expand upon her influence in mine. whilst she used to be able to switch/possess and would do so regularly, that ability has lessened over time so a goal for us is to have her be able to do that And have somewhere she is able to talk freely and openly when that milestone is reached again. furthermore, we're considering inviting in another tulpa to reduce some of the loneliness and emotional burden that mia experiences, and we're hoping that some of the guides and community here will help us create them in a more conventional way than how mia came about. anyway, this is just our quick intro, and i'm hoping that soon mia will be able to say hi to you all too! the community here seems lovely and im v excited to be a part of it and get to know you all c: