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  1. Things have been going well, I've been involving Tina in more and more aspects of my life, at school I let her sit in the empty desks around me (although I find it hard to focus on her presence at school, this semester I don't have any "day-dreamable" classes). My visualization has gotten better, I was doing the visualization exercises from this video but I more or less abandoned them, as they feel a little easy to do now. I can more or less visualize her overall form, although some of the details, in particular the hair and face, are more difficult to see without extra focus. Practice makes perfect, and I intend to keep practicing. I do get flashes where the image of her is very clear, and I am really thankful for those!
  2. Hey Emmy, good log so far! As far as headaches are concerned, they seem to be common, I've been getting them from time to time so far, and other people say they are common, so either that's absolutely normal or we are all doing something, horribly, horribly wrong. Good luck!
  3. Last night and during the day today I experimented with a visualization trick inspired by something Fede wrote. I say "inspired by" because I think I may have read the instructions wrong and accidentally come up with something different. Basically, I close my eyes and see her in my mind's eye, and then rapidly blink my eyes open and shut, which leaves sort of an "after-glow" of her image on my environment. It's really interesting to experiment with. These days I've been researching and practicing open-eyed visualization with Tina, I'm really excited about developing this skill because visualization is something that can help me not only with Tulpamancing but with other hobbies I have. Also, does anyone else find it easier to visualize something in your peripheral vision? I find it much easier to see Tina if I'm side by side to her, or if she's sitting next to me and I can see her out of the corner of my eye.
  4. It looks like you're off to a great start! It's good that you put thought into your pony's form, there are some people that make pony tulpa without considering the idea that in 5 years, they may not even care about MLP.
  5. As I wrote in my opening post, visualization has always been a weak point for me, and open-eye visualization is something I haven't previously harnessed, but I am very optimistic. I've been visualizing Tina using my mind's eye, and I feel my visualization skills are getting better. I experienced a slight headache this evening in the "third eye" area of my head after visualizing, which I take to be a sign that I'm at least exercising the "visualization muscle." I'm pleased that my visualization is always in color, as I read on some other websites some people have trouble visualizing color, and I feel I can visualize depth and movement well, it's just keeping the image solid and holding it for extended periods of time that needs work. Another goal I have is to involve Tina more and more in my life. I already do certain things to acknowledge her presence, I used to open and close doors for her (although lately she seems to gravitate towards just walking through them), and I also make sure the chair next to me is cleared so she has room to sit while I'm working, studying, or bsing on the computer. I've found it harder for me to keep her in mind when I'm out with friends or working outside, but I am working on it.
  6. Hello users! My name is HowardTheDuck, I've been involved in Self-Hypnosis, NLP, New Thought, and general self-actualizaiton practices for a little over two years. I've heard about tulpa a long time ago in a community I was involved in, but did not know there was a community for it. The guides and community here have inspired me, so on October 29th, 2012, I gave life to my tulpa. I began with the FAQ guide under Guides, and switched to the "Use my method and tones" method. ;) Tina is Human, with some exaggerated and idealized features. She has purple, curly hair, thick brown eyebrows (this was something she decided on), she probably stands around 160 cm, I am not certain as I usually size her up in relation to a spot on my bedroom door where the paint is chipping. Her personality was originally very calm, warm and relaxed, but she seems to have grown more mirthful as time has gone on. I'm amazed at how far she has already come along, in particular I'm amazed at how earlier I've been getting signs of sentience. I originally started calling her Rarity (She is not a pony, just thought it was an elegant name), but one day while forcing, the name "Trinity" lightning bolted into my mind. I just knew it was her deciding her own name, and after a few days of calling her Trinity, she changed it again to Tina. I have also experienced at least one "blast" of positive emotion that I believe originated from her. I believe she helped choose her own face, as when I was visualizing her, a certain face came into my mind and she seemed to like it. I also have an inkling she is not as enthusiastic about the same music I am, haha. I am also having a lot of success with touching her, or rather her touching me. I can feel, although faintly, her hand on my shoulder right now, for example. I'm very pleased with that. I am also becoming more able to feel her around me, like when she's next to me, I'm trying to pay more attention to how it feels when people in my external life are near me, so I can become more sensitive to that. Talking is going well as well, most of the time I have her intialize it like the Fede guide says, but we're having a good back and forth, and the responses I get are very instantenous so I assume I'm not just having an inner monolog. Visualization has always been the weakest tool in my belt, but working with Tina has improved my abilities. I'm mostly doing open-eye visualization, as our end goal is to have her be imposed, and open-eye seems the shortest distance between two points. I can see her, although it's flickering and as of now I have to intiiate it and I can not hold her very long, but it's coming along. I notice it's much easier to visualize her and hold her in my vision when she moves. I want to improve this. I'm not the type of person that obsessively logs everything, but I will try to keep updated . I hope I did not forget anything.