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  1. I understand now. By perspective switch, I meant changing your perspective to sense what Baker would normally sense, but you can see how that was only partially correct. I believe a perspective switch comes easier than a normal switch, but having your headmate be in front carries all the weight of a normal switch. Is it correct to say that it's like having your body in wonderland while your headmate is in front, but your wonderland form is his own?
  2. How would you describe the difference between this and a perspective switch? It seems interesting and doable, but I don't quite understand.
  3. Good to hear the schedule is working for you. Even though your plan to increase your motivation wasn't as effective as you'd like, it's still great that you try. Congratulations for finding a word that fits you as well. It can certainly be a good source of hope when you are dealing with something such as this, and we wish the best for you.
  4. I can offer some insight into this and maybe answer tania's question as well. I'm a Chinese American. My native language is Chinese, but due to attending English-speaking schools, I have became much more proficient in English. Now, I speak Chinese at an intermediate level, but I can listen to it perfectly. In an attempt to practice my Chinese skills, I force my tulpa in Chinese, but I revert to English when I am emotional or at a loss for words. However, my tulpa almost always answers back in Chinese as if he were fluent in the language. Sometimes he would also speak Chinese in the middle of an English conversation, and he is also much more expressive in Chinese. In other words, I do believe he is more skilled in the language than I am, but not in the sense he knows more knowledge about the language, only with recall and usage. Essentially, it is what you said in the last paragraph. My guess is that since I usually converse with him in Chinese, he's used to thinking and speaking Chinese. That's probably why he seems better at Chinese than me. It's also possible that since Chinese is generally more concise, it's easier for him to speak it. He only recently gained vocality.