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  1. it looks like my guide is going to be getting pretty long. Im reserving this reply for editing purposes and management. **reserved**
  2. Under Construction Maxyp's Tips and Tricks [align=left] This is a collection of segments I've written about various aspects of visualization and tulpaforcing in general. It doesn't constitute a guide in and of itself but has a lot of useful, you guessed it: Tips and Tricks. I consider myself a something of a prodigy at visualization so if you have requests for visualization guides I may be able to help you. I have several half baked guides floating around somewhere, waiting to be requested so I get around to finishing them. thanks and enjoy, feedback is welcome, and may actually result in my improving this guide. Beware, comment at your own risk ;P[/align] Currently Featuring Quick Visualizaton Quick Imposition Coming at Some-Point Which May or May not be Soon Meditative Forcing Extended Visualization Extended Imposition Understanding Neurology short visualization guide v.02 visualize a face (flash method.) start with the eyes. Step One: I envision two floating green orbs behind me, staring at the back of my head. Then I take those simple green orbs and grab them with my hands and pull them through my minds eye and up in front of my own eyes now let go of the orbs and allow them to elastically bounce back into the middle of your head, and into your minds eye. Due to the sticky nature of this elastic motion, they are now stuck in your minds eye. Step Two: take out a mental camera and take a picture. make sure the flash is on. when you take the picture the camera's flash reveals the rest of your tulpa's face in full detail. but it quickly fades. Step Three: Every detail of the face fades except for the irises. Your tulpa's eyes are now two green and blue flecked doughnuts with lifelike energy flashing from behind them. all I see are the twin orbs, filled with ever changing detail and twin black voids at their center. Step Four: Have your camera ready and flash her entire face. you should see her cute upturned nose shy smile. Batting eye lashes and the even details like the freckles on the bridge of her nose. But sadly, her face fades away again. Step Five: Everything fades except for her occasional blinking eyelids and eye lashes. all I can see now are her irises, the white of her eyes, ending at the empty void all around. and steadily blinking eyelids and eyelashes. Step Six: You guesses it camera time... this time when you flash you get a faint feedback of her entire body, not just the face. nothing more than faint shadows and curves but you have a vague idea where her hair, arms, legs and torso are. Step Seven: Everything fades except for her eyes and the faint curve of her mouth. Step Eight: If you are like me transferring from focusing on just eyes to both eyes /and/ mouth can sometimes be jarring. don't worry. Get that camera again and flash away! This time is exactly the same, everything fades except for her now complete eyes and the faint curve of her mouth. Step Nine: You flash again and for a brief moment her entire body comes into focus before fading. this time the mouth is strongly defined, alive and full of energy. like it could speak if only there were words it could say. Step Ten: Flash and as it fades keep the overall form from fading into the void. now you have the shape of her face, her eyes blinking, alive and full of emotion. a mouth ready to speak to you and a body waiting to be sculpted in complete detail. [align=center]Maxyp's Quick Guide to Imposing Visual Forms V.01 [/align] Imposing a tulpa is a complex and lengthy process, and this is Not actually the guide written for how to do that. (but does have some notes, etc to give you the basic drift.) But this is a guide for those of you who have trouble imposing a physical form upon the real world. First, you need to have the form you intend to impose easily visualized in your minds eye. Second, you need to know that this imposition method does is the Quick version, and the goal is to impose a form in the real world, nothing more. Thirdly, it is completely worth it to take the time and discuss imposition at length with your tulpa and get their assistance with this process, preferably they will be the driving force behind making the imposed form real as possible. Fourth, This is an interim guide: lucid isn't fully formed yet and because of this maxyp hasn't done impositiontion with a tulpa before. A lot of this is based off of conjecture. Step 1 Visualize, Visualize a lot. I cannot repeat this enough. Ideally imposition should just be visualizing so hard that when you open your eyes you still see the form you are visualizing, except this time imposed into the real world. So seriously, try that, and only if you have no trouble visualizing, but imposing doesn't click for some reason read on. Step 2 Spending thirty minutes visualizing a form is easy, but when you open your eyes, fail? Ok, lets do this! Think about it this way: Imposition is taking a visualization in your mind and then photoshoping it into the real world. If you are good at visualization then this shouldn't actually be that hard, but for some reason it usually a nearly impossible step. Why? Because you use and trust your eyes to much. Really thats it. When you close your eyes the brain doesn't have its trusty eyes t perceive the world, so it decides to trust itself, and its memories as a back up. when you do closed eye visualization you create an image and, without anything to over ride it, you accept that image as being there, and then you see it. To answer the question you are about to ask: yes. Unlike the rest of tulpa forcing, there is no way to argue that imposition is anything more than delusions and tricking yourself into believing something that isn't real is actually real. Step 3 You are tricking yourself into believing you are going to see, will see and are seeing something that isn't actually there. So feel free to feel crazy, in fact, that probably helps. Start by telling yourself that when you open your eyes you will see your visualization vividly. The trick here is to believe that you are going to see what you want to see when you open your eyes. Its all just fancy mind trickery… Step 4 Not only are you trying to convince yourself that the form you are trying to impose is really real and there, you have to want it to be there. Tell yourself you want it to be there, just waiting for you to open your eyes. It will be there… This is the important part to convince yourself of. Next, you tell yourself that your tulpa has control of the form. With your eyes still closed, ask your tulpa if she could wiggle a leg for you. Don't force it, but wait for your tulpa to make the form actually move. Step 6 This step is pretty simple, take what you are visualizing and... Make it real! Open your eyes. What you were visualizing is there, standing before you. Yay we are done. Close your eyes and repeat until it doesn't fade. Step 7 Now, you need to make the imposed form stick and begin becoming more lifelike. Do things with it, imagine the form walking across the room in front of you. Have it walk behind you, you can't see it but imagine it outside your minds eye, standing behind you. Imagine it interacting with real world objects, like walking around corners and being hidden by the wall or standing in front of you and blocking your view of the TV. Keep doing this and get the hang of it. Step 8 IMPORTANT! Have your tulpa try and take over control of the form and share the visualization, you don't need to focus on visualization 100% of the time to keep it persistent. Step 9 Notes This is just a basic tips guide to get you started, and onto the right path. its not an exact guide to follow, just ideas that may work for you. Read it, think about it, try new things then tell me how it worked in. kthxbye Maxyp