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  1. As someone with daily intrusive thoughts, my tulpas usually don't even realize they're happening even if they involve them. Tulpas are pretty resilient to this kinda stuff. Only time they noticed was when it was unusually vivid, and even then, it was like a sudden vision instead of it actually happening.
  2. Yeah, considering epilepsy is more of a neurological issue I figured it wasn't very common in tulpas considering their basic nature as thoughtforms. Still wondering if any other tulpa has it or if he's unique in that regard.
  3. Okay, so. I have a tulpa with epilepsy, like the title says. I did not intend for him to have it, I did not envision him with it while forcing, I didn't even imagine him with it when he was just an imaginary friend/puppet. He just has it. I'm not concerned too much bc his seizures are rare/he has coping mechanisms to keep it from happening (plus idk if I could ever fully stop his seizures since I don't know what caused them, and he hasn't expressed any want for me to interfere), but I'm wondering if anyone else has tulpas that have similar issues?
  4. Hello! I'm a returning member with a new account bc for some reason I can't get into my old account. Didn't use it much anyways. I'm Twi, and my tulpas are named Malveron, Lucy, Thaddius, Eli, and Toga. I've had them for about three years now (Toga/Thaddius have been around longer, but I didn't know they existed for a while). We're a pretty solid system, I can hear everyone's voices perfectly, and maybe we'll start working on imposition some day.