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  1. Thanks for all the useful the input. :) I'm gonna go do some personal reflection!
  2. Well that's good. :) Honestly, I feel like there's a part of me that's already decided that I want to try this, but for some reason I'm still dragging my feet.... :/ Did any of you have any doubts when you created your tulpas?
  3. My motives for creating a tulpa are general interest, companionship, and just the fact that I've heard from many people that it is a really positive experience. Plus the idea that a tulpa would probably help me better understand myself and how to relate to myself in a positive, loving manner.
  4. Yeah, me and one of my other buddies with a tulpa talked about it earlier and we figured out that I'm worried not about the tulpa, itself, but the social stigma that goes along with it. :/
  5. So, I've been reading, researching, and thinking about tulpas for a few months now, and I've contemplated the idea of making a tulpa, but I'm...nervous. I want to be sure that my desire to make a tulpa is more than just a general curiosity. It's a big responsibility/commitment and I don't want to just jump into it all willy-nilly. How do I know if I'm "ready"/ "fit" to create a tulpa? How did you know when you were ready? Is having doubts normal? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)