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  1. Im sorry for not answering you in the other post. I’ve been caught up and worried about other things lately. Latias is not fluently vocal yet. I can make out a word or two now and then. Otherwise we communicate through head pressures. We have trouble with that here and there which can be bothersome, but we make it work. Most of the time when we spend time together, I am the one who reaches out to her. If she has a nightmare or if she needed something, she reaches out to me. I always ask to make sure that I properly understood what she says. We watch TV together, take walks, bike rides, we do things in the wonderland (swimming, flying, etc.). She created her own house in the wonderland, she changed her appearance (both things she decided to do on her own). We have practiced possession, which she is doing well at. She has done things like exercising, and watching what I’m doing on her own time. She is a little antisocial. We have friends on a Tulpa group on Discord, but she almost never talks on it. I ask why, but I don’t really get an answer. I usually joke how she just wants to keep me to herself. Is that the actual case, I don’t know. Until Sunday (the 20th) she hasn’t displayed behavior like this. (Wanting to die I mean) I mean I had a REALLY bad day on Saturday, and thanks to emotional bleed, she was affected by it too. That has happened before, and I try to avoid forcing and spending time with her while I’m stressed so I can try to avoid stressing her out. Plus being stressed makes it hard to concentrate. But still, I NEVER would have thought that she would feel that way. No indication of her being upset, no acting out of the ordinary, it just came up out of the blue. I apologize for not mentioning all of this before.
  2. She’s a year and 4 months old. This whole “I want to die” thing just came out of nowhere. Yesterday, I saw her picking up a gun and putting it to her head. I begged for like an hour for her to tell me why she wanted to die and if there was anything I could do to help, but she wouldn’t tell me the truth. “Is this the reason?” “Yes” “So you want to die because of (this)?” “No” “Then what?” And repeat.
  3. My Tulpa, Latias, has told me yesterday that she wants to die. Today, she still does. I’ve tried to get her to tell me why she wants to die and if there was anything I could do to convince her not to, but she refused to tell me. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know why she would be like this. Please, she’s my friend. I need help. UPDATE: She’s doing MUCH better now. Thank you for your help/support.
  4. Thank you. I want to spend time with her, but we can’t because of how tired she always is and how often she sleeps. Is there anything I can do to help her have more energy or something?
  5. First and foremost, this is my very first post on this forum/website. If I posted it incorrectly and/or the wrong place, category, etc., I apologize. My Tulpa, Latias, has been around for over a year and a half now. For quite a while now, say, the last month and a half, she has been tired or sleeping. We still spend time together, but not very much. I have heard that it is common for young Tulpas to have extended periods of tiredness, but I am starting to get a little concerned. She says that everything is fine. I believe her, but still, being so tired so often can’t be normal. Does anyone have any advice? Or maybe some ideas or techniques to help her have more energy? Weather you do or not, thank you for your time.