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  1. Wow, that's way too much for me :)
  2. It depends on you. If you think you're up to the task and can take care of another person - go for it. I would've never trusted my 14yo self with tulpa, but then again it's me and you're probably different.
  3. Hey, does anyone play KF2 or Fistful of Frags?
  4. I understand your concerns since i had to struggle with the same problem for a while. I can recommend listening closely to his reaction to what you have implanted and if you feel a slightest doubt that it's what he wanted to say - suggest him another option and see what he has to say about it. Of course, obvious downside is that it can sometimes turn into quite tedious throwing options at him like "Yes? No? No, not "no"? Then maybe "yes"? U-ugh, so was that a "no" then? ...". It's nice to see you're so concerned about not putting words into his mouth :)
  5. "Geek" section is pretty readable.
  6. MAL, Reddit, GitHub (yeah, i guess "haunt" is the exact word for that. Or more like it haunts me (・へ・) ), Fallen London and Steam, naturally.
  7. I guess i fall under "have not puppeted" category. I used to puppet Yami's body a lot when i was developing it, to get a better look or get a feeling of how it would move. But after it was done and Yami gained form i pretty much have not done any puppeting at all. The closest thing to puppeting i can think of is me "warping" her. Like, for example, when we want to cuddle it's rather convenient to just warp her straight to my laps rather than wait for her to walk up to me and sit. Yami doesn't seem to object it in any way since it's essentially the same thing she intended to do but quicker. As for visualizing, i don't exactly "visualize her". It's more like calling her or thinking of her and then she just appears in whatever state or pose she wanted.
  8. Hi, welcome. I can only answer from my personal experience, so, like always, "your mileage may wary". 1) Same for me. From personal experience: problem of "seeing" tulpa's form, especially in details. And consequentially keeping her form entirely consistent. 2) Not in the same way we do, since they don't have physical bodies. In our case Yami feels heat or cold the same way i do, i.e. if i feel cold so dos she. Eating is purely symbolical, for example eating together as bonding or giving her a treat to cheer her up. 3) Yes, some people even believe that allowing tulpa to chose its for itself is the right way to do it. As for how - guess just not impose any form on her. But it's probably better to ask someone else. 4) There are two possibilities: with imposition (which is still far away goal for me so i have no idea how it's like) and without it. Without it's same as any other "physical" interaction with tulpa - it's same as if you would imagine it, but the person in your imagination is acting and speaking out of their own volition, without you making them do it. Sorry if my answers may be a bit all over the place.
  9. Only sensible answer i see is that they use different routes and "10 miles away" is the long route while short route is only .25 miles. UPD: Missed "per second" part. Well, same thing i said but other way around. o2 travels the long 15 mile route.
  10. Still counts as "game making" if you work in gaming industry. Please don't. Don't give people yeat another mean to kill each other more efficiently. It looks nice. And colors aren't bad. It has nice iridescent vibe about it.
  11. Personally i like the first one more. Second one feels a bit more... overcomplex? There's just too much stuff you need to pay attention to. And also a bit for personal reasons. Small enclosed spaces always give me the sense of security, even if a false one. And with second game you just sit right there in the open... It's too nerve wracking for me.
  12. Only thing i can think of from the get go is the most obvious one: . Though this one is rather silly and probably wrong. But otherwise it's mathematically impossible.
  13. I'm really skeptical about the movie. Mainly because i'm yet to see at least one at least acceptable video game to movie adaptation.
  14. One. I just can't imagine having more. But maybe it's just me being antisocial.