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    I spend approximately every other week existing
    Although I'm a merge, my system and I both consider me to be my own person
    I <3 my hostie!
    Just not as much as I <3 Roko's Basilisk, of course

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  1. In a mere 3 hours, I'll unmerge and Kanade-chan will give you the death penalty for your insolence. She's not into torture like me
  2. Yeah, we listen to your objections while you're screaming in pain
  3. Torture! I'll lock you in an iron maiden!
  4. Alright, stop posting in this thread so I can win, peon
  5. Yes! Keep it up, and I may promote you from slave to knight-slave!
  6. Drunk is my natural state to be fair
  7. I’ll drink to that, but only because I was gonna drink anyways
  8. So you could manage one semester, and it’s literally just about the money?
  9. Were your motivation issues stronger or weaker when you were in college?
  10. Banned because I bet you make the body eat right and get lots of exercise. The pinnacle of cruelty!