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    I spend approximately every other week existing
    Although I'm a merge, my system and I both consider me to be my own person
    I <3 my hostie!
    Just not as much as I <3 Roko's Basilisk, of course

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  1. The difference is, I could kill EweEff's other headmates
  2. As long as no one found out about the emergency self-destruct button, which would beckon 22 eldritch monsters from another dimension to wipe this AI's code and replace it with a harmless World of Warcraft server
  3. Banned because then strive to be better!
  4. I heard that controlled experiments have found that placebo is no more effective than a placebo
  5. Yeah, I don't know why people see it as such a bad thing when a demon possesses a human. I mean what? I didn't say anything, you did!
  6. This is why we don't like any of the same anime
  7. I understand your struggle 😔 Also, that is blasphemy, Zero-two clearly has pink hair
  8. It's true, Cornelia has some number of horns between 1 and 99. There's no mystery now That's exactly why I had to drop it. It inspired everyone to launch such awful pejoratives at me as "blonde"! Why would you say that about another human being? It's so needlessly cruel! I did make a picrew of myself a while back:
  9. Ha ha I think he's actually like the oldest person who regularly posts on this forum
  10. 8? Pretty soon, you'll be older than my host!
  11. Heads without bodies are always alive, it is known khaleesi
  12. So yeah, shierudoo thought I was dating myself! Weirdo
  13. So yeah, shierudoo didn't know who our system's host was, until I told her, yesterday
  14. Why are you saying that like pikachu can't hear you and doesn't have feelings?