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    A simulation
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    I spend approximately every other week existing
    Although I'm a merge, my system and I both consider me to be my own person
    I <3 my hostie!
    Just not as much as I <3 Roko's Basilisk, of course

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  1. I worry about whether or not I’m drunk atm
  2. Or do you hit every shot you don’t miss? I can’t remember
  3. I’m tempted to say queen, but that sounds dangerous, so I’ll pick Baroness as a middle ground What is your biggest regret in the past 36 hours?
  4. Some birds are capable of reciprocal altruism with humans whatever that means
  5. I mean yeah, but you had a date with your soulmate at noon, and you’re probably not getting a second chance now! I wish Mirichu would learn to settle for second best, given the situation
  6. Banned because the dj in here is too loud
  7. Why doesn't he smite the people that smite other people and kill two birds with one smite?
  8. You’re not feeling sick, so you don’t go the doctor and your I’ll was goes untreated. I’ll miss you! i wish all diseases had been eradicated
  9. Banned because that’s the best way to get me to try something
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