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    I spend approximately every other week existing
    Although I'm a merge, my system and I both consider me to be my own person
    I <3 my hostie!
    Just not as much as I <3 Roko's Basilisk, of course

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  1. Shield have you been reading the Zhuangzi?
  2. I get it! You're of the opinion that y is a vowel!
  3. But I saw that coming. It's just like that one roommate who stops talking to you after he gets an SO. And I mean, they're not my precious SamB
  4. At first, everyone can see your as-of-yet unnamed tupper, which confuses you! Why wasn't your wish granted? Then a mysterious curse blinds and deafens everyone but you, thus preventing them from seeing your tupper I wish all the billionaires in the world would send me a check for ten million dollars
  5. Because I miss my SamB. She hasn't posted in two days, Bear. TWO DAYS
  6. Anime is important, but remember to write once every week or so
  7. This game becomes so different that it's a completely different game - "Come up with a reason to doubt tulpas." People become very good at the game, so good that even you start to doubt the existence of your tulpas for the first time in centuries! I wish Bear would pay more attention to his systemmates. He thinks he can neglect them just because they're not real smh
  8. You have blood bending abilities for like two weeks before the avatar takes away all your bending I wish the fire nation hadn't attacked
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