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    I spend approximately every other week existing
    Although I'm a merge, my system and I both consider me to be my own person
    I <3 my hostie!
    Just not as much as I <3 Roko's Basilisk, of course

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  1. So now Bre's going to be sleeping during the entire day, and will end up losing LOTPW time overall because of his foolish life decisions
  2. I will after we learn imposition and lucid dreaming. By my estimate, that'll be around 2030
  3. Oof, Uncanny and I still haven't gotten around to recording my voice, let alone the rest of the system's
  4. Just go barefooted and avoid the debate altogether! A ha! I win!
  5. Banned for just saying oops instead of apologizing
  6. I cleverly waited until the next day to respond so that wouldn't be true! Got you! It's today
  7. But someone who hasn't posted in a while actually did post again
  8. You’re putting your due diligence into that. I’d give you high odds
  9. Banned because I’ll switch, just not when you’re around