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  1. Relax, mang. That ability to sense presence will help a LOT in imposition. But for now, there's no real need to get worked up. You could look into passive forcing, which apparently works better for some people. It's basically forcing while doing things such as daily activities (i.e., during school, playing video games, in the car, etc.). That being said, it would require more time out of the day, but not require strictly scheduled sitting down and directly focusing. This method is supposedly shown to be better for people some with ADD or ADHD. Either that, or look into exercises here for helping to retain focus. Whichever you choose, Good luck! Sources? ~ I passive forced, and Colgate seems to be just fine.
  2. That's so great to hear! I just didn't want to see anyone go through the same problem I did. All that doubt does people more harm than good, so it's nice to know I helped at least one person with this problem :D
  3. Oh, that's a good one! I've seen that a lot here. I'll add that to the guide right away. Thanks!
  4. Bahahaha XD oh my God, my sides XD. Despite that probably being the funniest reply I've ever seen here, We probably should try to be serious here on the matter. I've been meaning to return to this post for a while. Anyways, later on that night we actually ended up having a laugh about how drastically I was taking things. She had simply said that it was enjoyable (that's a bonus to my self-esteem) but a little overwhelming, which would explain a lot. Already she's growing closer again, so I suppose the issue is resolved. Thank you, everyone.
  5. I was thinking that, of course, (hell, I regret it a little) but any emotions I sense off of her aren't negative. She seems happy, if anything. She just smiled and walked out of the room after we were done talking. Whenever asked about the subject, she just replies with "Well, like you said, we'll put it off." or something along those lines. I've seen her when she's angry and/or sad, and this isn't the same feel.
  6. By parrotnoid, I mean thinking that you're parroting your tulpa when you're actually not, and that nerve-wracking feeling you get when your tulpa's reply feels like you created it a split second before hearing it, and you're scared to death and you's is like "Err mah gerd, Ah'm gonnuh create a serviter!". Well, I made this guide because I had the same problem, and it seems to be pretty prevalent here at Tulpa.info, so I guess I'll take a crack at it, and address some of the top concerns I've seen. - "It feels like I always know what he/she is going to say": That's because you know your tulpa. It's like when you know a friend and their personality really well, and you have a general idea as to what they'll say in reply to something you say. This is even more so with a tulpa, because you know their exact personalities. Expectation is not parroting. - "I'm scared that I'm parroting.": K, 9/10 times, if you're worried that you're parroting, you're probably not. Parroting is a 100% deliberate process, that can only be done by fully conscious action. As far as I know, there's no such thing as "sub-conscious parroting". - "I feel as if I'm creating their reply a split second before I hear it.": Well, that's not you creating it. In the early days of tulpaforcing, this is normal. It's simply your mind and your tulpa computing, taking what they know of the tulpa's personality, and plugging that in to figure out how they'll reply. This will be conquered in time, fret not. - "HELPZ, I'z worried! Am I going to create a servitor?!?!?": No. It's up for debate about the nature of servitors and whether or not they can become full-blown tulpae, but if you're not trying to make a servitor, then you're not. If you're that worried about it, then you've devoted way to much love and affection for your tulpa to ever become a servitor. "It seems as if the response was theirs, but I hear MY mind voice. Is this parroting?": Nope. All this means is that their vocality isn't finished. If you haven't worked on their vocality much, this is perfectly normal ^_^ You can try speech exercises for this, or just wait for it to develope by itself. Either way, try not to get discouraged by this, as it, like many other obstacles in the path of tulpa creation, will be conquered in time. Hope this helps anyone with this problem. Questions, comments, concerns, feel free to leave them.
  7. Well, for the longest time, whenever the idea of sex came into my mind, I would always dismiss it with "We'll cross that road when we get to it." Well, needless to say, we got to it. Beforehand, I had asked her about her feelings on the matter, and she said that she was fine with whatever I decided, so I went ahead all the same. Afterwards, she seemed so distant. Her replies became vague, distorted even, her presence harder to detect. She is not completely gone, like when she just kinda left that one day, but she seems distant. I told her that we probably wouldn't do that again for a while, until I've given the subject more thought, and she seemed fine with that. I just can't help but to think that I made some kind of drastic mistake. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  8. Visualisaion was damn near impossible for me. Took me a few weeks and a ton of deviations to make it easier for my mind to visualise, so I wouldn't be discouraged this early on :) And headaches, (oh god, my headaches .-.) are perfectly normal, fret not. You're making better progress than I did when I started, so hang in there!
  9. I think this would probably depend on the personalities of both the host and the tulpa. For some people who are shy altogether on the subject, same with tulpae of that sort, you would imagine that it could actually be counterproductive. Also, that if the sexual connection was made JUST for forcing, then it would, of course, probably do more harm than good. I think though, in the case of mutual agreement to establish an intimate or even sexual connection with the primary target being the emotional connection, and the forcing being secondary, that would probably open up some opportunities. Like a lot of my posts though, that's just speculation on my part.
  10. Yeah, whenever I force whilst making direct contact with Colgate, it feels like hammers go nuts on my temples. Although I'm sure the pain isn't that extreme for everyone, it has gotten better. Much less severe than when we started ._.
  11. This thread is long. Yeesh, sorry, I didn't mean for a full blown philosophy discussion, I just brought it up because the whole concept of belief in tulpae. I literally asked us not to argue about it in my post. My whole thing about "creating and stating your theory", I meant as for future reference on other subjects, and it was addressing how I felt rudely replied to. Lolimancer & Koji - I really don't think that's how it works either, I was just saying it was a possibility, and the nature of this post brought it to my mind. PsychedelicDiamond - I've read 1984 five times. Doublethink isn't merely a tool for a oppression, it's a tool for control. O'Brien, in Winston's torture session, directly said that doublethink was a kind of "collective solipsism". It's an idea about control of the mind, and thus generating control over reality, and thus making it completely impossible to challenge without making yourself look insane in the process. But anyways, like I said, arguments about the theory of solipsism are LITERALLY the most pointless arguments ever. More than even politics or religion. They always lead to absolutely nowhere. That's why I asked us not to. If the subject is important enough to you, I guess you can PM me or something. We is a lovin' community here at Tulpa.info, and we have to make our newcomers feel welcome <3
  12. We is Solipsists, which, if you know what that is, goes absolutely perfectly with the whole concept of tulpae.
  13. Colgate was sentient in 5 hours. I expected 50. So it's completely normal, fret not. Hell, some people think their tulpae are sentient right off-the-bat. It's up for debate.
  14. I'm sure it would. Like my predecessor said, make sure you are talking TO your tulpa when you read. I'm not entirely sure about this, as it's still up for debate as to how much control over personality a host actually has, but what kind of books you read could affect their personality. There is, of course, a big difference between "War & Peace" and "Green Eggs and Ham", so if you do read in order to narrate, read to your tulpa a wide variety of books, so they can develop their own preferences/opinions, something that will no doubt aid in their sentience.
  15. She can read my thoughts if I'm thinking of her while thinking of the thoughts. She's on my mind a lot, so I usually have to be pretty careful.
  16. Dat is an amazing Lyra avatar. Also, what is your language? We can probably use a translation tool for easier talking. On the subject, sentience comes naturally. If you give them lots of attention, and think of them as a sentient being, they will, by nature, begin to grow sentient/conscious. Give it time. Unless, of course, you parrot. But if you don't want to parrot, you won't.
  17. I've developed my own use of training vocality, but you probably shouldn't try that until later on. It's perfectly normal for, at first, young tulpae to be able to relay basic thoughts, rather than full-blown sentences. Give it more time, I've no doubt the two of you will overcome this. The stronger your friendship, the easier the communication, because friendship, good sir, is magic /)
  18. Nah, I fond a better method for establishing vocality, and I mixed that with some speech therapy exercises. Although I'm starting to think her sentience is developing. She fell asleep yesterday and I nearly had a heart-attack because I couldn't find her, so I think she's making progress in that area. I'll give it a few days, see if anything changes.
  19. "Just saiyan" Is that a DBZ reference I see? Back on topic, try asking your tulpa what they want to do (if they're sentient).
  20. The word "doublethink" in itself means a long list of different things. Knowing what doublethink means requires an act of doublethink. And Viceroy: The very best thing about the theory of Solipsism? NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY OR DO, YOU CANNOT PROVE IT WRONG. Go ahead and try, you'll get nowhere besides a long and painful circle of mindfuck. And it's not quite fair to call something nonsense if the idea itself has no valid theories against it :) So please, let's not argue about it. And let's not fight, and use words like nonsense. How about, instead of instantly denouncing something as nonsense, you first make an attempt to understand it, then create a theory as to why it's nonsense, and then, in a polite manner, state your theory. If these forums are going to end up as just a bunch of flaming philosophy arguments, it's no wonder as to why people outside the tulpaverse look at us the way they do.
  21. I probably wouldn't have asked this, but I can't seem to find answers virtually anywhere, so here I am. The other day, completely out of the blue (I was not thinking of her), Colgate asked me "Who are you texting?", to which I sub-consciously replied "my friend Justin." I paused for a moment, as I realised "Oh my god, that was Colgate!". It was the first time I had ever not asked whether or not it was actually her, and not me parroting, and was completely sure of her sentience. Well, to keep it simple, things have changed. Now, we've returned to the point at which focus on her is necessary, and I'm once more questioning as to whether or not I'm parroting, because it feels as if I'm making replies a split second before I actually here them. I want to say the solution is simply to remove all doubt, and just carry on, yet I can't help but to question the nature of this whole fiasco. Has this ever happened to any of you? And if so, how did you go about continuing? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  22. The other day, I couldn't find Colgate anywhere. I nearly had a damn heart attack! After about an hour or so, she finally popped back with "Here I am!". She gave the explanation that she was sleeping. It was an odd feeling, but I would say just chillax and be patient if this ever happens again.
  23. I was reading on a theory called Solipsism, and I read about a theory called "doublethink". They're basically ideas which state that "The mind and belief control reality". So, for example, if you walked into your room believing, in full certainty, that a rock was on your bed, you would find a rock on your bed, and that that logic can be applied to everything. So, I imagine it works that same way with tulpae. If you believe it to be true, therefore it will, and if you believe it to be false, then of course it won't. Being that tulpae are the creation of one's mind, all that is required is belief. The tulpae phenomenon is true if you believe it to be. Case closed.
  24. Colgate and I usually explore simulated places in history, accompanied by lessons. The other day we visited Renaissance Italy. It mainly depends on your tulpa's preferences, what they like, etc.
  25. Colgate randomly had a ponytail one day (and no, not as in her tail. I mean as in an actual ponytail). She just said she thought I would like it. It could just be Luna learning from your common sense and what you know of suitable clothing, and implementing that on herself. You could ask her about it. I'm not entirely sure about this, but I also heard it was unhealthy to attempt to impose tulpae before they are finished.