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  1. Host is PsychoticDoc, Tulpa are {Amelia} and [Mitsuki]
  2. 1 is the first positive number
  3. Im not dying no the next person got banned from IRC for foul play
  4. Hello people, I'm 16 and my tulpa, Mitsuki, is about 9 months old. She is very shy and doesn't like talking to strangers, so she isn't gonna post anything of interest.
  5. Is this still a thing or did it die off?
  6. You fail to understand that your wonderland is your wonderland, you can make it look like the sun if you want but its still the wonderland
  7. What's with the 's? Also not really unless you consider it to be a wonderland, but eh, whatever, close enough
  8. I think it should be a point to read the posts of the thread before posting because I see so may repeats of fosters home and supernatural its pretty bad
  9. That's dumb. The next person is being forced to live with a druggie aunt's kid for a day
  10. It arrives so soon it arrived in the past. You hate it. I wish I could have better sleep
  11. Hanging with my girlfriend and her tulpa usually, via xbox or in person
  12. Im probably too young for this shit, sorry the next person wants to play DayZ but hasnt had the motivation yet
  13. Well, I'm speaking my native language of english, and you said that, so I assume it is. The next person is taking a dump while browsing the net