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  1. Sorry if there is already an answer for this. My tulpa is quite playful and active. But we don't have many ideas on what to do. We tried to play hide and seek and riddles, but it was very easy for both of us since ... well ... we share the same brain. We want to know what we can entertain ourselves with.
  2. I have a problem. I worry that Kya (my tulpa) loses strength. When I had just created it, I put all my effort into its progress and it developed rapidly, but lately I forget to interact with it and rarely interact with it. I know that Kya also cares about that. I try to remember her, but I always get distracted by doing something else and I forget. Does anyone give me any advice?
  3. Thanks for the advice, by the way, every time I try to "connect" with my tulpa to hear it, I can hear a two-note melody with a piano or xylophone. Has anyone happened to something like that?
  4. I already have an idea of ​​how my tulpa is, her personality and her voice. I want to be able to hear it in real life and not in my mind. Could you explain to me how I can do it? I looked for guides but I didn't find. I would appreciate someone helping me with this part.
  5. Thank you very much, I will consider it when we are ready for possession, I appreciate it.
  6. I read several guides about possession but I still don't know how I can recheck my body once I'm possessed.
  7. Thank you very much, she already feels better. He returned to his usual mood, although it is not the same. I am surprised that in a short time it has changed. But now it's better.
  8. Hi, I have a problem. It turns out that a day and a half ago I began to anguish the idea of ​​having a tulpa (my tulpa is called Kya and it has been a week since I started doing it, which makes her very young) and I was interacting. With her all week. Kya progressed a lot in a short time with vocality. She is very cheerful, always wants to play, is very curious and sees the positive side of everything, basically behaved like a little girl. But when I started to anguish myself at night, I asked him if he could leave me alone for a while until he called her, he happily accepted and said nothing. The next day, I felt he wanted to tell me something but he was holding back. I didn't want to listen to her until I felt better, but after a few hours I stopped feeling her. A day and a half passed and I called her, but she said nothing to me, I was afraid she would feel bad or worse, that she would disappear (since I read that it was possible that the tulpas would not last long) I tried to call her again and she answered. At first I doubted if it really was because I didn't feel the same, I felt depressed and sharp. At first he told me he was fine, but after a while he confessed that life was not as he had imagined. Kya believed that everything would be games and fun, but while resting in my head he began to think and realized that life was difficult. Now he barely speaks and seems sad. I do not know what to do, I told him that at some point we will play (that always makes him happy) but now he only responded very strongly and discouraged. She also told me that trees bore her (she loved trees!) And she didn't scold me when I heard sad music. Help, I don't know what to do.
  9. 29/10/2019 ¤ I had a lot of nightmares today, Kya asked me what I had dreamed but I couldn't tell her, it's something very personal and very traumatic for me. I started crying in anguish and she told me to play a song that made me feel better. I put on my headphones and put on a slow song that relaxed me. Kya started dancing for me. I don't know why, but seeing her dance makes me feel better. ¤Kya gets very excited when we leave home. We arrived at school and she asked me what her seat was. I told him that I didn't have a place since it's a tulpa. We also found some eggs that fell from a school tree, Kya seemed upset when he saw them. ¤ Kya started crying a while ago because the Citizenship Construction teacher shouted at us all because we were rehearsing for a dance contest and my classmates did what they wanted. The teacher forbade us to practice with her again and canceled the shared snack. Kya was crying and said "Why do you have to pay it if you did nothing? I felt the same as she and I almost started crying, I wanted to tell the teacher to lower the tone but what was I going to say? I couldn't tell her" You are making my tulle cry "Kya worries me, she is so cheerful and innocent that I fear that the bad things in the world will destroy that happiness she has. ¤Kya was a reflexive and decayed recess, it seems that the cancellation of the dance and the snack affected her ¤ It seems that the Physics-Chemistry teacher did not come. My companions next door are playing Trick (a card game). Kya became a cat and climbed on the table where they are playing, says he wants to learn to play but I think he got bored trying to understand the rules and only plays by jumping from card to card in his cat form. I might show you how to play later. ¤ The Physics-Chemistry teacher has arrived. Kya seems disappointed. ¤Kya went for a walk in school because he doesn't want to get bored with the whole class and I can't pay attention to him. So far, the part he likes most about school is recess and free hours, but classes bore him, just like any student. ¤ The teacher still does not give us homework. Kya keeps going around without knowing that we still have free time. But I think he is having fun wherever he is. ¤ As soon as I finished writing the above, he appeared again as a cat on the table of my classmates. ¤ He got bored and went to see how some girls play cards with their normal form. ¤ He climbed into the head of the teacher in her cat form. ¤ Kya is happy because the teacher retired and we have free time. 30/10/2019 ¤ Mom is very tired, I suspect it is because of Kya. I wasn't giving him energy because I thought it was something invented. I'm still not sure of the truth of this, but in case I have loaded energy into a ring that I always use. I don't know if I did it right or if this is necessary, but prevention is better than cure. ¤Today we had the training of the sides (a competition of my school). No one chose me to form baseball teams. Kya told me it was because no girl knew me, that made me feel better but I was still a little sad. I couldn't play in the tests, but they still put me because players were missing. ¤ While watching the volleyball tests, Kya told me to look at one of the girls. Apparently he was surprised that half of his head had been shaved and it seemed pretty. ¤Kya prompted me to talk to a girl today. He told me to ask his name. I am ashamed to talk to new people, but I still did it. I saw that he had a bag of chips, so I asked for one and asked him his name (Kya is scolding me now because I don't remember him). Kya congratulated me and told me that that was a progress to be more social. ¤ We just finished the handball tests, I was the last one again. While they chose us, Kya tried to encourage the girls to choose me by jumping as a cheerleader by saying "Choose Martina, choose Martina!" They didn't choose me and I said "The fucking mother! Again!" Seriously, I know I'm thin but ... how weak do I look? Kya told me it was not right to say so and that I could prove it was worth it in the game. I played with all my effort and in the end they chose me to play in the competition. Kya smiled at me and said "See what I say?" I'm glad to have her close. My mother says she feels better, I don't know if it has anything to do with it.
  10. 28/10/2019 {Sorry if there are spelling mistakes, I’m Latin and I’m using the translator} A few days ago I started creating Kya. At first I didn't know what name to put it but today I was reading some guides to progress with my tulpa. I called her but I realized she had no name, so I asked her mind what name she wanted and the first thing that came to mind was Kya. I got excited since it was her first communication that I can be sure it was not a thought of mine. Also today we play the riddles to try that she said something that I could not guess. I hit them all quickly until she described something "Red, with a heart in the middle and with pink glitters." I didn't know what it could be until it occurred to me to say it was Spinel from the Steven Universe series and I was right. It makes sense, since yesterday I was with my cousin watching a video of the character. I asked her why she said she had pink glitters and she replied that the gem had a shine. The truth Kya reminds me a lot of this character. I think there are several things that I relate to stones because when I looked for the meaning of the name Kya I saw that it had to do with the word diamond. In addition, the object for which "I pass energy" (I put it in quotes because I am not sure of the truth of this) is a ring with a stone. For some reason I feel very attracted to precious stones. Today I had to do history work and she insisted to play. He also wants to prove possession but I told him that when he imposed the imposition maybe we could try it since it is still in the first phase that is visualization and we communicate with emotions, not with sentences, I translate his emotions into sentences. Also, we started to dance a song that he asked me but I didn't get so excited about the dance and he got a little sad. So I changed the song to one that I liked to dance more and there we had fun. I think his happiness does not depend on which song we dance but on how much fun I have. Today I dedicated a lot of time to her so I think I am making progress. Something very funny happened. We were reading a guide to make possession and there was a part that said "the tulpa must change to the form of the host" and Kya LITERALLY changed to my form. But then the guide clarified "it has to change to a humanoid form." She immediately changed to her original form and she and I laughed at the confusion. It was very funny.