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    I'm Ghostly. I'm the host of five tulpas: Adelaide, Reiji, Osomatsu, Kokichi, and Chimera.

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  1. My mom has, yeah. Like Chimera, she really loves Christmas. She starts watching those Hallmark movies right when they start coming out, and the decorations come along soon after. I have a tiny tree for my room too, that's not up yet. I don't like thinking about Christmas before Thanksgiving, it feels too early for me. I tend to feel pretty stressed out around Christmas, so I don't get as excited about it.
  2. I played the Turkey Day event in Animal Crossing. The furniture that comes with this one is actually pretty nice, and there's even some things will look good year round. Spooky Day's furniture set is really cute but also very Halloween-y, and Bunny Day... let's not even talk about Bunny Day. The eggs, the eggs, they were everywhere.... Dinner was good too. Turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potato souffle, green beans in a cheese sauce, and some kind of squash (a pretty looking and tasty kind, though) stuffed with red rice and sausage. Kind of wish I could eat bread so I could have one of those really good rolls my brother made. The only time I miss bread is when I smell the homemade stuff. Chimera: The green beans were soooo good! Ghostly isn't big on green beans and she even thought they were fine, but mostly she shared the taste with me. Also I got to put some ornaments on our Christmas tree and listen to our Christmas playlist~! We have the Muppet's Christmas Carol soundtrack on there and now I wanna watch it again (er, well, Leaf watched it before he and the others lock-merged to become me so I guess it'll be "my" first time??? Or his second and the others' first??? idk).
  3. As far as synesthesia goes, I think the only kind that would apply to me is the mindvoices I hear when I read. I hear different mindvoices informed by different styles of writing and what I know about the writer. Word choice, grammar, gender, any photo/drawing reference I've seen, things like that. Strangely enough, knowing a person's country of origin or what accent they have doesn't have any effect. If I know what a person's actual voice sounds like, I still read in whatever mindvoice their writing style conveys. Even my family members whose voices I'm most familiar with sound different when I read what they write. And the mindvoice that I hear reading back over what I wrote doesn't really sound like my own voice.
  4. Im going to be celebrating Halloween with my family this evening, so I won't be there for tonight's Movie Night. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! 🎃
  5. I think about how my tulpas would look when they get older. I wonder about how their personalities will develop too, but that's way harder to predict than looks. I did a little research about aging because Kokichi aged up his form to adulthood adult and I wondered how exactly he'd change. He was wanting to know if it was possible for him to grow taller than he is (Kokichi: I mean, I could just do that anyways but SOMEONE is insistent on very specific kinds of realism and is also super mean to me and doesn't let me have everything I want!!! >:[ ). My mom claims my older brother seems to have gotten taller over the past few years, but I haven't read anything that suggests that it's possible for a man to grow taller past age twenty. It's probably just better posture. But Kokichi got to grow one whole inch so good for him. I mean he'll lose it when he becomes an old man tulpa because realism, but hey. Adelaide: I have a few decades to decide whether these boobs of mine will get the same realism treatment, because well... how much does a tulpa need to be affected by gravity? I can deal with wrinkles and my hair? Already white. But if I plan to age with any sort of grace, something will need to be done about my giant anime tiddies. Osomatsu: I feel like one of us guys should go bald. I vote Kokichi. Kokichi: There's an episode of Osomatsu-san where one of his brothers is middle-aged and has a combover so I think it's Osomatsu who should be bald.
  6. I've seen snow as a kid, but after I graduated high school I moved to Florida and lived there until I moved this summer. It's surprising to have snow where I am now, because we're in the high desert and when my family lived here before we just had a few flurries in the winter and that's about it. As far as nightmares go, mine are usually having my privacy invaded, having trouble getting home from places, and being chased by a single yellow jacket. I don't get chased by giant bugs or swarms, just the one, and that's enough to scare me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So far I haven't had my state's official nightmare, though. Chimera: Bridget likes bugs and I get that from her, so bugs in dreams don't bother me. Or bugs in real life. I think they're neat. Kokichi: Bugs are the woooooorst! Even just pictures of bugs suck. Ghostly has this calendar and this month has a close-up of a mantis and it's just, ugh! Although, there's been some nightmares that may have been mine and they involved other stuff, usually gore.
  7. Chimera: Ghostly had a dream with Bridget in it. We hadn't had a dream with one of my uh... mergees(?) since I did the thing. For some reason she got put in the trunk of a car, and the dream was kind of video game like and had a crafting system and she was making something while she was in there. I think there was a big spider(?) monster that was chill and maybe it was telling us to do the crafting and also it was blue and neat looking but I forget what it looked like exactly. Also it snowed where I am today?????? For us tulpas it's baby's first snow. I didn't get to see it fall though, just the patchy stuff that was left when we got up late this morning.
  8. When I was a teen I actually asked my mom if it was okay if I never ended up dating anyone or getting married. She's fine with that. In high school, all dating seemed to amount to was drama, drama, drama. It doesn't seem all that different now. It's not that I'm even aromantic, it's just that I come from a family full of divorcees and I can't help but to associate relationships with failure.
  9. That's cool that you found a singer with a voice similar to his! It sounds like he has a nice voice. I still have yet to find anyone for Adelaide/Adel, Reiji, or Chimera's voices. Osomatsu and Kokichi sound like the characters they're based off of, so there's no problem finding voice references for them.
  10. We'll head on over to too in a bit! We're looking forward to it.
  11. As far as funerals go, I don't think I'd want one for myself. I've been to a couple, and for me, it's uncomfortable to be in an emotional situation with other people. I prefer to process my feelings on my own. When I'm around others I feel that I have to "match" what they're expressing, so I don't feel like I can express what I need to in that context. Of course, there's ample time to process things outside the funeral, but the funeral itself isn't helpful to me for grieving. And as far as the financial side of things goes, I'd rather that any money set aside for a funeral be put towards charity or inherited by relatives. A temporary gathering that might not even help the people who care about me through their grief doesn't seem worthwhile. If anyone feels better by talking about things or just being in each other's company, they're free to gather on their own terms. Kokichi: I could try to accept death... Or! I could become immortal! At least in the hearts of others who carry my story with them, anyways. Although the brain freeze is worth a shot, too. Maybe I can talk Ghostly-chan and the others into it?
  12. They only use ad revenue. They're fairly privacy oriented, and they're pretty transparent about what their company does. I don't think they could be certified as a B Corporation if they were doing anything sketchy. They actually do plant food producing trees, to help the communities they work with become more self-sufficient and resilient and to prevent them from cutting down the trees for wood. Also natives tree species, with a focus on biodiversity and species that will be most successful in an area. And trees have a great deal more potential that just providing food for humans, though perennial food crops are an important aspect of sustainability. They're vital for regulating temperature, precipitation, habitat and forage for animals, among other things. I've been reading a book called "Designing Regenerative Cultures" by Daniel Christian Wahl. It ties together what I've been picking up from a lot of the documentaries and articles I've been reading on permaculture, ecovillages, environmental restoration projects, biomimicry, and other such topics. Everything's connected, and understanding nature as a whole and not just focusing on the parts that happen to benefit humans is vitally important. For example, permaculturists focus on creating an environment that's just as beneficial to wildlife as it is for humans. And with the natural balances maintained by plant guilds that support each other, soil microrganisms, natural predators that eat pests, pollinators, and other environmental factors, a permaculture site can keep producing food and other useful things with little human intervention. They might not create massive outputs and they aren't as easily harvested by mechanical means, but they can make a lot of food without the extremely polluting, soil-degrading, and water wasting methods of conventional agriculture. It's a very local enviromental solution. However, the fertility of the land is maintained rather than depleted, and there's sustenance for both humans and wildlife. That's what Wahl refers to as a "win-win-win" solution. He doesn't only talk about permaculture, it's just one of many ways to make the presence of human life on this planet not only less destructive, but regenerative. He lays out our world's problems as interconnected and complex, and the solutions equally so. Uh, sorry this turned into a big lecture! I'm just... very interested in this sort of thing.
  13. I use Ecosia for my searches. They plant trees using the revenue they make.
  14. That's pretty much when I went from being the awkward kid my peers tried to like to the awkward kid nobody liked. Although once I got into a high school where basically nobody from my middle school went to, that was much better. I was in the Early College program, and I was the only kid from my old school after one other person quit after a year, and being surrounded by people that were there by choice made a huge difference in the kinds of people that were there. But the paranoia and anxiety from middle school pretty much kept me from being close to anyone, as nice as they were. I could do surprisingly okay at presentations, but I had a public speaking class that really gave me a lot more confidence in that. Although, I'd never be able to do anything like that without preparation. I've always been pretty secretive about that kind of thing, too. A lot of times people's stereotypes are more puzzling to me than something I would interpret as being ill-meaning, but if it's something I'm really passionate about I want it to be understood. I tend to worry about being boring. All I ever do is stay home. Especially in school, when I lived way out in the boonies. Just driving out to town took around 45 minutes. Even if someone invited me somewhere, it just wasn't practical to go. But even now I tend to prefer to be home. I don't really feel safe going out on my own. I've never been good at making friends and I hate imposing on people anyways, so unless my mom takes me somewhere I don't go out. As far as the interests I pursue on my own go, some of those can change pretty regularly. And if someone mentions something or gives me something related to something I used to be into but I'm not anymore, it just feels embarrassing. I don't want to make people feel bad by correcting them when they were just thinking about me. Okay, that does help me see where we're different. I tend to do okay with things I do on a daily basis. Without my daily rituals, I just feel thrown off. I don't cook much but a little food prep is fine for me. I tend to take long showers too, and even longer baths. Things that aren't daily are what trip me up the worst (cleaning, preparing for appointments, etc.). Also, tearing myself away from something distracting like YouTube is really difficult as well. I have a backlog of things I would have fun doing, but they don't make me feel productive. I've hardly played any video games, even the ones I've bought recently. I feel guilty for not playing them but I feel guilty for not doing other things I want to do if I do play them. I've only managed to convince myself it's okay to rewatch Osomatsu-san yet again because I've realized how much good it's done for Kokichi's level of activity to look at Danganronpa stuff. Osomatsu has been much chattier for it, so it is working. I feel like the reason I even got into Osomatsu-san when I don't normally watch shows is that I got into it early and I could look at things the fandom was doing as episodes came out. After I watch a movie it's practically a ritual for me to look at it's TVTropes page. With most shows looking them up just would land me into spoiler territory. I guess to me people's reactions, analyses, and fanart feel like part and parcel of enjoying fiction. Reiji: This is going to haunt me... but I understand healthy eating must be incredibly difficult in your situation.