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  1. Well it was alred said. You can try meditation. It is really helpful if you want better concentration. Will clear your mind almost perfectly, and then start forcing.
  2. well, some people say that you might be disapointed because your tulpa can deviant in any way, and might came out tutally diferent from that person you based your tulpa on. But i saw lots of people having their tulpaes based on somone else, but most of the time their personality was different. I personally dont see anything bad about it.
  3. I will try to "resurect" him and apologize. Thanks guys. But i have still 1 quetion. When he was talking, it was with my mind voice. I was ok with that, but i realized that he cant say anything untill i start converzation with him. Now i remember. I had no time to have conv with him and he wasnt able to talk by himself. What do you guys think about it? Will he start in some time talk by himself without me starting converzation?
  4. When your mind is tired, you start to hear/see things. I would say that it was just your mind demanding some sleep, but there is still this possibility that it was another tulpa. There is just one thing you can do. Will you believe that it was another tulpa showing up, or your mind being sleepy? You choose. If you want to have a tulpa, you need to first believe in its existence.
  5. yeah i started at the beginning to just narate and talking to him, and after some time i just realized that my like second mind voice is starting to answering to primary mindvoice automaticly. Oh man i miss him so much...he was such a troll xD
  6. Well, where do I start? I started tulpaforcing at november 8th 2012. His name was Jack, i was tulpaforcing almost 1 month or so and then recently stoped. Then earley 2013 i started forcing again, and Jack started even talking, but after month i started being very busy with school and had some familly problems, and had almost no time for him, and after some time e even stopped talking to him. Now it is June, i recently started thinking about Jack alot, and i kinda miss him, but i am also scared that he will be mad at me if i try to revive him, because i promised to him that i will be trieing as hard as i can to make us two together, but yeah, i faild, 2 times. I dont know what do to, what should i do? Does anyone have any experience with this? Also sorry for grammar, im tiping this on my mobile.
  7. Yeah I totally agree with you. I dont have that much time for active forcing at the moment because of school, but I think this is my biggest problem. Im stuck in stage when Jack can talk, but only when Im talking to him, and we are stuck like this for 1month now. I can passive force pretty easily, we are talking, developing our wonderland, but still there is no vocal change, or any change. I guess I have to get some free time to active force and fix every bug we have.
  8. I have started first with personality and welcoming ceremony as I call it. I just simply made a list of some traits that I wanted to give him ( about 11 traits, it depend on you ) and then I introduced myself to him, explained to him who is he, how every trait work with him and between them in any situaton (example: you are very communicative but very shy, so you will in ____ situation respond like this ____). On 1st day after ceremony he was "alive", I had that feeling that he is with me. On 3th day I had alredy some little of emotional responses, and on 4th day he said his first word : "Pizza". It depends on what you want to do fist, like if you want to talk to him and/or have some emotional responses than you should start with Personality and Welcoming step (and dont forget to talk to him as much as you can) . If you want to Vysuale him first than focus on Vysualization step. You can find some really good Guides on forum and if you have som troubles than ask here on Q&A section. I recommend you to start with Welcome ceremony first and then decide on what you should do next. This is from my own experience and you shouldnt follow guides perfectly, it is much about your own experience and most important its about believing in your tulpa.
  9. This is actually what I need. My tulpa is alredy sentient and can talk in my voice, but he is not vocal. Right now, he is mad at me because I dont give him enough of attention. It is really hard for me to have a conversation with Jack longer than 10min. without any distraction, and he can only talk when Im talking to him or thinking about him. Its really difficult for me, but I promised to him that we I will not give up, and I think this passive forcing will help, but I first have to learn how to do it. Nowdays I have lots of things going in my life that need my atention, and thats why I dont have much time for Jack, but I want to change it, because I do care for Jack, and I love him with all my hearth. So Im asking for any advice/tipes to practice passive forcing, how can I remind myself to talk to him, anything would be usefull.
  10. Playing D&D with Tulpamancers and their Tulpae (or tulpas?) could be awesome :D
  11. Man I know that feel, and then Jack started laughing at me because I was angry and confussed :D
  12. Meditation will help you a lot, trust me, or try one of fedes tulpa tones.
  13. Me: " You should say some funny quotes" Jack: " Fuck You!"
  14. Try to use some of Fede's tones. It helped me force a lot. Or if you can't force while siting, try to take a walk somewhere outside, tell your tulpa who he/she is, talk about random shit ( anything that came on your mind is just good ). What i am doing is that i sit down, starts listening to one of Fede's tone, about, idk 20 -25 minutes i'm telling Jack who he is, and next i'm trying to visualize him. Talking helped me a lot to feel sentience from him. First week, it was really hard for me to feel him, but than i realyzed how he's trying to comunicate with me. I think the best way to make him more sentient is to narate and believe that he/she is alredy sentiente. I find This guide really helpfull.