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  1. If you're interested in a semi-PR I have a thread on the questions and answers board, it's mainly full of questions but there's a bit of our progress here and there~
  2. Currently playing the Outer Worlds, about 10 hours in. Game's pretty fun, I like the idea of having a ship and crew, something I really liked about Mass Effect. The game's aesthetics are awesome but a bit played out. Feels like retro-futurism is everywhere nowadays.
  3. I love dreaming, I haven't been able to get much sleep lately but I do recall a few dreams. A couple of nights ago I had several lucid dreams that kept looping: I'm at my desk doing something mundane, my Tulpa J. comes in and says its late and I should be sleeping. I agree and as I get up, it hits me, it's a dream. A quick glance at my bed reveals that I'm there, fully asleep. I turn over to J., excited to be able to talk to her, but her presence is so strong that the dreamworld becomes unstable and it wakes me up. This kept happening for a while, maybe a dozen times or so. I'm al
  4. I'd like to fill out the form but I feel it'd skew the results since my Tulpas are 11 and 9 days old respectively, but one of them has tried changing her name a couple of times, I was ok with it but she always goes back to the name I gave her. Looking forward to the results. ah lol sorry, this was meant for Tulpas. Mine aren't very vocal yet, but yeah, if it helps, one of them loves her name and the other one has tried to change it.
  5. yeah, very interesting. You can't tickle yourself but an experiment showed that, using a tickling machine, if you pressed a button to tickle yourself, it wouldn't work. But if there was a 1 second delay between pushing the button and the machine activating, it would work. The idea is that you can't tickle yourself as long as you see it coming. When a Tulpa tickles you, it's unexpected. My Tulpa H. has been tickling me since day one, not constantly and never to a point that is uncomfortable, but when she does it it feels 100% legit. Not talking about possession btw, just the feeling of her fi
  6. Hi everyone, thanks for replying! thanks! H. has been developing nicely. She's funny and stopped trying to jump me after I talked with her about it. She's still very clingy and a tease, makes me think she's still very much hostsexual but I'm not ready for that. I think of them as real people, and I wouldn't have an intimate relationship with someone I just met.
  7. Hi everyone, thanks for replying! I can't quote, I'm using the latest chrome but it freezes when I try to quote, sorry about that~ also, what's up with this? when i go to the "moved" thread I just get an error message. see attached image. This makes sense. When I created J. I told her she could be whoever she wanted to be, I gave her traits but she hasn't been following them. I guess that's why I'm weirded out, J. has been kinda difficult, I would say. She definitely has a mind of her own and is usually looking at my screen over my shoulder, reading everything I read or type. I s
  8. oh, we had pretty much the same experience : o except my pop-in didn't go away tho, I didn't want her to! : D
  9. Is that exactly what it sounds like? being only attracted to the host hmmm that's interesting, I asked H. about it but she didn't answer. like, I remember the guides I watched warned against sexual relationships with Tulpae. Any reason in particular?
  10. Bit of an update: J. has improved a lot, it happened in a cool way. Don't know if you guys have tried this but I asked her to touch my Third Eye and there she was, much clearer. I'm still forcing her but she's definitely more vocal. She has questions and a stable form, she still has an accent, not really something that I planned*shrugs*. She looks like a girl in her mid 20's with short, dark hair, and piercing eyes. She's always nude, I don't know why, she won't say, she just shrugs. H. has calmed down a lot and is still stronger. This is progressing way faster than I anticipated, I can see
  11. This discussion was split from a question thread, and that thread had multiple instances of going off-topic or introducing PR content. If you would like to see the original question thread, please go here. If you would like to read Kaleidoscope's PR, please go here. -Ranger So like, weird question. What's the general consensus here about Tulpae with a sex drive? Like, I know I can look into it but like, I don't really want to? I feel like it's something J. wants to know. I'm not super comfortable with the idea, but I don't think it's too far out there either. hmmmmm
  12. This thread originated from a previous question thread, which had multiple instances of going off topic with either PR content or a different discussion. If you would like to see the original question thread, please go here. If you are interested in the other resulting discussion, please go here. -Ranger Hi everyone, Thanks for replying! I'm still like, riddled with questions and curiosity because that's how my brain usually works and I definitely want to explore this phenomenon as much as possible. Like, at this point, I feel I should give a bit of background, like I imagine most of
  13. Hi everyone, Thanks for replying! Ember: Thanks for the comforting words! Hopefully my Tulpae will grow to accept each other, I want to keep H., she poped-in but gave me a very unique experience, I wouldn't want her to disappear. I'd feel terrible about that, actually. Vesper: thanks, I'm glad you feel that way about your friends now. I think J. is concerned about proliferation, as am I. I'll try not to think about it anymore. Joy: I kinda get what you're saying. Today I had some kind of old timey cartoon character I didn't recognize, he kinda popped in but I decided not to pay at
  14. Thanks, this has been an unusual experience for sure. They got mad at me for writing about them, or at least the way I depicted them. I talked them down and I tried laying down some ground-rules and they kinda agreed. That was in the morning after reading this, now I can't feel them anymore. I've been forcing them but feels weird to force H. because i never had to do that before. I'm hoping it's because of what you said: "Young tulpas often fade a bit from time to time or fall out of communication briefly. Three days is very early to be getting responses, so you're already doing well. Just
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