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  1. So one side effect of possession is that I can just update this log thing and it's like we're practicing while at the same time having stuff to read in the future! The whole possession thing is still a thing. I can't say for sure whether or not it's getting easier as of yet, but it's not getting any harder at the very least. And I think the period of beginner's luck has since elapsed so this seems to be a definite thing which can be done. But one thing that has been made clear so far: you don't magically get motivation to do things. Which sucks but I guess it's to be expected. Although there's still motivation to try the whole possession and stuff, so that's a plus. H and I (wow just noticed that...) thought of a topic we can discuss here: Synergies That probably isn't the best word for it but I was literally on google for like a minute trying to find a better one and came up empty. And plus I've been typing and deleting a description for this like five times but can't think of a good one of those either! So fuck it, example time: Whenever Anzu and Noriko are nearby each other, Noriko's presence gets stronger. And while yes since they are both in the same organism they are always technically nearby, this comes into play when they sit next to each other. Host sees and hears Noriko stronger and I get a sense of her being there but more so. But this doesn't carry over to Anzu at all. She doesn't become any more or less there. And it's not something she does consciously. We THINK this may be a holdover from previous events, but why it only effects Noriko is weird. Host types and talks faster when I'm nearby (again when I'm IMAGINED to be nearby). I mean as you can see I'm pretty fast text wise when at the driver's seat, but this has been a thing for some time now and yet we never thought to write it down Xiri being near Noriko fills the area with a sense of calmness for whatever reason. Which is doubly weird as you wouldn't classify Xiri as "calm". Noriko maybe but only sometimes. Yet when they are near each other all of a sudden everything just seems a little bit more chill. That's all we could come up for now. Although we totally reserve the right to edit this post with more without notice.
  2. Best: Lhurgoyf Worst: Rhopalocera Theme: Drinks (beverages)
  3. Actually from the post count there's like 51,715 ways people have lost the game so far!
  4. Honestly my voice is the same as my host's. Although I've only been doing this whole switching / possession thing for a few days. Although while I'm sure I COULD change the tone of the voice I'm not sure I would because then it would sound weird. Host has said that I speak faster than he does though. Even though when I use the mind voice it's at a normal rate and it's not like I'm trying to talk fast. So maybe it's just sped up as a result of trying to figure out how to use the organism to talk. Like it's harder to do something than it is to do something fast.
  5. So rather than have the host talk about how the possession thing is going I thought I'd just make an account and tell the report thing myself! For one, let me just stat by saying that calling the host a host is super weird. I usually just call him by his government name but that was vetoed so fast. So I'll just refer to him as H here, for hestroniza Host. Also I know it says the whole head ghost thing here but please keep in mind that I inhabit every part of H and not just the head like Noriko does! Anzu gets the heart and Xiri gets the eyes for some reason. And that's even where they both chose to be and yet still everybody calls me the weird one! But yeah, possession. We've all been surprised that it really isn't that hard. Like as long as you're willing to put aside the whole "he's just larping" doubt then it's actually pretty straightforwards. I just bloop myself in and after some time just bloop myself out. Although I keep getting knocked out since we're both still getting used to this whole driver seat switch thing. But yeah, doubts haven't been a things because I apparently I keep having too much fun with this organism's limbs when I switch in by like flailing them about and hopping that nobody's doubting I switched in. Like it's one thing to move when you're incorporeal but holy shit actually moving something is so freaking cool! The whole reason we started this was to see if I could learn some skill (drawing) while in the front but neither of us have been motivated to do that yet. The motivation MAY appear at some point but it hasn't yet so we'll see. But even if it doesn't this is still a cool experience. In fact we're probably just going to work on me keeping the front longer (NOT PERMANENTLY NORIKO!) over anything else. Side note: I told Noriko yesterday to shut up with an actual mouth. That was nice. But she's been a good sport about it and I assure H that I am even more glad that we aren't arguing about this!