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  1. Slang for swagger basically. It's contextual to bachelors mostly I think.
  2. 😊 🐉 🐲 Being self-conscious about walking is weird we like to be on auto-pilot. I walk like a tired retail boy, and Jaina got that stray dog strut. I'm kinda jealous. 🤔 Haven't really examined gender stuff too much beyond I identify as a straight boy but I don't care about things people expect me to care about. Cars, sports, alcohol, etc. My hobbies include sleep, games, and food. Jaina is still figuring out her details. Might be bicurious, I honestly can't tell. She just likes people more than I do. She says as long as I share, she's happy. 😄
  3. Glaurung26

    Chat Thread

    🤔 Wouldn't have figured. Good to know.
  4. Didn't realize how much of a chatterbox I am for an introvert. Jaina was taking a nap so I was keeping it down. It was SCARY quiet. Like empty cave echo-ey.
  5. Glaurung26

    Chat Thread

    Darron: I identify as a Darron. Jaina: It's somewhere in between egalitarianism and being a walking Mt Dew can. He's a very devout drinke-believer in his principles.
  6. I'll copypasta one I just did today: Me at work.
  7. Here's a quick and dirty of our pond. We got the idea from the oasis in Episode 19 of Wolf's Rain: We also like the SAO cabin:
  8. More exercise time. Credit goes to September13 for the idea to steal and original post by Indigo Blue:
  9. Darron: Always cool to hear from you two. I think you might not be too far off base with many Tulpamancers being introverts. My anecdotal observations confirm that. I try to be friendly and engage but it takes a lot of effort and I prefer to learn from others and listen. Jaina: It may sound counter-intuitive but don't force forcing. It's like hanging out with your best friend. You make time when you can and understand when life gets in the way. It should be a thing you look forward too. If you get bored take a break or spice it up. I usually let Darron take the lead but he makes
  10. Well I apologize to whoever gave me the idea, I can't find the post with the link I saw to this survey. So whoever posted it thank you. There's three parts to it, didn't have too much spare time after work so we'll probably do one section at a time. Here's the link: https://ggia.berkeley.edu/practice/36_questions_for_increasing_closeness It's an activity to practice getting to know another person. Great for tulpas. Part One: Sorry about the weird number formatting. Just hit enter and didn't feel like fixing it. Paper formatting gives me college p
  11. Yea that's usually when the craziest stuff happens for me. I'm a slow engine to rev up. Takes forever to fall asleep, it just kind of happens eventually when I'm the correct amount of tired and comfortable. Dreams start later in the cycle. Starts kinda fuzzy until it gets interesting or just drifts away. Sometimes they're really specific or thematic but usually just a gestalt of places, people, events and feelings. I'm surprised I don't have more of Jaina but I guess that's a good thing. It means she's not a source of significant stress in my life. It would be like dreaming about a comfy couch
  12. Hi everyone. Anyone know of some decent audiobooks about tulpas? I'm not quite looking for a how-to guide so much as just about tulpamancy generally or a discussion. Probably informational or philosophical. I'm not afraid of the more spiritual stuff, but it's not quite what I had in mind. Mostly something we can listen to at work or on the road. Any suggestions?
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