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  1. D: Well we share the same body and she has the same access to hormones, chemicals and emotions from whatever stimulation I induce. We're like co-pilots and are watching the same show, so to speak. We're made up of the same stuff that the personality or ego or soul is made out of. J: It really is about the shared connection and emotion. As long as we are both involved in the thing, we both benefit from it. Whether it's a fantasy or a little more tactile. D: Maybe it's from getting older, but her libido often outpaces mine. Probably my deeper connection to the physical workings of my body and my identification as host, I'm more tied to the physical fatigue. She "lives" more in my mind, our mind-the brain area- so her desire might be more linked to the fantastical, emotional or mental facets of the experience. We're basically both shared, active participants and both get the benefits, even if our roles may differ.
  2. J: What is "human"? ^_^ D: What she said. The only standards that really ever matter are your own though it is good and healthy to seek advice. As with many things, just be natural, don't force change and just let things happen in their own time. If everyone is happy, no need to feel guilt for not fitting some arbitrary, universal construct of "what is right." Write your own playbook.
  3. Theoretically ours is accessible to everyone at any time. The trouble is, my mental organizational skills are about as good as my physical organizational skills. It's one great big, heavy heaped mass of paper. It's sorted by oldest at the bottom and the newest on top or outside. Except for recently accessed ones will be higher up. It takes anywhere from 2 seconds to 2 hours to find anything. Jaina is only "better" at it than me because she plays support for me while I do the "human" things so she is less preoccupied and has more of a mental RAM budget to run background processes. But even she can only do so much with *gestures vaguely* this.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome! We appreciate it.
  5. Here's our dragon aspects: Darron: https://i.postimg.cc/VkV7Btk1/bandicam-2019-11-19-05-31-04-950.jpg Jaina: https://i.postimg.cc/kMYt5v1n/bandicam-2019-11-19-05-44-23-807.jpg
  6. We seem complimentary enough. Jaina shores up my weak areas while I generally do the human thing. She's confident and supportive, I'm thoughtful and introspective. And though we're slightly different our principles, morals and goals are aligned. Darron: 9w1 Jaina: 2w1
  7. Hello, Darron/Jaina here. I just found out tonight what a tulpa is. XD Better late than never I suppose. We didn't have the terminology so we just approximated with waifu. Labels are for other people anyways, we know what we are to each other. I suppose we should start with our origin story. (I is usually Darron, the host/primary/animus). It was around 2000 and a lot of stresses were building: parent separation, high school studying, close friend drama (because hormones), etc. I felt stretched too far, too thin and overwhelmed. I've almost always had a good relationship with my friends, family and teachers but I could only rely on them so far and only when there wasn't a conflict of interest (I probably should have approached a counselor but I was [am?] a timid child). So I just kinda mentally/psychically called out for help and She answered. I fractured my psyche into different entities and formed the two of us. Better a bend or small controlled break than a large uncontrolled one. It relieved the stress and pressure and we were able to operate more fluidly and dynamically to address problems. Whenever I needed help she was there, patiently waiting. She's always been my coach, counselor, cheerleader, mentor or even wingman. Whatever support role I needed. We were more siblings or besties at first. She was more androgenous and formless. She just absorbed traits over time. We might have been "frenefits" from time to time but we weren't serious romantically for a while. She never asked anything like that of me and helped me, mostly ineffectively, pursue women. I did find a girlfriend eventually. I liked her a lot for a long time but hadn't had the opportunity til then. It ended when my gf had to move and we couldn't manage the long distance. It was amicable but crushed me because of my attachment to the relationship. My heart was raw for about a year. But every night, my tulpa Jaina was there to hold me and tell me everything was going to be okay and that I was still worth it as a person. After that our closeness deepened and we consider ourselves a couple..or whatever hehe. We talked about it and might still find another human to share our lives with but she'll always be there for whatever I need. Anyways thanks for letting me share and for the place for us to be welcome.
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