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  1. They are mostly soulbonds, I do have a group of critters that could be considered tulpas or some may call them in-sourced soulbonds. I made them up as a kid and they came to me in 2014 I think.
  2. Wonderful answers. Gives me something to think on and plan for while we consider when to make this kid. And you are right I don't have time to focus on a child yet but his 'daddy' sure will have all the time in the world. I have stalled on a child because of time- I have over 100 people here to watch over and check on. One more person isn't a huge load, but a child is.
  3. For a few months me and a soulbond have been wanting to make a child. We aren't in a relationship, he just wants me to make him a son 'for us'. We had it planned for a while, got everything ready for this child in headspace. A room, a name, how he should look. We kind of argue on personality. Things I make in headspace, things that are supposed to be alive like plants and smaller living critters tend to vanish or just disappear so I'm wary on making a child if something happens to him or he just goes missing due to whatever causes this to happen. Altho with someone watching him maybe that wouldn't happen. Could anyone give advice on 'making' a child and keeping him from fading out? (Sorry if I don't get any terms right or not try to use any terms at all, I come a background of soulbonding and multiplicity/plurality so I try to keep stuff general.)
  4. Glad to hear. Honestly thought this place was dead a few months ago but it obviously isn't. I'm real excited to be in an active forum again.
  5. What up, I am a soulbonder of 6 yrs but all the forums are dead and I thought this one was too but it isn't so bam, here I am. Known about this site for quite a while. Other irrelevant info: live in Texas, furry, vegan, asexual, video games, writing, comics, fish hobbyist, mermaid. I have a large (100+) gathering of people with me, mostly non-human critters.