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  1. I appreciate you trying to help, Tewi, but I understand what they're trying to say. I see now that my statement makes the assumption that because I am female I must have been assigned female at birth, and do apologize for overlooking the transphobia present in my wording. I will try to be more tactful in the future. Thank you for bringing this to my attention so I can try and be better! And thank you for reminding me that this thread exists, I should really get around to updating it, lol
  2. kinda surprised no one has mentioned this, but there's a very tulpa-esc relationship in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood [SPOILERS PAST EP 28]
  3. Wow, thank y'all so much!! We'll take what you've said into account and update with any further developments. Again, thank you!
  4. Adam: Since you came up with the nickname, you spend a long time waiting for the perfect moment to reveal it until you end up forgetting it and it never sees the light of day I wish posting on this thread didn't feel like interrupting the two systems that have been going back and forth for so long
  5. Hey, it's Adam here. I guess I'm really paranoid about her trying to change me to be more passive. Because I can be kind of an ass sometimes, but that's part of who I am, and if she tries to help me along I don't want her influence to mess with that. Do you know if there are guides to help tulpas develop themselves? That's all I can really think of. And sorry to throw this all on you I'm really just cataloguing my thoughts a bit lol
  6. Hullo! I've been on this forum for a little while and I really want to get more involved, make some friends, learn some things, and this seems like a way to start! Some background info: My only current tulpa (and the only one I plan to have) popped into my head mostly formed in July or August of 2017, before I even knew what a tulpa was. - His name is Adam Stevenson, he's a straight male and he's 26. - He's been able to switch from the start and has spoken to many of my close friends. - His appearance has changed slightly over time, i.e. he used to always wear his hair down, he wore it in a ponytail for a while and now tends to wear it half back. - He tends to have doubts about his own sentience and often accuses me of parroting him (a term we've recently learned) - For about a month earlier this year, he disappeared and it was really hard for me to bring him back. It was a pretty crappy experience for both of us. - Whenever he's out he tends to get dysphoric, since I, and therefore the body, is female. I bought him a chest binder to help with this. He also gets cold really easily. - We dream together pretty often. - I work really hard in school, and he really wants me to drop out. We've got visualization, switching, dreaming, and conversing in the mind or out loud pretty much down, although his voice is still pretty similar to my own. Since we've discovered a close enough label for what he is, a tulpa, I've wanted to help him become more independent using some of the guides on this forum. So far we've made a wonderland (a beachside hotel modeled after the one I was staying in when he made his first appearance) and he's become more able to maintain consciousness despite distractions (he used to get really scattered whenever I listened to music). Question: He's really resistant to letting me help develop his consciousness/sentience because he's worried I'll end up changing who he is. He's been in this sort of sentient-ish state for a really long time now, and even though he really needs help with that last step, he's resistant to any kind of change. I was wondering if anyone had some advice about that? But yeah!! That's the basic sitch right now. Feel free to ask questions or offer advice, I'd love to hear it. I'll update this thread with anything we're working on or have accomplished. ALSO: Attached is an image of Adam I drew :D
  7. I don't think I would want that, just based on the month or so a while back he retreated really really far into the mind and I couldn't reach him. It was really depressing and lonely and I had waaaaaay more mental health issues during that time than usual, like I couldn't focus and lost a lot of sleep. Overall, it was a pretty bad time for me, and I think it'd be worse if he was totally separate. Adam would 100% be down to have his own body. He gets a lot of dysphoria fronting in a female body, but of course I can't go through any kind of ftm procedures because then *I* would become dysphoric :/ but if he had license over his own body he'd be able to get on testosterone and stuff So in short, a hard no from me but an enthusiastic yes from Adam
  8. Thanks!!! and you're right lol
  9. Gosh thanks so much, I definitely will!!!!
  10. very new here but really excited to get involved so here's a kinda old drawing of Adam!! lmk what y'all think ;P
  11. Hello, u can call me bron and I accidentally made a tulpa 2 years ago and I've just now figured out what he even is lol Long story short, I was (and am) a very high-achieving student under a lot of pressure, and I started to feel like I wasn't who I was supposed to be. Sometimes when I saw certain character designs or styles or anything I'd like,, collect them and store them away. Eventually that all clumped together and Adam was born!! (He oddly enough started w/ possession before speaking to me mentally, idrk how common that is,,,,) He's been there ever since! Sometimes he's kind of a jerk but it's mostly nice to have someone with a second opinion or just to talk to or help me out if I get overwhelmed. He's like an older brother ig I draw him a lot and I might post some drawings here? Again im really new to using forums in general so idk if thats cool lollllll Anywho uh I'm really hype to be here!! I'm so excited this forum is still around and I hope to learn lots :D