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  1. Personally, I think it's up to the individual what they should and shouldn't do. If you disapprove of tulpa books, that's your choice. If I want to buy a tulpa book, I will do.
  2. It's still early days with my tulpa, and I'm going along with the school of thinking to assume sentience from day one. I'm into week two. I had an impression of her in blue jeans, sheepskin jacket and ugg boots. I took her "shopping" for clothes, and she chose a hoody, as well as a new coat. She's also acquired a fleecy coat, which is far too big for her, and randomly, a niqab. Maybe this is a hint to work on the drawing of her face that I keep procrastinating on.
  3. Hello everyone, I hope I've posted this in the right place. I only heard about tulpas a couple of months ago. There seems to be allsorts of advice on the web. I've decided to go ahead, because it seems to be a natural extension of what I've been doing for much of my life. I had imaginary friends up until my mid twenties, with at least three different worlds. I'm quite happy role playing in work related training. I've always talked to myself. I'm an introvert. I embarked on creating my tulpa, provisionally called Harriet, a few days ago. I manage to give some quality time by active forcing at h
  4. Some of the best and most fulfilling things in life are very silly indeed.
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