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  1. I asked him, and he wasn't interested, I'm sorry. That was incredibly kind of you though, and if my other headmates need help I'll keep you guys in mind. Anytime!!! We are always here to talk.
  2. I don't know if I can help, but I'm here to talk. ( = Gray is a person. Gray needs someone to really know him. Does he have any friends outside of your system? That has been helping Char deal with loosing Rose. I'm sending you healing vibes and happy vibes.
  3. I agree. Yesterday was hard and we both had difficult days because of it. Whatever one feels it effects the others, so sharing is definitely important.
  4. That sounds nice. We have a walk-in today and it is very exciting to us. So we both had great days!
  5. Rose is a walk-in. She isn't completely developed, but she has spoken. Hmmmm. Hello. A general question, how do you do your signature? What have your walk-ins been like? For me, it now feels like there is a new area in my head. I don't know if it is possible to get a walk-in from an image, but I did, so yes. I wanted a sister, Naomi would be mine, but Rose is nice. She seemed kinda bored and tried so I left her alone. How do you tulpas experience walk-ins? For me, she was kind of a disappointment because we had Naomi all planned out. I like her and I think we should le
  6. I was looking at pictures and experienced a new "presence" when I looked at a photo that suddenly resonated with me. It was like a form popped in my head. She is older than me, wild, and has a fox. Her Char suggested that she might like a form like that, but it a bit feels different. My theory: For people who learn through imagery and are very associated with visualization images can be related to creating tulpas. You see an image and it awakens a new thoughtform. I don't know if this makes any sense to you, but it makes sense to me. General: My theory is that for people
  7. Yep. The next poster will figure out the "answer" to a big life decision.
  8. We have decided that since we are probably going to start a second tulpa on Friday, we will start forcing again. I think it will mainly be narration with possession. Char doesn't want to and groans every-time I start. We are working on an agreement like once we start they can have "double" forcing sessions. How do you manage time between your tulpas? Pear Jellybeans I speak!! I move y force? ?
  9. Nothing new today. Char and I keep doing some kind of half possession thing, wear I will be moving hand to write and she will be too. Does that even make sense? Pear jellybeans I'm bored! I don't care bout the zodiacs. Host is desperately obsessed with being cancer zodiac and me being an Aquarius. We have been playing games together, which is fun. Char's newest swear word replacement is "Pear Jellybeans!" and "Stars"
  10. We are improving on possession, but Char still can't always move my hand. It feels like there's something in me trying to move the hand, but only managing sudden twitches. I know it is her. We are also working on improving our wonderland. How do you keep what you do in your wonderland? I've always imagined worlds, but somehow find this very hard. We normally go out before bed, and I think that makes things towards the end get a little odd. Char has definitely improved at getting my attention and can sometimes move my eyes. I have been researching zodiac signs a lot. I am a perfect Cancer
  11. Thank you! That makes more sense. I think if I had gone through with my "idea" it wouldn't have gone too well.
  12. That isn't quite what I mean. I mean she has negative thoughts that replicate my thoughts, but not exactly. The idea is she has negative thoughts, but understands how to cope with them, or maybe I have to teach her how. Because if you can teach someone something it means you understand it. Does that make more sense? She has sooooo much trouble letting things go. I could barely talk fully because she just blocked out any non-strict/nerdy stuff I said. I will so help.
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