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  1. Technically, isn't that how many posts Ranger made? They might be deleted into oblivion but that doesn't change history...
  2. Sounds like Einstein didn't like bards
  3. I'm not even... right, as long as no one wants world war 3 to happen
  4. Mayhaps we could all come to an agreement before someone accidentally triggers world war 3
  5. I can see it being common among people suffering hypochondria
  6. [Matsuri] Hosts are computers because it would be impossible to connect to servers if they were hosted by hotdogs. Ask Pleeb I'm right
  7. Be ready to succeed and your chances are greater.
  8. Granted. They surrender and give us back our sun. You're all free to use solar energy now. I wish we had a better energy solution than solar energy.
  9. God encourages the drinking of alcohol, as said in the bible. Wine is a very holy thing apparently.
  10. [Kurisutina] If not counting anime, then probably Jerry Seinfeld from Seinfeld or Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock. Have yet to see all the big western shows though and haven't actually seen Sherlock yet. [Matsuri] I love the 11th doctor from Doctor Who! Hands down my favorite character in any series What's yours?
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