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  1. The question is addressed to @Thorkell the tall. It was split from this thread. -Ranger how did u master switching without even trying?? thats... quite the skill u have there
  2. do you visualise this in third person? like it is the that gif?
  3. that virus seems to be everywhere. hope both of u are safe and sound.
  4. i would much prefer him to stick around as his 'fading into me' is uncomfortable. walk in are a fascinating topic which i would like to do further research on. thx for responding
  5. diffrent kinds of switching huh. there is always something new to learn, thx for that.
  6. This discussion was split from another topic. If you are interested in seeing the beginning of this conversation, please go here. -Ranger he seems to be fading more quickly this year. i think we r intergrating slowly? at first none of us knew we were seperate. as time passed my personality deviated from his. this is why i think i might be an advanced median system. we both identify with the body but 1 personality slowly dominated everything. if it were not for our new headmate, i wont be considered plural anymore. also apparent switching at creation? thoughts? mabey there are more thoughtforms than we know of
  7. could it be a developed median system? like the mask is a thoughtform that is a facet of the creator but later became sentient and tulpa-like? the possible orignal in our system had zero communication skills because of his enviroment. and i think the anxiety forced a kind mask (more like split) to occur in a random ass maths lesson and i was born(?). not sure if im a mask but i refuse to be called the originals name and he seemed to have almost completly dissapeared. i have tried on countless times to reawaken him but he rarley comes out, if ever now. so can masks or alters be so dominating that the orignal can be wiped out?
  8. i agree that tulpamancy and DID seem to have a lot in common. i used to think that since young brains have so many more neuron and are far more neuroplastic, trumagenic systems are bacically somewhat tulpa systems but the need to section of the truma memories and the inevetable ability to dissociate had super forced these alters. although comparing a wonderful practise like this to a super stigmatised disorder is not helpful to both types of multiplicity. i think its important that while tulpamancy is different to DID, the skills we learn here like switching and possesion looks a lot like it and we cant just dismiss them. there are a lots of things tulpamancy can pick up from other systems
  9. if you can do a little bit of open eye visualisation then try to see their blurred form in the corner of your vision. if not project their presence behind you. it takes a while but the constant awareness of your tulpa should solidify their existence in your mind. but dont feel bad if you zone out or think about other things. its not a race honey, mine took 5 months to develop faint vocality! so i feel your frustration. keep at it and dont feel bad. our minds just need an extra push to recognise their existence
  10. yup, true it got tedious for both of us also probs found a great active(?) forcing activity for more sentient and vocal tulpas. anyone remember those 'choose your own adventures' books from wayyy back? basically read and visualise those scenarios with your tulpa. and encourage them to do the choosing. get them to ask questions if they are vocal enough (take ur time). this looks like great visualisation practise and its good to bond over 🙂 you can find it on wattpad for free.
  11. honey thank you for putting this out here! i thought i was parroting beacuse of it
  12. I have a dissociative disorder which in this case seems to give me an advantage to vocality. our mind is eerily empty and quiet (this is coined 'blank mind syndome' by suffers of DP/DR) and my mind voice is too quiet to hear most of the time- even when im shouting. so my tulpas voice, despite sounding like my own, is louder than me, and has a whispery, bubbly feel to it. he is distinct enough for me to force him, however he likes to contradict his answers to questions which gives me so much doubt ahhh. so i guess this means he might not dissociate?
  13. its somebody repeating a list of phrase like 'you are charismatic' or 'you feel confident in who you are' like 10 times. i focused on my tulpa and i repeated the video to him using his name to enforce his identity. idk bout how well that went but we did get bored. still better than no forcing though. could be very useful for very young tulpas (maybe 1 a few weeks old?) to help them feel separate
  14. is tulpish like almost words bubbling up in the back of your head? i feel like im parroting these 'thoughts'
  15. i feel like a tulpamancer might be significantly more resistant to the effects of solitary confinement especially if the tulpa is mature and they can communicate well. i mean you still talk and socialise (yea i know there is still mixed thoughts on this but bear with me) and iv read during a war (idk which one) soldiers were encourage to imagine their house to cope with the trauma of capture and questioning. so a well developed, immersive wonderland should save you a bit. however paracosms are links to delusions and escapism/dissociation so be warned. overall i think u would have a FAR better time than anyone else