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  1. I believe it is finally time to post here about our conclusions. First, however, I will be concluding my anonymity. I am user IceCreeper909, host of System Nobody. Moving on. We have decided to put some system mates in dormancy, until further notice. We've been keeping a list of all of us and who wants to be put into dormancy and who wants to stay. We figure it'd make the most sense to have everyone decide for themselves whether or not they'd like to stay or go into dormancy. The list as of current has 9 of us opting to stay and the rest for dormancy. The changes will take effect in the new year. We're trying to do this in as most of a logical yet humane way as we can. Hopefully, this is the answer. I'll be trying to keep a PR in the new year of what happens. Until then, this has been Bryan, signing off.
  2. Thank you all for your advice. We'll do a system meeting tonight and hopefully come to at least some form of consensus. I'll report back our decisions later. Hello again. Last night, we decided to have a list for whom shall be put into dormancy. We figured that having us all decide for themselves would be best, as opposed to forcing anyone into it. We plan on keeping this list for about a week, doing checks every now and then to see if anyone has changed their mind. Once we decide we're ready, we'll begin rolling out the changes. On that note, however, we were also talking about merging, but I don't think any of us understand how to merge, nor m=what a merge really is. If anyone would care to enlighten us, I would be more than thankful. Similarly, we never learned the simple definition of "dormancy" in regards to tulpae. How would a tulpa be put into dormancy? How does it differ from dissipation? How do you keep a tulpa in dormancy? Again, if anyone can answer these questions, we'd be very greatful.
  3. Hello. I've been a host for a while. Things have gone a different path than I would have liked. Our system has a few more tulpae than most, and we were able to manage that nicely for so long, but things are starting to go downhill. Where once I was trying to stop myself from forcing any more system mates, now I'm trying to stop myself from dissipating them. It feels like the uniquity that all of us had was lost when we expanded. Like each trait from a previously existing tulpa was given to another to try to give them some sense of individuality. I want things to be better. For each of us to be our own completely different people, yet the way things currently are makes that seemingly impossible. Some of us aren't forced that much. Though I try to force them by spending time with them to maintain a balance of sorts, does it really work? Would downsizing be a better option? No. I don't think downsizing is a good idea. I see it as a form of murder, dissipating. The odds of me being able to let them go and into the figurative and maybe literally are slim. I don't like the thought of putting a tulpa into a state of purgatory while acting like everything is fine. The concept of making them "greys" or "NPCs" doesn't seem very good of an idea either. Part of me wants to go back to when I first learned about tulpas. To that sense of curiosity and joy, back when anything was(seemingly) possible. To when I could give attention to just one person, just fine. That sense of wonder, learning everything about the tulpa phenomenon I could. But the thing is, I probably could go back. A smaller system may be the right answer. But, no, that can't be it. I've already dug my grave, haven't I? I've decided that I can't and won't dissipate anyone... Or at least, I keep trying to tell myself that. I don't know how to go back to being a smaller system even if I wanted to. Even if my system mates say that they understand, that they know why I would do it, I can still tell that they're fearful. That they don't want it to happen. Yet they still try to remain selfless. If dissipating a few of us means a better life for the rest of us, what about those we dissipated? Things wouldn't feel right. Something would be missing. I don't know what I should do. At this point, I probably should downsize a bit. But... Is that really the answer? I need help with this; I'm not nearly responsible enough to conclude on my own.
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