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  1. thanks I'm not so much unsure of making one, just wasn't sure if making it based upon a part of yourself, in my case my curse would work or not :> Still not sure how best to begin the progress with the the tulpa. I try to focus when I go to sleep or when I'm out and about, went for a 3 hour walk yesterday and imagined it as a leopard following me and talked to it, and discussing the various things we saw and heard. But can't quiet see, just feel it's presence.
  2. cold's suck :> I've been trying to work on it slowly, but hard to concentrate when I cough every minute or so. No progress, but slowly trying to work on it.
  3. Thanks :> I've spent the last day going back and thinking about what I had in the past, and seems to still be there sorta, I can mentally see a eagle, though some times a leopard that watches me, and seems to react, but at the same time, never been sure if it's real, or just, I'm thinking it reacts the way I expect it too. I've always wished to connect with it stronger, because in the past it was at times like I understood it well, then others it was a distant memory. Both it, and the part of me it repersents.
  4. thanks already read all that :> Just was looking for stuff beyond that for the next step.
  5. This is something I found out about hearing it mentioned on a podcast, though it's something I think I've tried to do on my own sorta in the past, but never did much. Years ago I had dream where I was in some cave, and saw a bird *I believe eagle* sitting at the enterance, and a voice said become the bird. I was able in the dream to become a eagle, and change that left me...with that desire ever since, though it comes and go. A few times over the years I had actually tried to imagine that desire and part of myself like a bird or a eagle, which sounds simular to something akin to a tulpa, and now kinda wondering if I should try to take what I tried in the past further and into a tulpa, as it's a part of me that I've always wanted to try to get closer too. I'm not sure if what I want to do is a tulpa or not, but I found out about this, and as I was researching it remembered my previous tries and how it was simular. Sorry if a bit rambly :> Just kinda wanting to try it out as it would be very important to me if it works. Are there any good guides? I've checked a few of them, but still. unsure of how it works, in the past it was trying to imagine that part of myself as a eagle, but was never sure how much of it was it, and how much was just myself...trying to imagine it.