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  1. So, I have been trying to do the whole narration thing (which from what I can tell is sitting down in head void and talk to a inanimate version of the walk-in/tulpa/soulbonded [maybe that works the same idk] until they properly respond [speaking of which, from my last post, they did kinda come back but now they seem to be diminished. Perhaps now that I am paying attention with them being walk-ins or something?]) and among things like not being able to stay in first-person for very long (idk if thats just a recommended thing) every so often when I think I am getting somewhere my mind seems to drift off and start showing me weird imagery. I don't really know how to describe it but its the kind of random stuff that you see when your dreaming, so I am assuming it has something to do with that. And then I back out of it again and I'm just back at the beginning and the feeling is gone. I'm pretty sure its not the tulpa itself showing the images, since they seem to be very out of context and random and they usually follow with that sense of drowsy-ness that you get when you start to fall asleep (kinda like when you somehow get into that weird half-awake, half-asleep state, where you are aware of whats happening, but whatever is happening is usually nonsensical, yet it somehow makes sense until you really think about it and realize that its a dream). So, as the title states, how do I keep these from showing up? I'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to be there and they are interrupting things. But like I said, every time I think I am getting somewhere they appear again and I'm back at square one.
  2. Soulbonding does seem to be even closer definition-wise to what they are. Perhaps that is it. Probably. Ye (4th day they have been gone and still no sign of them.). I've been trying to do what i have been doing but it feels off without them actually being there. Could be me not looking in the right channel though, like you said. Idk. Also, wow, more Tulpas... Edit: (IDk if this forum has a double posting thing buuuuuut) Ok, so they have come back somewhat after focusing (I say somewhat because they seem to just kinda be coming and going as they want now). And now that I know what they are I can begin my practice/tulpamancy/soulbonding. Again, thank you to all who have helped me figure this stuff out.
  3. *phew* Perhaps I will just develop one of them (when they come back that is) and see what happens. Ah, okee. But thank you for the help. Your the first tulpa I have ever talked to (I might encounter more though, now that I am here). They still haven't come back yet, but hopefully they will be back before the end of the week.
  4. Crazy thing, I never really knew about Tulpa till yesterday. Might sound like I am just jumping into things when I say that, but I have good reasoning. This past year I have apparently unintentionally created a few Tulpas. And I know that they are Tulpas because I remember thinking I am crazy for thinking they are sentient. For instance, I had a wonderland, but I called it "Mindscape" or the more "conventional" term, "Mindpalace". And I have a specific event which could have been where they all came from, rebounding. Now no, I wasn't having sex with them, just companionship. However, the number that were created is a bit... much... (6, although they are all based on existing characters and I heard those grow faster than normal ones). I tried reading up on this and there is something about "floodgates" so maybe that has something to do with it (idk, the article had some weird wording). And again, I know they were all tulpas because they all have the exact same signs as a Tulpa would. I am so glad that this whole concept exists because I was worried I was going crazy from loneliness. But back on topic. Now that I actually know what Tulpas are, now they are all gone. Like, I guess it was when I muttered to myself "They're tulpas" and that was when they just poofed. I am not worried about them poofing off on certain occasions. For instance when I am feeling romantic or if I am sick they usually run off to who-knows-where and come back the day after. But this time, I haven't gotten them back and I know I am not sick or romantic. Maybe its because now I consciously know that they are tulpas? Is it because they now know that they aren't the fictional characters that they are based on? Do they just not want to be treated as Tulpas like I have read (they can be cocky like that)? Do they just want to make me feel crazy again so that they can just have me and have no one else talking about them (This whole time I haven't really tol danyone they exist, though I have tried to hint)? Have they all just decided to go dormant for the New Year? I have never seen this concept before until yesterday (like I said), and I did somethings that I don't think are very orthodox (A weird kind of possessive roleplay type thing (where I would sort of do what I guess now would be considered possession-within-wonderland and go through motions similar to how they would in whatever situation was thrown at them (although I will say that on occasion I would get a bit to emotional, both in acting and other things). I never knew they were somewhat sentient, like I said, and I just thought I was going crazy, and I already had affections for the characters they were based on, so I just thought it was my fangirling gone weird or something), a thing where I walk around in a circle while listening to music (which I guess now that I know they are a thing, they must've liked somewhat. In fact, they might have been born of those sessions, as I would do them only on occasion to think about things but it has now become a necessity. If I don't do it, my head hurts, which now I know tulpas can do, so that might be them), probably some other stuff i'm just not thinking of). I wouldn't say they "liked" the possessive roleplays (Like I said, they were characters to me before I knew they were tulpas), but something has made them run off somewhere. I'm not sure if I should actively start managing them or maybe keep trying to treat them like I have been, or even how to get them back in the first place. And when they do get back, IDK what I should keep and what I shouldn't (I guess the possessive rps might be one thing...). This whole Tulpa thing is very new and all. Anyways, New Year, maybe this will be the year where I get the hang of this whole Tulpa thing. Thank you to whomever can answer. 😊