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  1. i mean, how we switch is that we just hand over control of the body and dominant thoughts to the frontrunner, but my thoughts start to dominate when i wander off so id like to get in contact with option 1
  2. @Ranger so all in all, are we supposed to just keep practicing being switched, until im able to be pushed out into a "trance" state? im not sure how id be able to do that, because as i originally said, just to be intentionally switched out i need to be focused on it, and that trance state is what causes me to accidentally take front.
  3. you may have to clarify what you mean by "switching". to us, we would switch, not possess, to do something like let somebody play a videogame. we can way more easily stay switched by being triggered to switch, rather than doing it intentionally. but as i said, intentional switching just goes to my autopilot and then me, no matter what the body is doing.
  4. thing is, none of my headmates have the kind of control/influence on the system needed to be able to keep me at bay, because usually if we're like trying to have a fronter other than me play a videogame, usually what happens is my mind starts wondering while playing the game on autopilot, and then i realise im fronting again. my headmates are unable to make me be "kept at bay", because i simply just have wayyy too much uncontrolled influence over the system. people keep telling me to "let your headmates do their part", but they literally cant, it has to start with me.
  5. ill try look at it and follow it, but im not sure i can remember all the steps off by memory (because i think they need to be done in quick succession)?
  6. this is basically the endgoal for me switching out, i want to be able to experience the headspace while someone else fronts in meatspace. im just wondering if there any any guides out there for this process, if anyone has done it or if its even possible to do
  7. i dont really understand what youre trying to say, im the host and i keep sliding back into front when trying to be switched out
  8. ok, so we've tried this, and it works while in the moment of remembering that im not fronting, but once i forget about us, i just slide back into front subconsciously, doesnt matter whether or not xi - ascension to heaven or l'internationale is playing specifically for aurora, our brain just starts processing it as "background music" and then the same problem as in the title of the post occurs that actually does seem to work for dissociating, but again eventually their voice fades out and are unintentionally replaced by my thoughts
  9. it seems that all of us share our abilities in being able to do something, anything i can do they can do and vice versa. the only way it differs is for example if ashye were to play rocket league, it be a more "sharp" style while id be trying to make it smooth-looking i was doing some drawing yesterday, and i remembered ashye would like to try draw. so we did our best to switch. ashye controlled drawing it for a few seconds, until i completely forgot about it and went into a semi-autopilot state which made me front. the problem is literally im thinking too little about being swi
  10. nothing like makes me "snap" back into front, its more like once i forget about there existing more people in our head than just me i just kinda slip back in without noticing, no matter what is being done or what im thinking and im not quite sure how to create a trigger like that for one of my headmates, they dont even know what their favourite song is (with one headmate's exception) and ive tried to visualise myself outside the body, in headspace, and my headmate being the "energy" that controls me, viewing our hands as just a hunk of flesh, or anything like that, but
  11. so first of all, i should probably mention its hard for me to dissociate. sometimes its way easier and i can just do it on a whim, most of the time its impossible without meditation (and 95% of my day doesnt allow for me to be in distraction-free area). but we still might be able to switch, then just that if i cant dissociate it certainly feels like im doing everything (including the pre-thought maybe 50 or more % of the time). if im in a state to easily dissociate, we find it much easier to stay switched. but most of the time im not able to easily dissociate and not in an environm
  12. i already get auditory hypnagogic hallucinations all the time, sometimes kinetic, so this actually sounds like a good idea we already hear every noise because of aspergers, so possibly this might work? but at the same time, we would *not* have the patience of 2.5 hours : p also, for this, im not really sure how to create an expectation for something i *know* isnt *really* there. it just seems impossible for me to believe something is real while *knowing* its not. itd be like me as an atheist trying to get myself to believe in a god, when my entire self-philosophy draws th
  13. ive seen everywhere, people talking about “practicing imposition”, but i have absolutely no idea what people mean when they say this. do they just keep trying to force an imagined image into reality? do they try to impose something they know theyre unable to impose yet, until they somehow experience it? ive tried to do imposition, but the most im ever able to do is a “ghost”-y outline/line of something im trying to impose. im unable to go any further, and it frustrates me. if i tried staring at a specific point, hours on end, just trying to get a coloured blob into my vision, i simply dont thi
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