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  1. i already get auditory hypnagogic hallucinations all the time, sometimes kinetic, so this actually sounds like a good idea
  2. ive seen everywhere, people talking about “practicing imposition”, but i have absolutely no idea what people mean when they say this. do they just keep trying to force an imagined image into reality? do they try to impose something they know theyre unable to impose yet, until they somehow experience it? ive tried to do imposition, but the most im ever able to do is a “ghost”-y outline/line of something im trying to impose. im unable to go any further, and it frustrates me. if i tried staring at a specific point, hours on end, just trying to get a coloured blob into my vision, i simply dont think itd be possible for me. im not sure how to practice imposition. ive also seen about having to trick your brain into thinking the image is actually there... but for me, im not sure if its possible for me to convince myself that something is real, when i know its not. plus, i have a good visualizing skills, so it frustrates me when i cant even get a black or white or grey blob to appear by imposition. the only other types of imposition i can do are smell, which is kinda faint, taste (also pretty faint), and pressure (not touch). auditory imposition is something i cant even imagine how to practice (and would like some advice on too, but not rn, i just want help with visual imposition).