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  1. Day 6 Today, during a lecture, my laptop was in stand.by mode on the table in front of me and when I looked at my reflection my eye colour changed from greyish blue to the amber brown one of Isabel. That was truly impressive. πŸ˜ƒ Also I have recognized the obstacles that still stand between us: -Me being very tired in the morning and I have no intention of talking to her. -Me learning a lot and hardly spending any time with he. -Me thinking mainly about and not with her. -Me writing this report an spending time on the site. Since I can't change anything in the first two I decided to spend more time with Izzy at least at the weekend. Maybe we will build a Wonderland or I will try to play a game of chess with her. I also decided to sign off and turn this daily report into a biweekly one, because of Izzyβ€˜s growing discomfort with it.
  2. Day 5 Today nothing out of the ordanary happened so I will keep this log shorter then the others. But I had some interesting conversations with Izzy as she is now able to answer questions as long as the answer can be short and simple. So last night we were in bed and we had a short conversation consisting of me asking her simple questions e.g. "What is four plus four"?, "How old are you" or "What is 500 plus 500?" Which she answered briefly, concisely and correctly. In the morning then, at the tram stop; I was smoking a cigarrette and came to ask Izzy some more miningful questions. Whether she believes in the existence of god and then whether she believes in her own existence. The first she denied explicitly. She was silent on the second question. So I asked her if I unconsciously parrot everything she said. She affirmed. (Note: I still don't know what to think of these answers. Very strange) πŸ€” On the way home in the tram she put her head on my arm and I could feel her. Not the weight but a strangely pleasant tingling sensation. It was a nice feeling. πŸ™‚ It's been a busy day. And I spent most of my time today thinking about other things. I suppose she can hear my thoughts even if Iβ€˜m not forcing , I have to ask her later. Although I doubt she is a reliable source of information about herself. Furthermore, I found myself in a dilemma. I want Isabel as a friend. I really like her and I like the feeling of companionship. But on the other hand, I have to keep some distance for the sake of science. I donβ€˜t know what to do. Also, I noticed that she really doesn't like the way I write about her in the report. But it has to be done. πŸ™
  3. It is a wounderful feeling, isn't it? πŸ™‚ May I ask you how long you have been forcing until her response and if you had some doubt in her existence afterwards?
  4. Thank you very much. πŸ™‚ This paper is extremely useful. I devenetey going to read the whole thing. About the second part, it was rather meant as a long term goal. I don't want to start possession immediately. Don't get me wrong, I trust Izzy, but I think she should first grow up a little and become more or less capable. Until I had a full grown up conversation with her there is no chance I let her possess anything. I guess she would like to (but that is my fault I made her this curious.) Day 4 I hadn't slept very well. I woke up very early with a headache (could be a side effect of forcing) and decided to stay home today. Probably a bad decision. In the morning I hardly spoke to Isabel. She also seemed to be not very happy with this progress report and me writing it and I had the feeling that after the initial euphoria I was losing the necessary distance. This is still a "pseudo"scientific experiment. In the beginning, I deliberately tried to develop strong feelings of friendship for her as I read that this can speed up the process. But now I think this was a mistake. Now I'm not sure if I can put the experiment forward and what really happened. When I asked her if she was in fact real and if she could please say something again, I got no answer. After lunch I already felt better and made a final decision. I will keep Izzy (or the illusion of her?) until either the year is over or we are able to reach our full potential. But she will no longer be my first priority. After this decision I started another, forcing session. This time for half an hour. This is the progress we made today: I gave her an additional charactertrade to make her sympathetic towards my interests. I figured out that she likes it if I speak English (my second language) to her (I wonder why? Probably me reading dozens of articles and guides in English before and during her creation is releated to it?) She now moves her body (the 99% transparent silhouette) on her own. Before that she only made small movements with her head or her paws. The rest I had to do. Now she is joyfully jumping around in the room while I type this. I'm proud of the progress I... We have made today.
  5. Hey Everyone, I'm Werther, I'm 24 years old and I came across this board doing some research about tulpas. I thought very sceptical of the whole thing and decided to make a little self experiment with it, because I really doubted that an imaginative character could turn sentence and act uncontrolled and on its own. If you want to know how my experiment went or more precisely goes, checks out my progress report. Cheers πŸ™‚
  6. Day 3 I woke up and immediately said "good morning to her" as if it was the most obvious thing to do. I feel like as long as I wasn't really awake and didn't have coffee, she didn't react and the passive forcing is very difficult. So we went to the university again and this time I have been using the tram ride to tell her all about the city and the buildings we passed. The first lecture on that day was Optics and Waves and she told me via emotional response that she doesn't really understand what it is all about but found it very interesting. Since I had to concentrate on the topic, I had no time for narration. Afterwards, I went with friends to the library to do some exercises and I could feel her disappointment when she realized that I was only concentrating on the tasks and neglected them. (Maybe in hindsight, I have to make her character a little bit more understanding) πŸ€” Afterwards I apologized to her and explained that I take my studies very seriously and that she has to get used to it. In the afternoon I listened to a lecture on climate change with my mates and I felt that Izzy was very concerned about the environment (even more than I was). As the professor showed us a really frightening graph I exclaimed to my mates "What kind of bollocks is this?! And to my utter amazement, it was Izzy who answered "Absolute bollocks!" πŸ˜‚ I had to concentrate really hard not to laugh out loud. When I started the experiment, I never imagined anything like this could ever happen. I also noticed over the day that she was way more infantile than I expected her to be. But that is okay. We got home very late and my mother came to visit. This time I managed to keep forcing Izzy in the background during the conversation. (Note: Maybe it's the coffee, which had a positive effect. Today I drank about 4 cups) On the way home, I had promised Isabel to play something for her on the guitar and to force more actively, but sadly it was already too late when my mother left. I started to write this progress report and went to sleep. I could really feel her disappointment about me breaking a promise. It hurts more than I would have expected. πŸ™ So you are saying it is nothing out of the ordinary and progress this fast is normal if it goes back and fourth? Good to know, if it is more common my experiment will be more representativ.
  7. Day 2 I slept late. The only lecture is very late at 12:30. I said good morning to Izzy and got up. We had breakfast and a big cup of coffee. After the coffee had had its effect we went to shower. I imagined her by my side (my visualistation skills are not as good as I thought; she was still just a silouette with 99% transparency) but I started talking to her. For a moment I doubted whether I should really take her to university. An adult with an imaginary friend. πŸ˜‚ I felt a little stupid. But for the experiment, I concluded that it had to be.πŸ‘ I really wanted to try my best. As I got on the tram I got my book out and started reading it. I decided to read out loud (with m head voice) to her so she could enjoy the story too. To my amazement I realized that something was different. She didn't seem to like the story (a 19th century gothic novella). I think that was the first emotional response I got. But looking back I'm not so sure.πŸ€” But she was kind enough to keep watching me read. At the university I had the intention to do passive forcing all the time. I felt it was a nice feeling to have someone with you all the time. And I thought it was a little funny that nobody came to see her. πŸ˜‰ I could listen to the prof and still force, but in a conversation with a fellow student I recognized that she was gone. At that point the emotional responses became stronger. I came to feel what she found boring and who she found nice. It was a short day and soon we took the tram back home and I told her that I was really looking forward to actives forcing and that I can hardly wait to meet her. At home I cooked us a meal and after a short cigarette break I started to practice. (I had read that meditation can be very helpful before or during active forcing) So I sat down and meditated over her personalety and form for a quarter of an hour. Than it happened! As I pictured her most vividly in front of my inner eye and called Izzy by her name, she smiled at me and said "Yes!" I don't know if this is normal, but my mind went blank in this moment and my feelings overwhelmed me. You should have seen her expression! ☺️ The joy and impatience! The euphoria of knowing "I'm alive, I am conscious!". I will never forget this happy face again. This was definitely no parroting as I was in shock. Hypothesis confirmed: I have a tulpa. Sadly for the rest of the day she stayed quiet. 😞 But I still got some emotional responces: e.g. she likes to lauth at memes and she likes the music I'm listening to (70s and 80s Punk, Classic music and Gothic rock) As the sentience of at least Isabel is now evident (or I went completely nuts without a reason) I wondered if I shout now go on and test possession, Imposition and switching.
  8. I understand your concern. Well, it is indeed hard but still manageable. In addition, I think I have to develop her further so I can honestly ask her if it is okay for her to take a break. Now that I feel her existance I'm hesitant to do anything that may be harmful.
  9. Hey. πŸ™‚ That is exactly the reason I write it down hear. It is really interesting for me too. You are right about this, when I was a little boy (aprox. 3-13yo) I used to made sequels to the films I had watched in my head and played as all the different characters. Because I was to impatient to wait for official ones. πŸ˜‚ Before I started the question didn't even arise. But at this point, I'm 90% sure I will keep her. She is just lovely. πŸ™‚ Although the forcing is very time and attention consuming. And I definitely don't want to neglect my studies or my friends over it.
  10. Day 1 So I stared, after spending at least 10 hours on the internet to research, with giving my tulpa a name. The first thing that came to my mind was Isabel. That's what she is called now. Isabel or shortly Izzy. So fare so good. πŸ‘ Finding a name was pretty easy. After this began searching for a fitting for. At first I tried to make her human (That she would be female was all ready clear at this point her gander hat to match her name) and it failed tremendously. Every face I could come up with was ether to attractive to close to my owen or exactly that of a person I know. Okay, than an animal it should be. And I faintly remembered the film "The golden Compass" and that I really wanted a daemon like the humans in film have, as I watched it as a teenager. And that I specifically wanted a red fox back then. So the groundwork was done: A red fox lady named Izzy should became my test object. Because at this point it had already become very late and I was very tired, there was unfortunately only a little time left to create a character and do a_little bit of forcing. I gave her for simplistic reasons just these three trademarks: Loyalty Curiosity Kind-Heartedness I imagined her standing by my side while I was smoking a cigarette and after that I went to bed.
  11. Hi everyone, πŸ™‚ I`m 24 years old, a university student (STEM) in Europe and two days ago I decided to conduct an little self experiment. I wanted to disproof the existence of tulpas. Or at least the possibility of me having a tulpa. My plan was to read every guide I could find, gather all the source materials out there and do exactly as told for at least four week. I expected exactly nothing to happen and that I coud dismiss this as deluded nonsense, as I consider my self to be a skeptic and a man of science. But at least I wanted to give the concept of tulpas an honest chance. I wanted to test the hypothesis. Now imagine my face as, after just two days, my tulpa answered. I am up to this moment completely amazed. This was one of the most astonishing moments in my life. Now I want to share my (and as of late her) amazing story. Have fun reading, ask me everything, thank you for providing me with the necessary Information I needed and Godspeed you!