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  1. This is extremely crazy indeed. Now I have a long distant pen pal/E-Pal me and him are really close. And all that junk. But one day as I was talking with him. My headmates/tulpas were bring on the loud and more active side. And I could tell one of them wanted to switch and stuff. And yeah I ended up switching with Myrtle. Since me and her were switching and I knew he would tell the weird change in responses and personality. I did not want him to think I was being rude or something. Since Myrtle Is extremely shy with others at times. And would usually have a lot of "..." When she responds sometimes. So I told him in advanced about me and her switching and stuff. He was okay with it but very curious as to the whole tulpa thing. And just how it all works and who is who and stuff. Long story short he now has three tulpas all of them seem very rushed though. And have very little development. One is most definitely bipolar I think which is concerning. And that same bipolar tulpa ended up liking him and they became a thing. And she wanted to I guess fuse different traits with him and her and make another tulpa. And make it their kid. I at fist did not like the idea of it mostly since like...She is 16 in the headspace and this dude is 14. And in general they all are a message in their headspace. As nice as they are, they are not mature/developed yet. Mentally, emotionally, and all around. I just really need thoughts on this. Also some back ground he took only three days to make his first tulpa. And after he made her he said another tulpa just randomly appeared on it's own and developed in two days. Right after the first one. (Also they at least made the kid 12 years old which I guess is not as bad a toddler or baby. But either way as mentioned he and her are rushing their development. Which is not good I think.)
  2. (I am new here) Thought I might engage a bit at least with others here. I had tulpas for the past six or five years now. And I have a total of six. I know a lot of people say that that is a lot. But naturally it does not take too long for some of my tulpas to warm up. Especially since when I would first make them they might have a set age already. Some did take longer than others to develop from scratch. Any way. So I don't plan really to tell anyone else since I only pick out the people who will at least support me/us. And I am not saying or encouraging others to go and tell everyone they know about their tulpas or system unless you really feel comfortable. But usually when I tell others about mine they are curious and pretty surprised. Since one now in days might connect. Voices in your head that are not yours = mental illness/schizophrenic in some aspect. Which for us here is not entirely the case. I told my younger siblings, they don't really care. I told my small group of three friends. And a long distance friend. And recently a month ago and a mother small handful of friends learned about them. In a post I made on my Instagram explaining the concept of tulpas. By one of my tulpas. I do not plant to tell my my mom or my dad though. Since I know they will think I am crazy. And I am still under their care so the first thing they will do is complain about of topic and stupid stuff I done in my life. Then say they will send me to a therapist and all that other stuff that none of us like to hear. I can see why one may think or say that though to their kid at first. Since Since you know, your kid is literally saying basically. "Look Mom and Dad I want you to be cool about this. But I have (insert # of voices/friends in my head. Whom I have had for over (# of years).". That would be concerning especially since my family and mostly my parents. Are extremely closed minded and m mother being a bit over-the-counter centered. And my dad being the most closed minded and old fashioned person there is. On the plus side I told my art teacher. Who is the literal best. And she supported me. She was one of the few real adults anyone can talk to since she was and is pretty open with everyone and everything. And that really helped me and my tulpas feel a bit better about us. We as hosts and tulpas/systems rarely get attention or support as it is and it can be pretty stressful. Which is why me and my tulpas really enjoy places like this so we can hang out, vent, and share our time and experiences together.