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  1. I'm debating whether to create a wonderland from parts of locations, or just one location, that I've already encountered in visualization or similar before, or whether to start from scratch creating something entirely original. The advantage I can see with using previous locations is they already have symbolic associations, which may give the wonderland a boost during creation, i.e. speed up the process and make it more grounded in my psyche. The disadvantage I can see is that the associations of previous locations may not be entirely understood by me. What did you do?
  2. Thank you! You needn't worry that I'll rub people up the wrong way with (spiritual) metaphysics. I'm a science nerd, western philosophy enthusiast and skeptic. It just so happens that I see traditional religious practices as still having value from a rational, naturalistic psychological framework. I doubt I'll even bring it up that much.
  3. Hi! I'm Leander. I am very interested in Western Tulpamancy. I was told about it by someone in my meditation group and immediately started to look into it. When I was young I would imagine daemons that were kind of like embodiments of important times, places and feelings. I wasn't superstitious or believed in supernatural forces, it was just a creative thing. It felt like it was a way to carry these with me for inspiration, even interact with them. I had many of these spirits who came and went. Nowadays its just one prevailing daemon that sticks around and seems to have absorbed several others. S/he would be the basis for creating a Tulpa for three main reasons:- S/he wants that to happen. like, a lot! I think s/he would be a perpetually good influence to have around. S/he's too wild to "integrate" into my personality without becoming awkwardly eccentric. Currently I actively practice meditation and psychonautics. I don't know how much they will help with the process of Tulpa creation but I suspect they won't hinder it. In my past I've been involved in many esoteric/occult circles. Again, I'm not superstitious or believe in supernatural forces. My framework for such things was based in the power of the human imagination, creativity and meaning.
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