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  1. You're in the best place. Literally go to Progress Report / Guides and look back to posts older than 2014.
  2. The soliders ate so much pizza that they became fat and couldn't walk anymore
  3. banned for having anime, that's an unforgivable sin
  4. Excellent stuff, you don't get to see guides like this anymore. Bumping so newcomers can see.
  5. There's lots to be said about the current state of the community, especially in certain places (Reddit and some discords) The concept of "tulpa" as it used to be (2012/2013) and plurals have merged, and some good concepts have gone to waste It's best to keep quiet about it because said people will immediately call you an "elitist" and will immediately sh** up the threads with insults and namecalling to deliberately avoid discussion, but the truth (from someone who has been on and off from this community for the past 7 years) is that the concept has been watered down so much it's nothing more than "yet another plural method" instead of what it actually used to be. But yes, please call me an elitist to protect your feelings.
  6. Make whatever is simpler for you to visualize. It's useless to create an enormous place that you can't possibly remember in its entirety and forget all the details Sometimes all I use is a black void, because I don't really care. We do have a wonderland though
  7. Hi I'm Matt. i started around 7 years ago back when pony tulpas was the cool trend. I have one tulpa, Cheryl. "She's the backbone of this facility. Pretty as a postcard, too. Sorry, fellas. She's married. To science." That's it