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    Jake- Host, theatrical actor, visual artist, and pianist. I'm new to this whole thing, and came here over a bit of concern for a possible tulpa (still not sure yet, he isn't fully formed as far as I know)

    Connor- I'm OBSESSED with vampires! I like painting and making sick music; also might possibly be an actual sentient being lol. I'm not super vocal atm and I'm not usually visualized in the real world, but I'm cool as fuck so whatever lmao. RIP jake

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  1. @Théotime Yeah, it's kinda like his version of my world and it's usually where I go when I sort of speak as him when no one's around to hear
  2. Jake and I are trying possession right now! We gotta just do little things right now so I can learn some shit lol, so I'm typing this instead of him. No body control yet ofc, just his dumb hands (jk I love you lol) so here we are! Nice to meet everybody ig

  3. He definitely has a visualized form, however I usually see him in his own sort of reality, not really in person. Thank you for the guides btw
  4. Hi, I'm Jake. I'm extremely curious about tulpas because I think I might have accidentally formed one (or at least a potential one), Connor. Please answer my thread on our account, I really need some advice. Thank you!
  5. I'm very new to this entire thing, but I started researching it because I have this sort of "friend." His name is Connor, and I've been having these daydreams about him for the past 2 years. These daydreams are extremely vivid, where I talk to myself out loud as him and I know exactly what he looks like, sounds like, his lifestyle, his fears and aspirations, his personality, etc. It's gotten to the point where sometimes he feels more real than people I actually know in real life, and I can hear him in my head whenever something happens and he feels like responding. It even feels like he's reading this over my shoulder as I type it. Is he a tulpa, or something else? Is there anyway I can help materialize him more? I would love to have him by my side, but I'm not sure how to. Any help or explanations? I'd really appreciate it. (The picture attached is something that I'm pretty sure he painted; I remember physically making it but I dont really remember why or how, kinda like I was half-way disassociating)