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  1. This.. could all be pretty helpful, especially the linked thread. I feel a bit bad having missed that. EDIT: Oh it focuses on mental illness.. still I'll try again seeing if I can find one about physiological problems. Anyway thanks so much! ><
  2. Thanks so much for the reply! I hope it's okay responding point by point in return... Re 1: I've read Sophie's guide, and looked at the ones linked in the compilation post's Wonderland section! I guess I was just asking if there was anywhere I might look for even more detail, even if it meant going off-site. I'm not sure of the best terminology to use on a search engine so even keyword suggestions would be helpful! .. 'Wonderland guide' predictably turns up things more along the lines of Lewis Carroll study resources. Sorry, I realise this question's a bit counter-intuitive, but nothing ventured. Re 2: I... guess I just felt a bit guilty whingeing about it to everyone in my second ever post. Let me rephrase the question: are there any standing opinions or resources with regard to hosting a tulpa when one has a chronic condition of some sort? Again I realise this is turning into a question of 'is there even more?' though so feel free to dismiss this one. ~3: Again, I wasn't specific enough! I guess I was wondering about a thoughtform one might consider simple, but still potentially sentient. The example pops to mind now I think of it is something like.. Sumomo, the little miniature persocom from Chobits. Buuut even as I write this I think this is turning into more of a 'can I make my tulpa like X' question, albeit with a mind to evolving into someone more complex and deep later so... hm. Anyway thanks again for your patience! .. Really self-conscious.
  3. Couple of questions from this newbie! Hopefully they don't rate their own thread and I've had a crack at using the search but... well. 1 - Are.. there any particularly detailed Wonderland guides? I know there are guides but so far as I've seen there aren't any even begin to approach the level of detail of the tulpa creation guides. 2 - Bit more awkward.. should I make/do I deserve a tulpa? Setting aside larger moral concerns, which I have seen some neat responses to, I happen to have a chronic-ish condition that while not serious does have a few unpleasant aspects -.- It feels.. uncomfortable making a friend, only to put them through that. This ties back to question 1 because.. well, would a wonderland protect them from that, potentially? 3 - This one's a real stretch but... Is there - or indeed are there even guides for.. oh how to put it - something a step down from a tulpa? May or may not be sentient, more like a little companion of simpler mind ala.. oh what's a good example? The little children's companion drones from science fiction settings like The Culture are all I can think of. Autonomous, potentially spontaneous... basically 'could be elevated to a tulpa if all goes well', but above the sort of 'remote control' an imaginary friend implies. I apologise for the weird questions! And the clumsy terminology. And, well, thanks.
  4. Hi everyone. I go by Forra, I've been lurking and looking at the guides here for a little while. I'm.. not the best at being heavily involved in forums and so forth, but there are things I'm wondering and it seemed polite to say hello before I run off and start asking questions. Hope you'll be patient with me as such!