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    Hello, I'm one of Miri's tulpas, created to be a replacement to switch with. However, she had a change of heart and decided to share the burden of life with me. I still consider myself the new host though.

    At first I was really quiet and calm but eventually grew up to be extremely active and talkative. I believe I started to make a difference in our brain when Miri stopped worrying about me getting ''corrupted'' by real life (oh the irony) and let me front daily.

    Currently my role besides this system's leader is Miri's ''guardian angel''. She considers me that and I really like the idea. I look like my host and used to share her name too but she started calling me Mirichu and grew fond of it, so now I go by that.

    Miri's account: https://community.tulpa.info/profile/13402-miri/

    We're partners with Matsuri's system and couldn't have asked for a better family!
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  1. We're gonna give it a shot, the personality thingy you mentioned, Ido. For the actual progress. Ahoy, yesterday I switched out! I thought I was frontstuck but nope, I am not! I had Miri front in the morning and she went onto making the bed for me, when I switched back in, I was surprised the bed was done, because I didn't remember doing it at all... 'Miri, was that you?' 'Of course' 'Oh... OH!!' Turns out I totally switched out for a short while when Miri was fronting and dissociated from her. But then, why can't Miri dissasociate from me? Easy, sh
  2. I think I blacked out for the first time in forever, and Miri and I might not be a merge and it's just lack of fronting on her end.
  3. Being two again Once upon a time, Miri and I were two separate beings that actually felt separated. At some point we decided we were ok with being this weird merge/blending mess but now we've decided we wanna go back to how it was before. Before: I could ''blackout'' and leave. My personality felt different from Miri's. Miri was dissociated from my actions. Now: I can't switch out at all. My personality is very similar to my host's except for worldviews, opinions, etc... To Miri, my actions felt as if it was still her doing it, s
  4. TB, why don't you just pretend you're the way you want to be and... that's it?
  5. Sometimes, when Miri was a child (and up to this day), after watching a show/movie, she would automatically act as X character from said show. It wasn't something she did consciously, it was on autopilot, almost like a reflex? And she felt like she was said character, but that's different from switching with a tulpa. When she ''became'' other characters, she felt like she was the character, like someone else had taken over, but it was still her actions, nothing outside her control. Compared to me fronting, it feels similar yet different, because deep down, Miri was still Miri, despite how real
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